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2018-01-01 04:10:36 - r327460 by imp (Warner Losh)

Complete list of files affected by revision r327460:

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  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/conf/IDT  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/files.idt  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/idt_machdep.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/idtpci.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/idtreg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/if_kr.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/if_krreg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/obio.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/obiovar.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/std.idt  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/uart_bus_rc32434.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/idt/uart_cpu_rc32434.c  

Commit message:

Remove support for IDT. Only the RouterBoard RB533 used this chip, and
it's at least 5 years out of production. I couldn't find a used one on
ebay and other secondary markets just now, nor when I tried 4 years
ago. It dates from the initial project/mips2 merge 8 years ago, and
hasn't been updated since.

Discussed on: mips@ (with some dissent)


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