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2018-03-08 16:27:31 - r330662 by hselasky (Hans Petter Selasky)

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  History   Contents   Diff   MODIFY   /head/sys/dev/mlx5/mlx5_ib/mlx5_ib_cq.c  

Commit message:

Set correct SL in completion for RoCE in mlx5ib(4).

There is a difference when parsing a completion entry between Ethernet
and IB ports. When link layer is Ethernet the bits describe the type of
L3 header in the packet. In the case when link layer is Ethernet and VLAN
header is present the value of SL is equal to the 3 UP bits in the VLAN
header. If VLAN header is not present then the SL is undefined and consumer
of the completion should check if IB_WC_WITH_VLAN is set.

While that, this patch also fills the vlan_id field in the completion if

linux commit 12f8fedef2ec94c783f929126b20440a01512c14

MFC after: 1 week
Sponsored by: Mellanox Technologies


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