Python Information and Examples

On these pages, I have collected a bit of information about the Python programming language, along with a bunch of examples. These might be useful if you want to see some of the features without actually learning the language itself.

You don't have to read through all of this in order. Just pick the pages which look most interesting to you. The topics are fairly independent from each other and don't require any existing knowledge about Python.

Note: Some of the examples might require at least Python 2.3.

Small code examples
This page contains a few small code snippets, to give you an impression how the programming language looks like.
Lambda functions
Several useful concepts of Python have been borrowed from functional languages. One of these is the concept of lambda functions.
Dynamic typing
In Python, everything has a well-defined type, and these types can be handled completely at runtime in a dynamic and self-inspective fashion. This page explains the advantages and disadvantages.
Structured types
As a high-level language, Python supports extensible structured types without the need to resort to workarounds like pointers and references, or even worse things like type-casts.
List comprehensions
Another functional element of the Python language are so-called list comprehensions. They enable the descriptive construction of lists in a very compact, yet easily readable way.
Block indentation
Python uses indentation to specify the block structure of source code, instead of bracketing with keywords or braces like most other languages. This unusual concept often causes misunderstandings among people who don't really know the language. Therefore, this page tries to clear some of the myths and prejudices.

If you really want to start learning Python, I recommend the following links.

I have also compiled a list of the most important pages of the Python documentations. I think you will find that helpful. I use those pages a lot myself.

Finally, I have collected a bunch of tricks and hints (small code snippets) that helped me along during my use of Python.

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