FreeBSD T-Shirt Design

I can make several of these T-shirts and bring them to the next #unix CP. The price is 30 DM or 20 $US. But be sure to tell me in advance, since the t-shirts take a few days to be made (you can use the appropriate comment field on honx' CP registration form). Also let me know what size you need, otherwise the default is "L"! The T-shirts will be professionally made by a photo shop. (For those of you who can't come to the CP, I can also ship the T-shirts by postal service. This will be around 5 DM within Germany, and somewhat more everywhere else.)

Here's an actual photo of a T-shirt that has been made that way. Note that it looks much better in reality. You can clearly read everything that's written on it, including the small URL below the title. (I've taken this photo with my old Apple QuickTake camera, so the quality of it is somewhat sub-optimal.)

IMPORTANT: The deadline for ordering these T-shirts for the #unix CP is Monday, July 27th!

The BSD Deamon image is copyright by Marshall Kirk McKusick <>. Click here for more information about it.

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