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What is a Zaurus? It is a neat PDA (personal digital assistant) sold by Sharp. The cool thing about it is that it does not run Windows, but a UNIX-clone. To be exact, it runs a Linux variant known as "Embedix". Personally, I would prefer a BSD operating system (FreeBSD or NetBSD), but well, no PDA is perfect ... And the Embedix on the Zaurus turned out to run quite smoothly.

There are a few pictures of the device at the bottom of this page, and there's also a bunch of screenshots. Also see my Zaurus links page.

Of course, since it runs Linux, it runs almost every UNIX application in existance. Just a few examples:

Here are a few pictures (click on them to enlarge). Note that the Zaurus has a tiny built-in keyboard, which can be opened by pulling down the lower part. Of course, you can also enter text by writing on the display (the handwriting recognition isn't perfect, though), and there's also a virtual on-screen keyboard available.

Zaurus on the net   Zaurus on the net   Zaurus on the net

Zaurus on the net   Zaurus on the net

Here's a bunch of screenshots.

If you're interested how the Zaurus can be connected to the Internet (or to a private network), look at my Zaurus Ethernet page.

Finally, I have collected some Zaurus links on a separate page.