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Legal Notes


All brands and names mentioned on this server are the property of their respective owners; all trademarks and registered trademarks are recognized and obeyed as such; they are used for identification purposes only.


All "links" (i.e. hypertext references using URLs) to other servers are provided for informational purposes and for the convenience of our users. Servers being referenced that way and their links in turn are not under our control, of course, and we cannot take responsibility for their content.

In particular, the content of thus referenced servers can change anytime without our involvement and without our knowledge, rendering the links improper, adulterated or invalid. If that happens, we will correct or remove the affected links as appropriate, as soon as the matter is brought to our attention.

The existence of links to other servers does not necessarily mean that we recommend, endorse or approve any of the companies, products, services, methods, advices and other things mentioned on those servers. We explicitely dissociate ourselves from and disapprove any illegal or immoral content, or anything that is questionable, reprehensible or objectionable in any way.

Every user who follows a link to a different server is doing that on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own risk. Every user following such a link has to be aware of the fact that he/she is leaving this server and the scope of application of the notes on this page. He/she has to assume the responsibility to get information about the respective target server, its legitimacy and lawfulness, and its usage provisions.

Validity of Content

We do not warrant the correctness, completeness and actuality of the information contained on this server and on servers to which links exist. Users should not rely on that content under any circumstances. If the information is being used for any purpose whatsoever, this is done at the sole risk of the respective user. All information can change anytime without announcement and without notice.

Copyright of Content

Unless otherwise specified, all content of this server (text, software, images) is copyright by secnetix GmbH & Co KG. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or redistribution requires the explicit written consent of secnetix GmbH & Co KG. Any non-authorized reproduction or redistribution is prohibited.

The copyright of so-called inline images that are being used as links (references) to other servers (such as the "XHTML 1.0" logo at the bottom of most pages) is usually held by the owner of the server to which the link points.

Software packages available from this server usually contain a "license agreement" which specifies the copyright of the software and the conditions of use and redistribution. Many of those packages (but not all) are subject to a BSD-style license which basically permits free use and distribution. If in doubt, consult the respective documentation and contact the author of the software.

"Using" (usage) of this server signifies the obtainment of content (called "downloading") from the server, using network infrastructure that is required for the data transfer (this may include so-called "proxy servers"), for the purpose of reading and viewing on a screen, or for making printed copies for your personal use. Any other use is prohibited.

"We" signifies the operators of this server and the authors of the web pages. This is, unless otherwise specified, secnetix GmbH & Co KG. If you have any questions or problems concerning the design and content of this web server, feel free to contact

Browsers: We are keen to make all web pages compliant with the current standards (XHTML 1.0) and to make sure that they can be viewed in a useful way on all browsers that implement those standards correctly. In particular, we strive for the ability to display the pages on textmode browsers (lynx, w3m, links).

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