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2018-01-12 22:57:57 - r327896 by jeff (Jeff Roberson)

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  History   Contents     ADD   /head/sys/sys/_domainset.h  
  History   Contents     ADD   /head/sys/sys/domainset.h  
  History   Contents     ADD   /head/sys/vm/vm_domainset.c  
  History   Contents     ADD   /head/sys/vm/vm_domainset.h  

Commit message:

Add files for r327895

Implement 'domainset', a cpuset based NUMA policy mechanism. This allows
userspace to control NUMA policy administratively and programmatically.

Implement domainset based iterators in the page layer.

Remove the now legacy numa_* syscalls.

Cleanup some header polution created by having seq.h in proc.h.

Reviewed by: markj, kib
Discussed with: alc
Tested by: pho
Sponsored by: Netflix, Dell/EMC Isilon
Differential Revision:


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