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A collection of some testing services useful for testing Internet connections and services:

Virus filter in HTTP proxy

For checking of virus filters you can download here the EICAR test virus which does nothing else than cause an alarm in your virus scanner as long as that scanner recognizes the EICAR virus (which all products do that we know about). Try to download the EICAR test virus.

IDNA Converter

Convert domain names that contain non-ASCII characters according to RFC 3490 and RFC 3492.

Trace route to your or other site

Traceroute to you

Traceroute to:

SSL Client Check

To test how strong the encryption of your browser is (eg. what types of encryption it offers), offers a neat quick SSL check.

SSL Server Check

SSL Labs provide this service to check your SSL enabled webserver. It provides an overall rating and very detailed information about what types of encryption and protocols it offers, the certificate chain, compatibility to various browser families and possible security breaches. See yourself at SSL Labs Server Test.

Phone number display check

You want to know if or what number is displayed to your called partner when using your mobile or other phone?
Call +49 89 40906936 *) and a voice will either tell you your number or you simply hear 2 beeps, which means no number is displayed.
(This service is implemented by using FreeBSD's ISDN daemon).
*) Call charge is the same as a standard call to Munich, Germany (landline).

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