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2018-01-10 23:19:32 - r327802 by cem (cem)

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  History   Contents   Diff   MODIFY   /head/tools/tools/crypto/cryptotest.c  

Commit message:

Add encrypt+authenticate modes to cryptotest tool

Like jhb's cryptocheck (uncommitted so far), express encrypt+authenticate
modes as "-a <encalg>+<authalg>".

Example use with aesni(4) on AMD Zen family:

$ ./cryptotest -d aesni0 -a aes256 10000 $((128*1024))
  2.331 sec, 20000 aes256 crypts, 131072 bytes, 1124707930 byte/sec,
8580.8 Mb/sec
$ ./cryptotest -d aesni0 -a sha256 10000 $((128*1024))
  1.109 sec, 10000 sha256 crypts, 131072 bytes, 1181577161 byte/sec,
9014.7 Mb/sec
$ ./cryptotest -d aesni0 -a aes256+sha256 10000 $((128*1024))
  3.805 sec, 10000 sha256+aes256 crypts, 131072 bytes, 344460116 byte/sec,
2628.0 Mb/sec

Reported by: jhb
Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon


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