DATE(6)                                                   DATE(6)

       date - get and print a date

       date [-s] [-local] [-k] [-blind] option=value...

       If no arguments are given, a date will be selected at ran-
       dom.  Providing an argument will restrict the search  pool
       of  dates.   Hopefully these arguments will not carry for-
       ward into the actual date.  Only the superuser can  select
       dates by name.

       The  -s  option registers you in the date database and (if
       not -local)  posts  your  vitals  to  alt.personals  (and,

       Using  the -k option selects a date, but does not make any
       further arrangments.

       Ranges  are  specified  with  parentheses  and   brackets:
       (18,25)  is  18  to 25 exclusive while [18,25] is 18 to 25
       inclusive.  An array of selections is  given  with  braces
       such   as   ``{blonde,   brunette,  redhead}''.   Multiple
       responses   are   separated    with    commas,    as    in

       -blind To arrange a blind date.

              View  prospective date's picture.  To locate a pic-
              ture,  date  searches  several  picture  databases,
              including          FaceSaver         (
              and several FTP gif archives.  You must have access
              to the Internet for FTP to work.

              If view=must is set, and date is unable to  find  a
              picture,  a  request  will be automaticly posted to
     asking for one.

              Options to xv(1) may follow "view" or be put in the
              environment parameter XV.

       The  following  options  restrict the search pool to those
       who have supplied the necessary information.


              Synonyms are also supported: midget, twerp,  short,
              beanstalk, giant, basketball-player

                         January 1, 1992                        1

DATE(6)                                                   DATE(6)

              Synonyms: toothpic, feather, wide-load, blimp

              Synonyms:  juvenile,  underage,  thirty-nine, over-
              the-hill, {mom, dad}, {grandma, grandpa}

       sex={male, female}[,{yes, no, maybe}][,opt=sex(6) options]
              If sex=yes and you are registering, your vitals are
              posted   to   in    addition    to

       race={white, black, native-american, ...}
              Various slang terms are also supported.

       marriage={flirting, noway, maybe, once, twice, several}
              Seriousness and experience.

       kids={never,  rightaway,  oops,  have,  want}[,{one,  two,
       three, four, bunch}]
              Domestic leanings.

       cooking={never, loveit, when_hungry}

       color  Synonym for race.

       religion={Atheist, Moslem, Lutheran, Catholic, ...}

       temper={mellow, quiet, hot-head}

       interests=<{EM>lists of possible interests}

              Specify name of your date.  Perfect for hitting on.
              Names can only be specified by super-user.

              Optional  place  to  store  options,  for  frequent

              History of dates, to avoid duplication.

              Options describing yourself, if you haven't  regis-
              tered  in  the  database.  Note that the first time
              you use date and supply this information,  you  are
              registered in the blind-date database.

       man(1), woman(1), sex(6)

       RFC1036:  Standard  for  exchange  of  USENET messages, M.

                         January 1, 1992                        2

DATE(6)                                                   DATE(6)

       Horton and R. Adams.

       A Primer on how to work with the  USENET  community,  Chuq
       Von Rospach and Gene ``net.god'' Spafford.

       Exit  status is 0 on success, 1 on complete failure to get
       a date.

       ``You are not superuser: date not set'' if you try to  use
       the name parameter but are not the super-user.

       ``Vitals  posted to alt.personals [,]'' when
       you register globally.

       Won't admit to it!

                         January 1, 1992                        3

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