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2017-12-04 17:08:03 - r326538 by avg (Andriy Gapon)

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  History   Contents   Diff   MODIFY   /head/sys/amd64/vmm/amd/ivrs_drv.c  

Commit message:

vmm/amd: add ivhd device with a higher order

ivhd should attach after the root PCI bus and, thus, after the ACPI
Host-PCI bridge off which the bus hangs. This is because ivhd changes
PCI configuration of a PCI IOMMU device that is located on the root bus.
If the bus attaches after ivhd it clears the MSI portion of the
configuration. As a result IOMMU event interrupts would never be

For regular ACPI devices the order is calculated as
  ACPI_DEV_BASE_ORDER + level * 10
where level is a depth of the device in the ACPI namespace.
I expect the depth of the Host-PCI bridge to be two or three,
so ACPI_DEV_BASE_ORDER + 10 * 10 should be a sufficiently safe order
for ivhd.

This should fix the setup of the AMD-Vi event interrupt when vmm is
preloaded (as opposed to kldload-ed).


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