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2018-01-02 18:11:54 - r327496 by markj (markj)

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  History   Contents   Diff   MODIFY   /head/sys/geom/mirror/g_mirror.c  

Commit message:

Fix some I/O ordering issues in gmirror.

- BIO_FLUSH requests were dispatched to the disks directly from
  g_mirror_start() rather than going through the mirror's I/O request
  queue, so they could have been reordered with preceding writes.
  Address this by processing such requests from the queue, avoiding
  direct dispatch.
- Handling for collisions with synchronization requests was too
  fine-grained and could cause reordering of writes. In particular,
  BIO_ORDERED was not being honoured. Address this by effectively
  freezing the request queue any time a collision with a synchronization
  request occurs. The queue is unfrozen once the collision with the
  first frozen request is over.
- The above-mentioned collision handling allowed reads to jump ahead
  of writes to the same offset. Address this by freezing all request
  types when a collision occurs, not just BIO_WRITEs and BIO_DELETEs.

Also add some more fail points for use in testing error handling.

Reviewed by: imp
MFC after: 3 weeks
Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon
Differential Revision:


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