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2018-01-01 04:10:25 - r327458 by imp (Warner Losh)

Complete list of files affected by revision r327458:

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  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/alchemy_machdep.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/aureg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/files.alchemy  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/obio.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/std.alchemy  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/uart_bus_alchemy.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/alchemy/uart_cpu_alchemy.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/conf/ALCHEMY  

Commit message:

Remove sys/mips/alchemy. It was still-born when I committed it and it
never got better. It never worked on real hardware and is still mostly
stubs after 8 years when I added it. It has had no real update in that
time apart from API churn. It was added just so it didn't get lost in
the project/mips merge, but maybe it should have been lost as nothing
has come of it. It is time to give up the ghost on this one.

Approved by: me, shooting my own dog
Discussed on: mips@


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