How to play

Your mission is to connect pieces of pipes, until all of them are connected together, so water can flow from the source (the dark blue piece in the center) to all sinks. All pieces connected with the source are rendered blue, all "dry" pieces are rendered orange.

The best way to learn how to play is to actually give it a try. Just click on some pieces to turn them, and watch how the flow of water changes. You win the game when all sinks are reached by the water coming from the source. Every game is guaranteed to have a solution.


Hint for beginners: It's best to begin at the outer edge, not at the center. Any pieces that are I-shaped or T-shaped must be turned so they're parallel to the edge. Neighboring pieces must be turned to connect to these pieces. From there you can usually continue to build towards the center. If you get stuck, look for open ends and loops. The final solution won't have any loops, so if there are any, you have to break them open.

Hint for experts: Instead of clicking on a piece, you can also turn it with the keyboard: The "Q" key turns the piece under the mouse pointer to the left (counter-clockwise), the "W" key turns it to the right (clockwise), and the space bar flips it by 180 degrees.

Predefined game sizes

At any time you can start a new game with one of several predefined sizes. Basically, the larger the game, the longer it will take to solve.

size    time
5 x 5 30 seconds
7 x 7 1 minute
11 x 11 3 minutes
15 x 15 5 minutes
19 x 19 10 minutes
25 x 25 25 minutes

The times given are just rough estimates for a reasonably good player. An excellent player can solve a game in half that time. A beginner will probably take twice that time, or even more.

Technical requirements

Requirements for playing this game:

Things that are not required:

Note that the game also runs on smartphones, but there's a small annoyance: Web browsers on smartphones usually use double-clicks to zoom in or out. Therefore you cannot double-click a pipe piece. If you want to turn it twice (or more), you have to wait a little bit between clicks.

Why "Pypes"?

It' a play on words: The game is about connecting "pipes", and the server-side of the game is written in a programming language called "Python".