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2018-01-01 04:06:24 - r327457 by imp (Warner Losh)

Complete list of files affected by revision r327457:

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  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/conf/MT7620  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/conf/RT305X  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/conf/RT5350  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/files.rt305x  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/obio.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/obiovar.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_dotg.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_ehci.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_gpio.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_gpio.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_gpiovar.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_ic.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_icvar.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_machdep.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_ohci.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_pci.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_pcireg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_spi.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_sysctl.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_sysctlvar.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt305xreg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/rt_swreg.h  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/std.rt305x  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/uart_bus_rt305x.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/uart_cpu_rt305x.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/uart_dev_rt305x.c  
  History   Contents     DELETE   /head/sys/mips/rt305x/uart_dev_rt305x.h  

Commit message:

Remove sys/mips/rt305x. It's been replaced by sys/mips/mediatek.

OK'd by: Stanislav Galabov (who did both)
Discussed on: mips@


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