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2017-10-11 06:46:39 - r324521 by sephe (Sepherosa Ziehau)

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Commit message:

MFC 324050

  tcp: Don't "negotiate" MSS.

  _NO_ OSes actually "negotiate" MSS.

  RFC 879:
  "... This Maximum Segment Size (MSS) announcement (often mistakenly
  called a negotiation) ..."

  This negotiation behaviour was introduced 11 years ago by r159955
  without any explaination about why FreeBSD had to "negotiate" MSS:

  In syncache_respond() do not reply with a MSS that is larger than what
  the peer announced to us but make it at least tcp_minmss in size.

  Sponsored by: TCP/IP Optimization Fundraise 2005

  The tcp_minmss behaviour is still kept.

  Syncookie fix was prodded by tuexen, who also helped to test this
  patch w/ packetdrill.

  Reviewed by: tuexen, karels, bz (previous version)
  Sponsored by: Microsoft
  Differential Revision:


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