TM(1)                                                       TM(1)

       tm - meditate

       tm [-number] [time]

       Tm  causes  UNIX  to  go into a state in which all current
       activities are suspended for time minutes (default is 20).
       At  the  beginning  of  this period, tm generates a set of
       number (default 3) transcendental numbers.  Then it prints
       a  two-  to  six-character  nonsense  syllable (mantra) on
       every logged-in terminal (a  different  syllable  on  each
       terminal).   For  the  remainder  of the time interval, it
       repeats these numbers to itself, in random  order,  binary
       digit  by binary digit (memory permitting), while simulta-
       neously contemplating its kernel.

       It is suggested that users utilize the time thus  provided
       to  do  some meditating themselves.  One possibility is to
       close one's eyes, attempt to shut out one's  surroundings,
       and concentrate on the mantra supplied by tm.

       At  the end of the time interval, UNIX returns to the sus-
       pended activities,  refreshed  and  reinvigorated.   Hope-
       fully, so do the users.

       Tm does not use any files, in an attempt to isolate itself
       from external influences and distractions.

       If disturbed for any reason during the interval of medita-
       tion,  tm  locks the keyboard on every terminal, prints an
       unprintable expletive, and unlocks the  keyboard.   Subse-
       quent UNIX operation may be marked by an unusual number of
       lost or scrambled files and dropped lines.

       If number is greater than 32,767 (decimal), tm appears  to
       generate  rational  numbers  for the entire time interval,
       after which the behavior of the system may  be  completely
       irrational (i.e., transcendental).

       Attempts  to  use flog(1) on tm are invariably counterpro-


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