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2018-04-16 04:14:42 - r332551 by mav (Alexander Motin)

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MFC r331709: MFV r331708:
9321 arc_loan_compressed_buf() can increment arc_loaned_bytes by the wrong value


arc_loan_compressed_buf() increments arc_loaned_bytes by psize unconditionally
In the case of zfs_compressed_arc_enabled=0, when the buf is returned via
arc_return_buf(), if ARC_BUF_COMPRESSED(buf) is false, then arc_loaned_bytes
is decremented by lsize, not psize.

Switch to using arc_buf_size(buf), instead of psize, which will return
psize or lsize, depending on the result of ARC_BUF_COMPRESSED(buf).

Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <>
Approved by: Garrett D'Amore <>
Author: Allan Jude <>


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