WHACK(1)                                                 WHACK(1)

       whack - mangle requests to a printer or damage a printer

       whack [-h | -v] [-i] [-w] ids

       whack [-j] [-v] [-s] [-w] printers

       whack mangles line printer requests or damages line print­
       ers.  When the first form of  the  command  is  used,  the
       printed  output  of the job is mangled as specified by the
       options. When the second form of the command is used,  the
       printer itself is damaged as specified by the options.

       -h        Horizontal.  Make the output run across the page
                 horizontally, ignoring linefeeds and other  form
                 movement characters or embedded commands.

       -v        Vertical.  Make the output run vertically in one
                 column (the  current  column)  down  the  paper,
                 ignoring  any form movement characters or embed­
                 ded commands.

       -i        ISO mode. Select, at  random,  a  different  ISO
                 code  set  to use while printing the rest of the

       -w        Write a taunting message on the user's  terminal
                 after  the  jobs have been whacked.  If the user
                 is not logged in locally, then mail will be sent

       -j        Jam. Self-explanitory.

       -v        Voltage  surge.  Send  a  voltage spike down the
                 transmit lead(s) of the printer.  Physical  con­
                 tact  with  the  printer should be avoided while
                 using the -v option.

       -s        Spit. Causes the printer to rapidly  eject  it's
                 paper  load into the output bin.  Depending upon
                 the speed of  the  ejection,  a  few  characters
                 could actually print on each page.


       Written by Eric L. Pederson <eric@bofh.org.uk>.

                        28 September 1995                WHACK(1)

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