RESCROG(1)                                             RESCROG(1)

       rescrog -- change something, make it different

       /etc/rescrog [system|service] [direction]

       rescrog assumes the future basis of a system or service is
       dependent on the analysis of bit  patterns  found  on  the
       system  device.   It  determines the logical next-best bit
       pattern to yield the new system or service.   This  avoids
       the necessity of distribution tapes.

       Alterations  are made by slight pseudo-random permutations
       by recursive approximation based on the theory of the Tow-
       ers  of  Saigon, where the Oriental Guard could never play
       Ring-toss twice on the same day.

       rescrog's default direction is  future  (except  for  DoD-
       installed  systems, where the default is past).  The first
       argument tells rescrog whether to perform its  actions  on
       the  specified  system  or network service.  It is best to
       rescrog servers before clients in order to  avoid  out-of-
       phase recovery errors.


       punt(1), spewtab(5), rescrogd(8)

       rescrog cannot distinguish between bugs and features.

       Interruption while rescrogging can cause diddle-damage.

       Repeated  rescrogs  done too quickly will lead to advanced
       technology beyond our comprehension.


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