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2017-12-06 21:39:01 - r326637 by jkim (Jung-uk Kim)

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   Contents     MODIFY   /stable/11  
  History   Contents   Diff   MODIFY   /stable/11/sys/x86/cpufreq/hwpstate.c  

Commit message:

MFC: r309361, r322710, r323286, r326378, r326383, r326407

Sync. hwpstate with head.

r309361 (danfe):

- Mention mismatching numbers in MSR vs. ACPI _PSS count warning.
- Rephrase unsupported AMD CPUs message and wrap as an overly long line.
- Improve readability when reporting resulted P-state transition (debug).

r322710, r323286 (cem):

- Add support for family 17h pstate info from MSRs.
- Yield CPU awaiting frequency change.

r326378, r326383, r326407:

- Fix some style(9) nits.
- Add a tunable "debug.hwpstate_verify" to check P-state after changing it
and turn it off by default.


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