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BSD Services and Support

Backed by many years of experience and extensive knowledge, we provide support for the open-source operating systems of the BSD family which are modern, advanced versions of the UNIX® system developed at the University of California, Berkeley:

Covering these systems, we offer a broad set of services, ranging from basic consulting and standard installations to custom solutions. For example, our services include:

  • Replacing other operating systems by BSD solutions on existing or newly aquired hardware, from single workstations to large server farms.

  • Changing your root server (rented at another provider) from Linux to FreeBSD.

  • New installation or update of existing installations on your computers. Also administration, maintenance and tuning of new or existing systems.

  • Installation and maintenance of server software and application software on BSD systems, for example internet services (such as Apache web server, mail server etc.), multimedia services and office applications.

  • Audit and review of existing BSD installations in order to detect security weaknesses, outdated software packages, suboptimal or otherwise improvable configurations (tuning) etc.

  • Programming of custom solutions on BSD systems, covering every possible aspect, ranging from kernel drivers to web-based applications. We are familiar with all common scripting and programming languages (C, Assembler, Perl, Python, awk, shell etc.).

  • Development of embedded solutions based on BSD operating systems.

  • Data recovery from defective hard disks or broken file systems. Also forensic examination and analysis (computer forensics) of media using BSD file systems (FFS / UFS, UFS2).

If you have any questions or if you are interested in an actual proposal, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

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