Pictures from the #unix CP 98

The first sets of pictures from inof

The first few people arrive at the site and there is already too much to carry :-)

The meadow of the sports field (where our party place was located) is getting cut before we can use it.

tte relaxing on the ground, Phantomas talking to him. In the back you see turtle and bigbird in front of their tent.

First plug the mp3 player to the UPS --- we can get power later on. inof in front of his music equipment.

Thiemo, Taupan, bigbird, Phantomas and turtle waiting for the others to arrive.

The power is about to arrive (two people with cables are coming).

At the first day we had some refreshing clouds (of course no rain and still very warm).

The first few tents are set up.

Time for a break after setting up the tents (the beer boxes are well hidden and painted green).

On the way back to the cars to get the rest of the stuff. In the back you see the gymnasium where the toilets and showers are.

turtle's T-shirt about linux (hey what's that on a #unix CP?) "Turning PC into supercomputers"

Although the only allowed computer was ment to be only for playing music some people couldn't resist (tte is sitting in front of the computer).

It's getting later in the evening when the larger tents are arriving (this one is from SfabN).

Our experts doing the regular quality controls of the beers. Here it is Drusus, logix and ptdw.

sec and logix arrived in the morning (to the left and to the right).

Grotto is still missing, so the coffee is not yet ready. However the first steps to make real coffee(tm) are taken: a pound of coffee to be heated (water? who needs water? only a little bit perhaps...).

Taupan, sec, ptdw, thiemo and Drusus waiting for nothing...

Every day there are a couple of new tents (we haven't reached Friday yet...).

The main topic at the CP: relax and chillout. honx is parking a beer on his T-shirt.

logix, sec and Drusus

The music equipment is getting to be more professional (now alrady with amplifier, real boxes and a VT510 terminal instead of the notebook). bigbird, SfabN and honx are listening to the music.

Breakfast time. Some nice rolls, a newspaper and some beer -- anything else you need? At least not for Drusus :-)

The group sitting around for breakfast: bigbird and SfabN hiding behind the computer --- logix, thiemo, Drusus, sec, ptdw, honx and Taupan in the round.

The #unix CP beer: "Dithmarscher Pilsener"

thiemo and ptdw are starting with the coffee anyway (no time to wait for Grotto).

Will ptdw, SfabN and thimo succeed in making the coffee strong enough to get awake?

Drusus hunting with the water-gun.

sec trying to hit Drusus (of course with no success :-)).

During the first water battles Yendor is arriving (hidden behind the guy in front).

Yendor, Phantomas, Drusus, Taupan, Sfabn and ptdw standing around (yes - people always stood around or where lying in the madow).

Some more CD's arrived. Now we have much more music than we could ever listen to in the few days.

If you have a closer look, then you'll recognize that the vast majority of the CD's is selfmade anyway.

Drusus relaxing and doing nothing (well apart from holding the beer to ensure it's not getting lost).

bigbird and the football in the morning. Seems that nobody else is in the mood to stand up and even walk there :-)

Will bigbird catch the ball kicked by Drusus?

The only person who could play soccer anyway was bigbird.

Why is there someone really active during this party? :-)

Of course Yendor arrived by bike (from Darmstadt which is about 500km away).

drag, logix and sec in the next water-gun battle.

atrak is shooting back.

Drusus is coming out of the tent while atrak is already waiting for him :-)

Typical water battles during the whole party.

Breakfast time again... In the circle at the back (counterwise starting at the most left person): Yendor, bigbird, Grotto, ptdw, Jens (laying on the ground), SfabN and thiemo. In the circle in front: sec, FLiszt, decay, atrak, drag and honx.

Just from the left to the right: decay, atrak, Djinh, sec, drag, ptdw and honx.

In the back: FLiszt, Grotto, ptdw and Jens. With the back to us: thiemo and SfabN.

Still people laying around doing nothing (as usual). From the left to the right: Grotto, thiemo, atrak, ptdw, honx, decay, Djinh, FLiszt, drag.

Professional barbecue staff: Grotto and klicx.

Nice forest - eh?

At one evening we had a lot of those flying ants. Fortunately enough only on the tents...

Title in the newspaper: "mass murderer has killed 20 persons"?

Of course we only bought the beer boxes as chairs. Here you see sec, SfabN and Yendor taking advantage of the seats.

Ok - people got awake again and try some soccer...

Ha! - honx drinking coffee instead of beer...

Breakfast time again - FLiszt, Yasmin, bigbird and Yendor.

Enough "green chairs" for everyone :-)

In the night...

There was not enough light for the camera, so you can hardly recognize the people (except from bigbird at the computer).

Another picture in the dark.

The paraffin light is working quite well.

The grill really had a lot to do within the few days.

People waiting to get some food (from the left to the right): turtle, thiemo, Drusus (behind the smoke), bigbird and Phantomas.

Some people simply can't resist playing.

Who is able to read the barcode? sec, Taupan, honx and SfabN are trying their very best.

The chair from Grotto which worked for about 30 secs...

Happy people all around (smiling Grotto in his chair).

Question: How many beer do you need for a group of #unix people?

Answer: more...

At the end of the sports field --- the #unix freaks.

logix is dead (in front) while the others are playing...

... a game of "Set". Every third or fourth claimed set was a real one though.

The entrance to our party place. Note the "Do not enter" sign to the right :-)

We added some extra pointers to announce the #unix CP to all the people in the small town...

More tents are being build up.

The coffee is ready - looks like real coffee(tm) for computer freaks.

Will turtle, logix and sec suceed in setting up the tent?

The loser in the middle gets some water from sec and Djinh.

Djinh got atrak while sec is thinking what to do now.

Djinh trying to stop those endless water battles. Sfabn is watching the scene.

atrak shoots back and hits Djinh.

Overview of the party place - again even more tents than the day before.

Djinh having some real fun.

Yendor practicing...

The crowd is watching while Djinh got another one...

"Regular" group photo. Standing (from left to right): inof, Djinh, atrak, logix, Grotto, thiemo, klicx, bigbird, sec, SfabN, Drusus. Sitting in front: ptdw, decay, drag, Yendor, honx, Yasmin, FLiszt, Jens.

Another group photo. I'm too bored (ah - that reminds me of something :-)) to type in all the names again. See previous picture.

It's left as an exercise to the reader to recognize the people :-) Maybe we should but that picture on the #unix page? never know if the first picture suceeeds, so here is another one.

The BSD daemon sitting on top of a beer box with a bottle of vodka lemon.

Just relax - what else?

Jacke and his girl friend Agnes arrived from Poland.

Sunday morning and the first tents are dismantled.

Yendor planning the way back and bigbird is watching.

Jacke and Agnes packing again.

We already had no power, but due to the UPS we can listen to the music anyway.

sec and Jacke planning to leave.

Yendor preparing his bicycle for the trip back.

Yendor leaving - only a little bit more than 500km to go...

The stuff from inof. Now you know why there is only space for 2-3 people per car.

Drusus with some real unusual stuff - whats wrong?

No how to get this unusual stuff open? :-)

Success! But what's really in the bottle? *grin*

honx is trying to test what's wrong with this, too.

On the way back...

Any comments from bigbird?

Where is the lettuce for turtle?

Happy honx - the grill is still alive.

Only one tent is left...

Jens is still alive.

The sports hall where the showers and toilets are located.

Is this film not yet complete? Some other boring pics...

Stuff for two persons :-)

The grill needs an extra seat, too.

Leaving the middle of nowhere back to Clausthal (not in the middle of nowhere?).

Highway to hell...

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