#UNIX CP '97

Click on the small images to get a bigger version. You can click on the bigger version to get an even bigger one. If you need real big ones, ask me for the original 600 dpi scans. ;-)

All of these pictures were taken by Logix -- Thanks a bunch!

For those who don't know all of the people, here's a list of the persons on picture #2:

Standing behind, from left to right:
-- Dave (ptdw), FatCat, Zoulou, Yendor, Teddy, joerch, Logix, Grotto.

Kneeling/sitting in the middle, from left to right:
-- inof, Teggy, Drusus, master, Drag, token, atrak, SfabN.

Lying in front:
-- Djinh.

The non-atrak female on some pictures is Djinh's girlfriend. ;-)

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