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2014 - 10 - 25   (today)
15:32:56 - r273639
( 25 minutes ago)
by melifaro
(12 files)
* Increase nh_flags to be u16 thus reducing nhop payload to be 48 bytes
* Use NHF_ namespace for all nhop flags
* Rename nhop_data -> nhop_prepend
* Rename fib4_lookup_nh_extended -> fib4_lookup_nh_ext
* Add "flags" argument to fib4_lookup_nh_ext() to specify whether we want
  returned nh_ext structure to be refcounted or not.
15:16:19 - r273638
( 42 minutes ago)
by mav
Affects:  /head/sys/geom/geom_disk.c
Revert somewhat hackish geom_disk optimization, committed as part of r256880,
and the following r273143 commit, supposed to workaround introduced issue by
quite innocent-looking change.

While there is no clear understanding why, but r273143 is accused in data
corruption in some environments with high I/O load.  I personally don't see
any problem in that commit, and possibly it is just a trigger to some other
bug somewhere, but better safe then sorry for now.

Requested by:   scottl@
MFC after:      3 days
15:14:19 - r273637
( 44 minutes ago)
by kevlo
Affects:  /stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c
MFC r270643, r273448:
- Fix typo: s/mac_rev/mac_ver/
- Fix the kernel panic in hostap mode.
  rvp->beacon_mbuf was NULL in run_update_beacon().
15:06:09 - r273636
( 52 minutes ago)
by kevlo
(2 files)
MFC r273448:
Fix the kernel panic in hostap mode.
rvp->beacon_mbuf was NULL in run_update_beacon().

PR:     189405
Submitted by:   Gabor Simon <gabor.simon75 at>
12:50:26 - r273635
(3 hours 8 minutes ago)
by mav
(8 files)
Add basic iSNS client to the iSCSI target.

This makes ctld(8) register its iSCSI targets and portals on configured
iSNS servers to allow initiators find them without active discovery.

Fetching of allowed initiators from iSNS is not implemented now, so target
ACLs still should be configured manually.

Reviewed by:    trasz@
MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   iXsystems, Inc.
09:25:29 - r273634
(6 hours 33 minutes ago)
by tuexen
Affects:  /head/sys/netinet/sctp_output.c
Fix a use of an uninitialized variable by makeing sure
that sctp_med_chunk_output() always initialized the reason_code
instead of relying on the caller.
The variable is only used for debugging purpose.
This issue was reported by Peter Bostroem from Google.

MFC after: 3 days
07:20:46 - r273633
(8 hours 37 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/zpool/create/files.t
Bail out of the script on FreeBSD due to deterministic panic issue

PR: 194589
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:33:00 - r273632
(9 hours 25 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/zpool/add/option-f_type_mismatch.t
Bail out of the script on FreeBSD due to deterministic panic issue

PR: 194587
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:28:48 - r273631
(9 hours 29 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/zpool/add/option-f_size_mismatch.t
Bail out of the script on FreeBSD due to deterministic panic issue

PR: 194586
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:10:01 - r273630
(9 hours 48 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/zpool/add/files.t
Bail out of the script on FreeBSD due to deterministic panic issue

PR: 191573
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
05:56:21 - r273629
(10 hours 2 minutes ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_resource.c
rlimit: plug duplicate assertion

counter sanity is already checked by refcount_release.
05:31:18 - r273628
(10 hours 27 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/
Move the redirection to stderr out of the cmd variable assignment

Putting 2>/dev/null in cmd= escapes the redirection operation, which causes
mdconfig to think it's a filename

MFC after: 2 weeks
X-MFC with: r273627
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
04:52:48 - r273627
(11 hours 5 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/tools/regression/zfs/
- Print out "Bail out!" in die(..) so prove terminates immediately
- Handle the output from newer versions of openssl md5, similar to what
  pjd@ did in r248304

MFC after: 2 weeks
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
02:08:02 - r273626
(13 hours 50 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(2 files)
MFC r273261:
 Remove an unused mutex.
02:06:40 - r273625
(13 hours 51 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(3 files)
MFC r273258:
 Make the ti_mbox and ti_pruss drivers optional.
02:05:21 - r273624
(13 hours 53 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(5 files)
MFC r273257:
 Add a driver for the TI watchdog.

 The TI watchdog timer is present on BeagleBone's.  Since 2014, U-Boot
 has been booting the BeagleBone with the watchdog enabled.  We need
 disable it on boot to avoid a spurious reset.
 The timer isn't exactly precise, but it will do as a watchdog.  This
 is also a reflection of the watchdog(9) API.

 In the future, we could handle interrupts, but the watchdog(9) API
 needs to be a bit smarter before that can happen.
02:02:20 - r273623
(13 hours 56 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(2 files)
MFC r273256:
 AM335X FDT: use the omap3-wdt string for compatibility with Linux.
02:00:32 - r273622
(13 hours 57 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(2 files)
MFC r273248:
 AM335x FDT: add an entry for the watchdog.
01:59:01 - r273621
(13 hours 59 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
(3 files)
MFC r273247:
 Fix the watchdog/watchdog man pages.

 The default timeout is 128 seconds.
01:17:29 - r273620
(14 hours 41 minutes ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /releng/10.1/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/errata/article.xml
Note to avoid using GENERIC kernel on i386 when using
multi-disk ZFS pools, referencing an old UPDATING entry
that predates 10.0-RELEASE.

Approved by:    re (implicit)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
00:37:35 - r273619
(15 hours 20 minutes ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFV r273617: netcat from OpenBSD 5.6.

MFC after:      2 weeks
00:32:30 - r273618
(15 hours 26 minutes ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /vendor/netcat/5.6
Tag netcat from OpenBSD 5.6.
00:32:05 - r273617
(15 hours 26 minutes ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /vendor/netcat/dist/netcat.c
Vendor import nc(1) from OPENBSD_5_6.
00:16:36 - r273616
(15 hours 41 minutes ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_umtx.c
Fix build.
00:14:44 - r273615
(15 hours 43 minutes ago)
by np
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/cxgbe/firmware/t4fw_cfg.txt
cxgbe(4): bump up PF4's share of some global resources.

This increases the size of the per-port RSS slice and also allows the
driver to use a larger number of tx and rx queues.

MFC after:      2 weeks
2014 - 10 - 24   (yesterday)
23:25:44 - r273614
(16 hours 32 minutes ago)
by brooks
Affects:  /head/lib/libc/stdlib/lsearch.c
Use the __DECONST macro rather than hand rolling the same thing.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
23:25:12 - r273613
(16 hours 33 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/include/Makefile
Fix the build by installing acpi_hpet.h correctly.

Submitted by:   jase
MFC after:      1 week
23:24:47 - r273612
(16 hours 33 minutes ago)
by brooks
Affects:  /head/lib/libc/rpc/clnt_vc.c
Remove an unused variable that would be better spelled __func__.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
23:08:44 - r273611
(16 hours 49 minutes ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /projects/routing/sys/netinet/ip_fastfwd.c
Convert ip_fastfwd() to use new routing api.
22:06:21 - r273610
(17 hours 52 minutes ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_bsc.c
Add an iicbus_reset() method to bcm2835_bsc.  While it is generally not
used for kernel devices it is used by i2c(8).

This fix the 'error: Device not configured' when i2c(8) tries to reset the
controller, as an example:

# i2c -r
Resetting I2C controller on /dev/iic0: error: Device not configured

For now use conservative settings for default i2c speeds.

MFC after:      1 week
22:00:25 - r273609
(17 hours 58 minutes ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /projects/routing/sys/net/rt_nhops.c
Convert last piece of ip_forward to use new rouing api.
21:40:44 - r273608
(18 hours 17 minutes ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /releng/10.1/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.xml
Document r273399, OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1j.

Approved by:    re (implicit)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
21:08:36 - r273607
(18 hours 49 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_hpet.c
Add a sysctl to control the HPET allow_write behaviour.

Requested by:   kib
21:08:02 - r273606
(18 hours 50 minutes ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/ti/cpsw/if_cpsw.c
Fix cpsw_detach() to not panic when called from cpsw_attach().

For an unkown reason (at moment), sometimes if_cpsw cannot read from PHY
and fails to attach calling cpsw_detach() which end up in a panic.

Fix it by doing the proper check before detach the miibus and also fix the
leak of few variables.

And to actually make it work, ether_ifattach() has to be moved to the end
of cpsw_attach() to avoid a race where calling ether_ifdetach() before
domain_init() (which will only run later on) would make it crash at
INP_INFO_RLOCK() on in_pcbpurgeif0().

Tested on:      BBB (am335x)
MFC after:      1 week
20:29:14 - r273605
(19 hours 29 minutes ago)
by markj
Affects:  /head/lib/libc/net/nsdispatch.c
Eliminate conf_lock and instead rely on the NSS write lock to protect
NSS configuration state.

As a side effect, this fixes a race condition which can occur if multiple
threads call nsdispatch(3) concurrently before nsswitch.conf has been
parsed. Previously, the thread holding conf_lock could cause other threads
to return from nss_configure() before nsswitch.conf had been parsed, forcing
them to fall back to the default sources for their NSS methods.

Reviewed by:            jhb
Differential Revision:
MFC after:              1 month
Sponsored by:           EMC / Isilon Storage Division
20:02:44 - r273604
(19 hours 55 minutes ago)
by jhb
(6 files)
The current POSIX semaphore implementation stores the _has_waiters flag
in a separate word from the _count.  This does not permit both items to
be updated atomically in a portable manner.  As a result, sem_post()
must always perform a system call to safely clear _has_waiters.

This change removes the _has_waiters field and instead uses the high bit
of _count as the _has_waiters flag.  A new umtx object type (_usem2) and
two new umtx operations are added (SEM_WAIT2 and SEM_WAKE2) to implement
these semantics.  The older operations are still supported under the
COMPAT_FREEBSD9/10 options.  The POSIX semaphore API in libc has
been updated to use the new implementation.  Note that the new
implementation is not compatible with the previous implementation.
However, this only affects static binaries (which cannot be helped by
symbol versioning).  Binaries using a dynamic libc will continue to work
fine.  SEM_MAGIC has been bumped so that mismatched binaries will error
rather than corrupting a shared semaphore.  In addition, a padding field
has been added to sem_t so that it remains the same size.

Differential Revision:
Reported by:    adrian
Reviewed by:    kib, jilles (earlier version)
Sponsored by:   Norse
19:58:24 - r273603
(20 hours ago)
by jhb
(10 files)
Add COMPAT_FREEBSD9 and COMPAT_FREEBSD10 options to wrap code that
provides compatability for FreeBSD 9.x and 10.x binaries.  Enable
these options in kernel configs that enable other COMPAT_FREEBSD<n>
19:58:00 - r273602
(20 hours ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_hpet.c
HPET: avoid handling the multiple file-descriptor case.

It had two bugs: one where mmap was still allowed and another where
D_TRACKCLOSE doesn't handle all cases.

Thanks to jhb and kib for pointing them out.
MFC after:      1 week
19:55:49 - r273601
(20 hours 2 minutes ago)
by jhb
(7 files)
Don't reference sem(4) from the POSIX semaphore pages.  POSIX semaphores
were reimplemented using umtx in FreeBSD 9 and no longer use sem(4).
19:38:05 - r273600
(20 hours 20 minutes ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /projects/routing/sys/netinet/if_ether.c
Convert arpinput() to use new routing api.
19:18:39 - r273599
(20 hours 39 minutes ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/arm/busdma_machdep-v6.c
Fix a bug where DMA maps created with bus_dmamap_create() won't increment
the map count and without being able to keep track of the current map
allocation, bus_dma_tag_destroy() will fail to proceed and will return
EBUSY even after all the maps have been correctly destroyed with

Found while testing the detach method of a NIC.

Tested on:      BBB (am335x)
Reviewed by:    cognet, ian
MFC after:      1 week
18:39:15 - r273598
(21 hours 19 minutes ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/include/Makefile
HPET: create /dev/hpetN as a way to access HPET from userland.

In some cases, TSC is broken and special applications might benefit
from memory mapping HPET and reading the registers to count time.
Most often the main HPET counter is 32-bit only[1], so this only gives
the application a 300 second window based on the default HPET
Other applications, such as Intel's DPDK, expect /dev/hpet to be
present and use it to count time as well.

Although we have an almost userland version of gettimeofday() which
uses rdtsc in userland, it's not always possible to use it, depending
on how broken the multi-socket hardware is.

Install the acpi_hpet.h so that applications can use the HPET register

[1] I haven't found a system where HPET's main counter uses more than
32 bit.  There seems to be a discrepancy in the Intel documentation
(claiming it's a 64-bit counter) and the actual implementation (a
32-bit counter in a 64-bit memory area).

MFC after:      1 week
Relnotes:       yes
17:40:32 - r273597
(22 hours 17 minutes ago)
by melifaro
(4 files)
Convert all ip_rtaddr() users to fib4_lookup_nh_extended().
Remove ip_rtaddr().
17:24:29 - r273596
(22 hours 34 minutes ago)
by markj
(3 files)
MFC r258902:
The uaddr, ufunc, umod and usym functions all seem to work as expected on
FreeBSD, so stop hiding them behind a "#if defined(sun)".
17:24:29 - r273595
(22 hours 34 minutes ago)
by markj
(2 files)
MFC r258902:
The uaddr, ufunc, umod and usym functions all seem to work as expected on
FreeBSD, so stop hiding them behind a "#if defined(sun)".
17:06:56 - r273594
(22 hours 51 minutes ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sbin/ipfw/ipfw.8
Fix documentation issue.

PR:             194581
Submitted by:   madpilot
16:39:01 - r273593
(23 hours 19 minutes ago)
by hselasky
Affects:  /head/sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_netdev.c
Update the network interface baudrate integer according to the actual
line rate.

Submitted by:   jhb @
MFC after:      1 week
16:18:16 - r273592
(23 hours 40 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_mlock.c
- Add sys/types.h for the APIs in sys/sysctl.h
- Poke at VM_MIN_ADDRESS in machine/vmparam.h because FreeBSD doesn't have a
  vm.minaddress sysctl analog
- Expect ENOMEM instead of EAGAIN in mlock_limits
- Provide mlock an mmap'ed page twice to simulate MAP_WIRED on NetBSD

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
16:07:31 - r273591
(23 hours 50 minutes ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_getrusage.c
Correct my previous commit:

- getrusage_utime_back succeeds reliably on FreeBSD
- getrusage_utime_zero passes/fails in a seemingly non-deterministic manner.
  Skip it for now (and fix it later)

In the initial port of this testcase to FreeBSD, the results failed reliably
in the same manner as it does on NetBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
15:44:29 - r273590
(1 day ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/arm/pl310.c
Accept the documented FDT compatible string for the PL310 cache controller
as well as the non-standard string we've been using for a couple years.
15:36:31 - r273589
(1 day ago)
by kevlo
Affects:  /head/share/man/man4/urtwn.4
Add D-Link DWA-123 rev D1 and Elecom WDC-150SU2M.
13:57:15 - r273588
(1 day 2 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_dynamic.c
Bump default dynamic limit to 16k entries.
Print better log message when limit is hit.

PR:             193300
Submitted by:   me at
13:34:22 - r273587
(1 day 2 hours ago)
by ae
Affects:  /head/sys/net/if_gif.c
Remove redundant check and m_pullup() call.
13:29:12 - r273586
(1 day 2 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sbin/ipfw/ipfw2.c
Fix displaying non-contiguous netmasks.

Found by:       ae
Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC
12:30:43 - r273585
(1 day 3 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
Improve ctld.conf example.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
11:40:09 - r273584
(1 day 4 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctld.c
Make the initiator-name and initiator-portal checks a little nicer.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
11:34:55 - r273583
(1 day 4 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/login.c
Tidy up the login code; no functional changes.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
09:48:58 - r273582
(1 day 6 hours ago)
by royger
(4 files)
amd64: make uiomove_fromphys functional for pages not mapped by the DMAP

Place the code introduced in r268660 into a separate function that can be
called from uiomove_fromphys. Instead of pre-allocating two KVA pages use
vmem_alloc to allocate them on demand when needed. This prevents blocking if
a page fault is taken while physical addresses from outside the DMAP are
used, since the lock is now removed.

Also introduce a safety catch in PHYS_TO_DMAP and DMAP_TO_PHYS.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D
Reviewed by:            kib
Differential Revision:

 - Factor out the code to deal with non DMAP addresses from pmap_copy_pages
   and place it in pmap_map_io_transient.
 - Change the code to use vmem_alloc instead of a set of pre-allocated
 - Use pmap_qenter and don't pin the thread if there can be page faults.

 - Use pmap_map_io_transient in order to correctly deal with physical
   addresses not covered by the DMAP.

 - Add the prototypes for the new functions.

 - Add safety catches to make sure PHYS_TO_DMAP and DMAP_TO_PHYS are only
   used with addresses covered by the DMAP.
07:50:34 - r273581
(1 day 8 hours ago)
by delphij
(5 files)
MFS r273580: MFC r273577:

Return BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT instead of BUS_PROBE_VENDOR or 0 for in-tree
driver.  This change was verified by Microsoft.

Approved by:    re (kib)
07:06:01 - r273580
(1 day 8 hours ago)
by delphij
(5 files)
MFC r273577:

Return BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT instead of BUS_PROBE_VENDOR or 0 for in-tree
driver.  This change was verified by Microsoft.

Instant MFC approved by:        re (kib)
06:57:16 - r273579
(1 day 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_getrusage.c
- Mark signo __unused in the signal handler function
- Effectively #if 0 out some code that does not fail on FreeBSD

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:53:06 - r273578
(1 day 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_clock_gettime.c
- Add inttypes.h and stdint.h in lieu of int_limits.h from NetBSD
- Use #include "h_macros.h" instead of relative path analog

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:27:45 - r273577
(1 day 9 hours ago)
by delphij
(4 files)
Return BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT instead of BUS_PROBE_VENDOR or 0 for in-tree
driver.  This change was verified by Microsoft.
05:39:32 - r273576
(1 day 10 hours ago)
by araujo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/uart/uart_subr.c
Fix a leaked Storage Variable.

Phabric:        D981
Submitted by:   myself
Reported by:    Coverity
CID:            1248848
Reworked by:    kevlo
Reviewed by:    marcel, davide, ray, kevlo
Approved by:    marcel, kevlo
04:01:14 - r273575
(1 day 11 hours ago)
by mckusick
Affects:  /head/usr.bin/vmstat/vmstat.c
Fix formatting of vmstat (1) so that it looks cleaner on standard 80
column displays. In particular it wraps far less often.

Submitted by: Andy Kosela <>
PR:           191976
03:53:49 - r273574
(1 day 12 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_msync.c
- Test for EINVAL requirement when passing an invalid flag in to msync(2)
- Expect ENOMEM instead of EFAULT when msync'ing a previously munmap'ed region
  on FreeBSD

Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
03:48:54 - r273573
(1 day 12 hours ago)
by neel
(2 files)
MFC r273356:
Fix a race in pmap_emulate_accessed_dirty() that could trigger a EPT
misconfiguration VM-exit.
03:42:37 - r273572
(1 day 12 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_mknod.c
- Ignore EINVAL check with mknod(path, S_IFCHR, -1) as the testcase is always
  executed on a non-devfs filesystem
- Expect mknod(path, S_IFREG, 0) to fail on FreeBSD

Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
03:34:21 - r273571
(1 day 12 hours ago)
by jhibbits
Affects:  /head/sys/cddl/dev/fbt/powerpc/fbt_isa.c

X-MFC-with:     r273570
MFC after:      1 week
03:33:01 - r273570
(1 day 12 hours ago)
by jhibbits
Affects:  /head/sys/cddl/dev/fbt/powerpc/fbt_isa.c
Three updates to PowerPC FBT:

* Use a constant to define the number of stack frames in a probe exception.
* Only allow function symbols in powerpc64 ('.' prefixed)
* Set the fbtp_roffset for return probes, so the correct dtrace_probe call is

MFC after:      1 week
2014 - 10 - 23   (2 days ago)
23:20:04 - r273569
(1 day 16 hours ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/gpio/gpiobus.c
Move the duplicated code to a single function.

No functional changes.
23:16:21 - r273568
(1 day 16 hours ago)
by marcel
(3 files)
Hook xo(1) to the build -- it's like echo, but uses libxo to
support emitting machine-readable output.

Sponsored by:   Juniper Networks, Inc.
23:14:23 - r273567
(1 day 16 hours ago)
by marcel
(4 files)
Hook libxo to the build.

Sponsored by:   Juniper Networks, Inc.
23:12:30 - r273566
(1 day 16 hours ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/gpio/gpiobusvar.h
Provide a working GPIOBUS_IVAR() macro for FDT systems.
23:11:04 - r273565
(1 day 16 hours ago)
by melifaro
(4 files)
Add new fib4_lookup_nh_extended() which fills in nhop4_extended
 structure without doinf L2 resolve. It also requires freeing
 references by calling fib4_free_nh_ext().

Convert in_pcbladdr() to use it.
Convert tcp_maxmtu() to use it.
22:42:56 - r273564
(1 day 17 hours ago)
by des
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
In all cases except CTLTYPE_STRING, penv is NULL here, so passing it
indiscriminately to printf() and freeenv() is incorrect.  Add a NULL
check before freeenv(); as for printf(), we could use req.newptr
instead, but we'd have to select the correct format string based on
the type, and that's too much work for an error message, so just
remove it.
22:33:27 - r273563
(1 day 17 hours ago)
by marcel
Affects:  /head/contrib/libxo/libxo/xoconfig.h
Add generated headers xoversion.h and xoconfig.h. These are the result
of configuring the source tree:
        % automake --add-missing
        % autoconf
        % ./configure
22:30:14 - r273562
(1 day 17 hours ago)
by marcel
(220 files)
Import libxo 0.1.4

Obtained from:
Sponsored by:   Juniper Networks, Inc.
22:21:22 - r273561
(1 day 17 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_machdep.c
Install a temporary workaround to avoid problems in fdt data with linux's
workaround for an imx6 chip erratum.  Linux works around the bug with
changes in fdt data that we can't currently handle, so to enable running
with standard vendor-supplied fdt data, this watches for an attempt to map
the gpio1_6 interrupt and remaps it back to the standard ethernet interrupt.

This can be undone when the intrng project is completed and our gpio drivers
can also be interrupt controllers.
21:38:54 - r273560
(1 day 18 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /projects/routing/sys/netinet/in_mcast.c
Convert inp_lookup_mcast_ifp() to new routing api.
21:09:14 - r273559
(1 day 18 hours ago)
by melifaro
(4 files)
Rename ip_sendmbuf to fib4_sendmbuf() and move it to rt_nhops api.
Convert IPv4 SAS to use new routing api.
21:02:40 - r273558
(1 day 18 hours ago)
by alc
Affects:  /head/sys/i386/i386/machdep.c
Under PAE ULONG is insufficient for representing the physical memory size.  Use
for "hw.physmem" so that a physical memory size greater than 4 GB can be
from the boot loader.
20:43:16 - r273557
(1 day 19 hours ago)
by jhb
Affects:  /head/sys/netipsec/key.c
Use a static callout to drive key_timehandler() instead of timeout().
While here, make key_timehandler() private to key.c.

Submitted by:   bz (2)
Tested by:      bz
20:01:55 - r273556
(1 day 19 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /projects/routing/sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/ip_fil_freebsd.c
Convert ipfilter to use new routing API.
Compile tested only.
19:06:08 - r273555
(1 day 20 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/sys_generic.c
In selfdfree re-evaulate sf_si after takin the lock.

Otherwise we can race with doselwakeup.

This is a fixup to r273549

Reviewed by:    jhb
Reported by:    everyone and their dog
18:50:44 - r273554
(1 day 21 hours ago)
by markj
(2 files)
MFC r272763:
If we fail to send a signal after rotation, print the pidfile from which
the corresponding PID was obtained.

PR:           194143
18:48:43 - r273553
(1 day 21 hours ago)
by markj
(2 files)
MFC 272763:
If we fail to send a signal after rotation, print the pidfile from which
the corresponding PID was obtained.

PR:           194143
18:23:50 - r273552
(1 day 21 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_environment.c
Test if 'env' is NULL before doing memset() and strlen(),
the caller may pass NULL to freeenv().
18:03:27 - r273551
(1 day 21 hours ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/puc/pucdata.c
puc(4): add an entry for the Oxford Semiconductor OXPCIe952 1S1P card.

Submitted by:   Alex Burlyga <alex.burlyga.ietf at>
MFC after:      1 week
17:24:50 - r273550
(1 day 22 hours ago)
by jmg
Affects:  /head/share/man/man9/fpu_kern.9
minor updates to make it more explicit that when using fpu_kern_thread,
you don't need to use fpu_kern_enter/_leave...

Reviewed by:    kib
15:35:47 - r273549
(2 days ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/sys_generic.c
Avoid taking the lock in selfdfree when not needed.
15:16:40 - r273548
(2 days ago)
by emax
Affects:  /head/usr.bin/bluetooth/rfcomm_sppd/Makefile
Change the code to use the openpty(3) API which uses the pts(4) driver
instead of the pty(4) driver.

PR:             184597
Submitted by:   tobias.rehbein
MFC after:      2 weeks
14:29:52 - r273547
(2 days 1 hour ago)
by ae
Affects:  /head/sys/net/if.c
Move if_get_counter initialization from if_attach into if_alloc.
Also, initialize all counters before ifnet will become available in the system.
This fixes possible access to uninitialized ifned fields.

PR:             194550
13:47:19 - r273546
(2 days 2 hours ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/usb/net/if_smsc.c
Fix a bug where some DTS layouts could cause the premature ending of the
search (i.e. without returning any result) and you would end up with a
random MAC address.

Change the search algorithm to a recursive one to ensure that all the nodes
on DTS will be verified.

The previous algorithm could not keep up if the DTS has too many sub-nodes.

While here, fix the punctuation on comments.
13:32:01 - r273545
(2 days 2 hours ago)
by dumbbell
(2 files)
vt(4): Refuse to load a font if hw.vga.textmode is selected

Before, the font was loaded and the window size recalculated, giving an
unusable terminal, even if the actual font didn't change.

Reported by:
MFC of:         r273330
12:38:05 - r273544
(2 days 3 hours ago)
by dumbbell
(4 files)
vt(4): Add PIO_VFONT_DEFAULT ioctl to restore the default builtin font

To restore the default font using vidcontrol(1), use the "-f" flag
without an argument:
    vidcontrol -f < /dev/ttyv0

PR:             193910
Differential Revision:
Submitted by:   Marcin Cieslak <>
Reviewed by:    ray@, emaste@
Approved by:    ray@
MFC after:      1 week
12:02:27 - r273543
(2 days 3 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/discovery.c
Clean up (refactor) discovery a little; no functional changes.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
11:12:27 - r273542
(2 days 4 hours ago)
by markm
(931 files)
MFC - tracking commit.
Merging r273128 through r273541.
11:01:49 - r273541
(2 days 4 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sbin/ifconfig/sfp.c
Show SFP+/QSFP memory map dump on higher verbose levels.

Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC
MFC after:      1 week
08:29:09 - r273540
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_mprotect.c
Omit the mprotect_exec testcase on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
08:13:07 - r273539
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_select.c
Mark signum __unused

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
08:12:31 - r273538
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_setrlimit.c
Fix a typo (__FreeBSD__ -> __NetBSD__ when omitting setrlimit_nthr)
08:06:34 - r273537
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_msgrcv.c
Add limits.h #include for SSIZE_MAX

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
08:05:47 - r273536
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_msgsnd.c
Add limits.h #include for SSIZE_MAX

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
08:05:03 - r273535
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_setrlimit.c
- Omit setrlimit_nthr testcase on FreeBSD (requires lwp.h, et al)
- Expect overflow with rlim_max at INT64_MAX, not UINT64_MAX (rlim_t is int64_t
on FreeBSD)

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:59:59 - r273534
(2 days 7 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_sigaction.c
- Mark sig/signo __unused
- Do not provide a relative path via #include "h_macros.h"

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:54:46 - r273533
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_truncate.c
Use <atf_srcdir>/truncate_test.root_owned instead of /usr/bin/fpr as fpr does
not exist on FreeBSD

truncate_test.root_owned will be generated at build time and owned by root

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:37:48 - r273532
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r273259:
Make VPD 80h (Serial Number) transfer length match serial number length.
07:36:33 - r273531
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(7 files)
MFC r273163:  Implement more functional CTL debug logging.

Setting bits in allows to log errors, commands and some
commands data respectively.
07:22:18 - r273530
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_msgctl.c
Add limits.h #include for INT_MAX

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:20:35 - r273529
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/gen/t_sleep.c
- Omit the poll testcases on FreeBSD (they require pollts)
- Add necessary headers for the testcases

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:11:58 - r273528
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_nanosleep.c
Mark signo __unused in handler(..)

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:07:35 - r273527
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_revoke.c
Omit all of the testcases as revoke(2) is only implemented on devfs(5)

Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
07:05:14 - r273526
(2 days 8 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_poll.c
Omit the pollts testcases on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:42:53 - r273525
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_mmap.c
Port t_mmap.c to FreeBSD

- Add needed headers for the testcases
- Omit mmap_block on non-NetBSD OSes
- Use "security.bsd.map_at_zero" instead of "vm.user_va0_disable"

Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:35:19 - r273524
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_listen.c
Add sys/socket.h #include for struct sockaddr_in

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:25:52 - r273523
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_link.c
Add limits.h #include for LINE_MAX

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:24:36 - r273522
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_sigqueue.c
- Mark unused parameters __unused in handler
- Call sigqueue with getpid() instead of 0 -- the latter idiom appears to only
be valid on NetBSD

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:21:10 - r273521
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_socketpair.c
Convert "fcntl(n, F_CLOSEM)" to "closefrom(n)"

Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:18:28 - r273520
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_pipe2.c
Port t_pipe2.c to FreeBSD

- Omit the pipe2_nosigpipe testcase on FreeBSD (FreeBSD doesn't have
- Convert "fcntl(n, F_CLOSEM)" to "closefrom(n)".
- Save and restore the resource limit on the number of files (RLIMIT_NOFILE).

In collaboration with: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
06:13:42 - r273519
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by edwin
Affects:  /vendor/tzdata/tzdata2014i
Tag of tzdata2014i sources
06:11:16 - r273518
(2 days 9 hours ago)
by edwin
(10 files)
Upgrade to 2014i

Lots of historical data

Pacific/Fiji will go into DST from 2014-11-02 to 2015-01-18
Pacific/Bougainville will go from UTC+10 to UTC+11.
Europe/Minsk will go from FET to MSK.

Obtained from:
05:58:02 - r273517
(2 days 10 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_getgroups.c
Expect getgroups_err to fail on FreeBSD

PR: 189941
Submitted by: pho
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
05:46:10 - r273516
(2 days 10 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_stat.c
Add netinet/in.h for struct sockaddr_in

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
04:47:32 - r273515
(2 days 11 hours ago)
by bryanv
(9 files)
Add VirtIO console driver

Support for the multiport feature is mostly implemented, but currently
disabled due to some potential races in the hot plug code paths.

Requested by:   marcel
MFC after:      1 month
Relnotes:       yes
03:13:14 - r273514
(2 days 12 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_ccm.c
Unconditionally enable the clocks for all imx6 devices that we have drivers
for, or that are required to run the chip (such as busses).  Turn off all
the devices we don't yet have drivers for.

Some day we will have a fully functional imx6 clock driver so that we can
manage clocks based on fdt data.  This will have to do until then.
02:53:57 - r273513
(2 days 13 hours ago)
by pfg
(2 files)
MFC     r271789:

lpr: replace setpgrp(2) with setpgid(2).

setpgid(2) is more portable than setpgrp(2).
The BSD variant of setpgrp is a wrapper for
setpgid(2) anyways.
02:50:18 - r273512
(2 days 13 hours ago)
by pfg
(2 files)
MFC     r271787:

simple_httpd: cosmetic cleanups.

Many tab vs space cleanups.
Use setpgid() instead of setpgrp() which is more portable.
02:18:23 - r273511
(2 days 13 hours ago)
by emaste
(2 files)
Add vtfontcvt(8) cross-reference to vt(4) man page

MFC of r273332
01:47:09 - r273510
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by delphij
(5 files)
MFC r272810: FV r272804:

Refactor the code and stop restore_object from creating two transactions.

Illumos issue:
    3693 restore_object uses at least two transactions to restore an object
01:40:31 - r273509
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by delphij
(4 files)
MFC r272809: MFV r272803:

Illumos issue:
    5175 implement dmu_read_uio_dbuf() to improve cached read performance
01:36:43 - r273508
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272806: MFV r272802:

 - Limit ARC for zdb at 256MB.  zdb do not typically revisit data
   in the ARC.
 - Increase default max_inflight from 200 to 1000 (can be overriden
   by -I) so we can queue more I/Os when doing scrubbing.
 - Print status while loading meataslabs for leak detection.

Illumos issues:

    5169 zdb should limit its ARC size
    5170 zdb -c should create more scrub i/os by default
    5171 zdb should print status while loading metaslabs for leak detection
01:22:29 - r273507
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by delphij
(5 files)
Sync with NetBSD.

MFC after:      2 weeks
01:09:01 - r273506
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r272778:

  Set the autoindent to 4 spaces with vim in BSD.tests.dist

  This will prevent vim users from accidentally checking in buggy mtree files
  (mixed tabs/spaces).

  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
01:08:31 - r273505
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r272917:

  Add LDFLAGS to PROG_VARS so it can be overridden on a per-PROG basis

  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
01:06:00 - r273504
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r272053:

  Have distrib-dirs, distribution, hier, hierarchy, redistribute, and reinstall
  depend on the .MAKE special target

  This will allow users to do something like the following to print out the
  results of the running the simulated make target with bmake, like some of the
  other top-level make targets in Makefile.inc1:

    % make -f Makefile.inc1 -n distribution TARGET=i386 TARGET_ARCH=i386

  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
01:02:37 - r273503
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r271349:

  Add diagnostic printfs and disable test # 4 on i386

  Reviewed by: jmmv, rpaulo
  Phabric: D749
  PR: 191676
  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
01:01:58 - r273502
(2 days 14 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r271336:

  Expand the tests structure in test_small(..) to workaround the
  "initializer not constant" warning with gcc

  Approved by: jmmv (mentor)
  Phabric: D744
  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
00:54:52 - r273501
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r272055:

  Improve compatibility with

  1. Do not install FILES/SCRIPTS multiple times if PROGS is specified; this is
     already handled via when it's called recursively (PR: 191055,
  2. Some variables, like BINDIR and PROGNAME, default to a value if unset
     whereas others get appended to, like CFLAGS. Add support for the former
     (PR: 191056)
  3. Make "checkdpadd" and "clean" available targets for recursive execution.

  Reviewed by: marcel, sjg
  Phabric: D822
  PR: 191055, 191056, 191955
  Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
00:51:52 - r273500
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by ngie
(2 files)
MFC r271365:

  Remove many false positives with make checkdpadd

  - Reduce DPADD and LDADD in checkdpadd to -l<foo>
  - Skip over -Wl,[es]*-group because -Wl,--end-group and
    -Wl,--start-group might be required to properly link objects (see
    usr.bin/clang/lldb as an example)

  This caveat has been present for a while with some components of
  the build. However, these false positives were made more more apparent
  after r269648.

  Phabric: D635
  Reviewed by: jmmv (an earlier version)
  PR: 192730
00:43:08 - r273499
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by ngie
(4 files)
MFC r270650 (this is what should have been committed in r273497):

  Convert LIBCURSES to LIBNCURSES to fix "make checkdpadd"

  Also, add a missing LIBPANEL dependency for lldb

  Approved by: rpaulo (mentor)
  Suggested by: brooks
  Phabric: D675 (as part of a larger diff)
  PR: 192762
00:40:56 - r273498
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by delphij
(12 files)
MFV r273494: xz 5.0.7.

MFC after:      2 weeks
00:40:40 - r273497
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /stable/10
MFC r270650:

  Convert LIBCURSES to LIBNCURSES to fix "make checkdpadd"

  Also, add a missing LIBPANEL dependency for lldb

  Approved by: rpaulo (mentor)
  Suggested by: brooks
  Phabric: D675 (as part of a larger diff)
  PR: 192762
00:39:19 - r273496
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by ngie
(5 files)
MFC r263264 (by glebius):

  Make talk(1) capable of displaying UTF-8 characters.

  Sponsored by: Nginx, Inc.
00:37:52 - r273495
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /vendor/xz/5.0.7
Tag xz 5.0.7.
00:33:25 - r273494
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by delphij
(11 files)
Vendor import of xz 5.0.7.
00:31:26 - r273493
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by delphij
(3 files)
MFV r273492: remove gettext files.
00:09:16 - r273492
(2 days 15 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /vendor/xz/dist/po
Remove gettext files as we don't enable NLS.
2014 - 10 - 22   (3 days ago)
23:55:08 - r273491
(2 days 16 hours ago)
by markj
(2 files)
MFC r271692:
Fix a typo.
23:55:06 - r273490
(2 days 16 hours ago)
by markj
(2 files)
MFC r271692:
Fix a typo.
23:41:15 - r273489
(2 days 16 hours ago)
by cperciva
Affects:  /head/sys/geom/eli/g_eli.c
Populate the GELI passphrase cache with the kern.geom.eli.passphrase
variable (if any) provided in the boot environment.  Unset it from
the kernel environment after doing this, so that the passphrase is
no longer present in kernel memory once we enter userland.

This will make it possible to provide a GELI passphrase via the boot
loader; FreeBSD's loader does not yet do this, but GRUB (and PCBSD)
will have support for this soon.

Tested by:      kmoore
23:35:56 - r273488
(2 days 16 hours ago)
by markj
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/pciconf/pciconf.c
Fix some buglets in the error-handling of getdevice(). In particular, report
an error if the argument to pciconf -a doesn't have a unit number, rather
than triggering an assertion failure.

PR:             194506
Reported by:    Anthony Cornehl <>
Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division
23:35:32 - r273487
(2 days 16 hours ago)
by cperciva
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_environment.c
Avoid leaking data from the kernel environment: When we convert the
initial static environment to a dynamic one, zero the static environment
buffer, and zero individual values when kern_unsetenv and freeenv are

Tested by:      kmoore (VM memory dump + grep)
Tested by:      cperciva (kernel panic dump + grep)
22:27:51 - r273486
(2 days 17 hours ago)
by rmacklem
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clvfsops.c
Clip the settings for the NFS rsize, wsize mount options
to a power of 2. For non-power of 2 settings, intermittent
page faults have been reported. Although the bug that causes
these page faults/crashes has not been identified, it does
not appear to occur when rsize, wsize is a power of 2.

Reported by:
MFC after:      2 weeks
21:57:35 - r273485
(2 days 18 hours ago)
by rmacklem
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clvfsops.c
Revert r273481 so it can be recoded using fls(), which
some feel will make it more readable.
21:45:12 - r273484
(2 days 18 hours ago)
by glebius
(1259 files)
Merge head r272688 through r273482.
21:20:37 - r273483
(2 days 18 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table_algo.c
Rename log2 to tal_log2.

Submitted by:   luigi
21:04:54 - r273482
(2 days 18 hours ago)
by ngie
(3 files)
The NetBSD libc tests use several definitions/macros that aren't available in

Add the missing compat definitions/macros to lib/libnetbsd so the testcases
can be compiled with libnetbsd without having to invent ad hoc #define's, or
having to convert things over to FreeBSD idioms

Reviewed by: brooks
Phabric: D993
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
20:47:11 - r273481
(2 days 19 hours ago)
by rmacklem
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clvfsops.c
Clip the settings for the NFS rsize, wsize mount options
to a power of 2. For non-power of 2 settings, intermittent
page faults have been reported. Although the bug that causes
these page faults/crashes has not been identified, it does
not appear to occur when rsize, wsize is a power of 2.

Reported by:
MFC after:      2 weeks
18:55:44 - r273480
(2 days 21 hours ago)
by np
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/cxgbe/iw_cxgbe/qp.c
cxgbe/iw_cxgbe: wake up waiters after flushing the qp.

Obtained from:  Chelsio
18:55:36 - r273479
(2 days 21 hours ago)
by luigi
Affects:  /head/sys/net/radix.c
since we cast a pointer, use the correct signedness
(this was already in, and got lost in a recent update).
18:11:10 - r273478
(2 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
Fix linking static test binaries with

Check for -static in LDFLAGS or LDFLAGS.<test>, then pass in the appropriate
dependency (LIBATF or LDATF)

This unbreaks the build with some of the NetBSD tests that need to be compiled

Reviewed by: imp, jmmv
Phabric: D991
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
17:09:12 - r273477
(2 days 22 hours ago)
by royger
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/xen/netback/netback.c
netback: change xnb naming convention

Current FreeBSD netback names the interface with xnb<device unit>, but
this is not suitable for usage with the Xen toolstack, which expects
something similar to <prefix><domid><handle>. In order to solve this,
change the netback naming convention to use xnb<domid>.<handle>.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

 - Change netback to use the nomenclature stated above.
17:07:20 - r273476
(2 days 22 hours ago)
by royger
(9 files)
xen: implement the privcmd user-space device

This device is only attached to priviledged domains, and allows the
toolstack to interact with Xen. The two functions of the privcmd
interface is to allow the execution of hypercalls from user-space, and
the mapping of foreign domain memory.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

 - Introduce a function to make generic hypercalls into Xen.

 - Import the new hypercall XENMEM_add_to_physmap_range used by
   auto-translated guests to map memory from foreign domains.

 - This device has the following functions:
   - Allow user-space applications to make hypercalls into Xen.
   - Allow user-space applications to map memory from foreign domains,
     this is accomplished using the newly introduced hypercall

 - Public ioctl interface for the privcmd device.

 - Remove declaration of hypercall_page, now it's declared in

 - Add the privcmd device to the build process.
16:58:52 - r273475
(2 days 22 hours ago)
by royger
Affects:  /head/sys/xen/error.h
xen: add a Xen to BSD error translation

Since Xen and FreeBSD error codes are completely different add a
translation layer in order to convert Xen error codes into native
FreeBSD error codes. This will be used by the privcmd device, which
needs to return the hypercall errors into user-space.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

 - Import Xen error codes.
 - Create a table to map Xen error codes into FreeBSD native error
 - Create an inline function that performs the translation.
16:57:11 - r273474
(2 days 23 hours ago)
by royger
(4 files)
xen: import a proper event channel user-space device

The user-space event channel device is used by applications to receive
and send event channel interrupts. This device is based on the Linux
evtchn device.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

 - Remove the old event channel device, which was already disabled in
   the build system.

 - Import a new event channel device based on the one present in
 - This device allows the following operations:
   - Bind VIRQ event channels (ioctl).
   - Bind regular event channels (ioctl).
   - Create and bind new event channels (ioctl).
   - Unbind event channels (ioctl).
   - Send notifications to event channels (ioctl).
   - Reset the device shared memory ring (ioctl).
   - Unmask event channels (write).
   - Receive event channel upcalls (read).
 - The new code is MP safe, and can be used concurrently.

 - Add the new device to the build system.
16:51:52 - r273473
(2 days 23 hours ago)
by royger
Affects:  /head/sys/x86/xen/xen_intr.c
xen: allow to register event channels without handlers

This is needed by the event channel user-space device, that requires
registering event channels without unmasking them. intr_add_handler
will unconditionally unmask the event channel, so we avoid calling it
if no filter/handler is provided, and then the user will be in charge
of calling it when ready.

In order to do this, we need to change the opaque type
xen_intr_handle_t to contain the event channel port instead of the
opaque cookie returned by intr_add_handler, since now registration of
event channels without handlers are allowed. The cookie will now be
stored inside of the private xenisrc struct. Also, introduce a new
function called xen_intr_add_handler that allows adding a
filter/handler after the event channel has been registered.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

 - Leave the event channel without a handler if no filter/handler is
   provided to xen_intr_bind_isrc.
 - Don't perform an evtchn_mask_port, intr_add_handler will already do
 - Change the opaque type xen_intr_handle_t to contain a pointer to
   the event channel port number, and make the necessary changes to
   related functions.
 - Introduce a new function called xen_intr_add_handler that can be
   used to add filter/handlers to an event channel after registration.

 - Add prototype of xen_intr_add_handler.
16:49:00 - r273472
(2 days 23 hours ago)
by royger
Affects:  /head/sys/x86/xen/pv.c
xen: fix usage of kern_getenv in PVH code

The value returned by kern_getenv should be freed using freeenv.

Reported by:    Coverity
CID:            1248852
Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D
13:50:38 - r273471
(3 days 2 hours ago)
by andrew
(9 files)
MFC r273088:

Add support for the __aeabi_c*cmp* functions. These are similar to the
existing functions with the exception they use the condition flags to
store the result.
11:30:56 - r273470
(3 days 4 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
Fix ctl.conf example to use proper paths to ZVOLs.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
11:30:03 - r273469
(3 days 4 hours ago)
by br
(4 files)
Provide a character device allowing us to access BERI memory regions.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
11:09:03 - r273468
(3 days 4 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
Remove misleading statement.  Bump date.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   FreeBSD Foundation
11:06:05 - r273467
(3 days 4 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
Comment out parts about iSER; it's not implemented.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
10:53:25 - r273466
(3 days 5 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
Remove spurious empty line.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
09:40:46 - r273465
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by trasz
Affects:  /head/usr.sbin/ctld/ctld.c
Fix ctld(8) to not show the "auth-group <name> not assigned to any target"
warning for auth-groups assigned to a portal-group.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
09:17:17 - r273464
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by trasz
(11 files)
Whitespace fixes.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
09:12:20 - r273463
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by kib
(2 files)
MFC r273132:
Style changes for deadfs.
09:09:41 - r273462
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by kib
(4 files)
MFC r273131:
When vnode bypass cannot be performed on the cdev file descriptor for
read/write/poll/ioctl, call standard vnode filedescriptor fop.
09:06:36 - r273461
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by kib
(2 files)
MFC r273130:
Change the deadfs poll VOP to return POLLIN|POLLRDNORM if the caller
is interested in i/o state.  Return POLLNVAL for invalid bits, similar
to poll_no_poll().
09:04:56 - r273460
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by kib
(2 files)
MFC r273129:
Implement FIODTYPE for master ptys.
08:59:23 - r273459
(3 days 6 hours ago)
by trasz
(8 files)
Untangle iSCSI authentication code by splitting off the CHAP

Reviewed by:    mav@
MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
08:56:57 - r273458
(3 days 7 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c
filedesc assert that table size is at least 3 in fdsetugidsafety

Requested by: kib
08:54:10 - r273457
(3 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
Affects:  /head/share/man/man4/ada.4
Document sort_io_queue sysctls/tunables.

MFC after:      1 week
07:50:19 - r273456
(3 days 8 hours ago)
by hselasky
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/usb/usb.h
Actually change the USB_PORT_ROOT_RESET_DELAY definition as stated in
the r241987 commit message, instead of having users locally overriding
the value using tunables in /boot/loader.conf .

Found by:       Adam Parco
Discussed with: Nick Hibma
07:16:46 - r273455
(3 days 8 hours ago)
by hselasky
Affects:  /head/sys/sys/sysctl.h
Allow overspecification of SYSCTL type in external kernel modules.

PR:             194523
MFC after:      3 days
06:53:55 - r273454
(3 days 9 hours ago)
by jmg
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
fix spelling of DEFAULT in comments...
05:21:36 - r273453
(3 days 10 hours ago)
by luigi
Affects:  /head/sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_dn_io.c
remove/fix old code for building ipfw and dummynet in userspace
04:16:09 - r273452
(3 days 11 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/sys_process.c
Plug unnecessary PRS_NEW check in kern_procctl.

pfind does not return processes in such state.
04:09:47 - r273451
(3 days 11 hours ago)
by bryanv
(2 files)
MFC r272573:

  Change the UMA mutex into a rwlock

  Acquire the lock in read mode when just needed to ensure the stability
  of the keg list. The UMA lock may be held for a long time (relatively
  speaking) in uma_reclaim() on machines with lots of zones/kegs. If the
  uma_timeout() would fire during that period, subsequent callouts on that
  CPU may be significantly delayed.
04:01:27 - r273450
(3 days 11 hours ago)
by bryanv
(2 files)
MFC r272796:


The M_FLOWID flag should be propagated to the new mbuf pkthdr in
m_move_pkthdr() and m_dup_pkthdr(). The new mbuf already got the
existing flowid value, but would be ignored since the flag was
not set.
03:39:11 - r273449
(3 days 12 hours ago)
by imp
Affects:  /head/Makefile.inc1
My previous commit exposed an issue as it fixed a different
issue. lib/atf isn't a prereq_lib, since it isn't required for other
libraries to build. Remove it. The old kludge of always building it
had effectively been retired. Since we don't want to build the
libraries with the tests when we're bootstrapping, invent
MK_TESTS_SUPPORT which normally defaults to the current MK_TESTS
value, except when explicitly defined. Make lib/atf depend on it being
yes. When building the libraries set MK_TESTS to no, and
MK_TESTS_SUPPORT to the current value of MK_TESTS so that later stages
of the build work correctly. This should fix (and does for me)
people's issues with parallel builds racing between lib/atf and
libexec/atf. Since lib/atf is built during the libraries phase, the
race disappears.
03:32:27 - r273448
(3 days 12 hours ago)
by kevlo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c
Fix the kernel panic in hostap mode.
rvp->beacon_mbuf was NULL in run_update_beacon().

PR:     189405
Submitted by:   Gabor Simon <gabor.simon75 at>
MFC after:      3 days
01:53:00 - r273447
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c
Reduce nesting in vn_access.

No functional changes.
01:37:32 - r273446
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by marcel
Affects:  /head/sys/x86/isa/orm.c
Virtual machines can easily have more than 16 option ROMs and
when that happens, we happily access our resource array out of
bounds. Make sure we stay within the MAX_ROMS limit.
While here, bump MAX_ROMS from 16 to 32 to minimize the chance
of leaving option ROMs unaccounted for.

Obtained from:  Juniper Networks, Inc.
01:35:30 - r273445
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by imp
Affects:  /head/sys/sys/ata.h
Add defines for various FIRST PARTY DMA SEND subcommands.
01:09:07 - r273444
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c
Avoid crdup when possible in kern_accessat.

While here tidy up a little.
01:04:16 - r273443
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by marcel
Affects:  /head/contrib/elftoolchain/libelf/libelf_convert.m4
Fix the conversion macro for .note sections, broken in the case
the ELF file's byte order is not the native byte order.  The
bug is that the variables holding the name and description size
are used (natively) after having been byte-swapped.  The fix is
to calculate sz from them just prior to byte-swapping.

Approved by:    jkoshy@
Obtained from:  Juniper Networks, Inc.
00:58:50 - r273442
(3 days 14 hours ago)
by marcel
Affects:  /head/contrib/elftoolchain/libelf/libelf_align.c
GCC for PowerPC does not align  .note sections to 4 bytes.  When
running ctfmerge on its objects, libelf asserts as it expects
.note sections to be 4-byte aligned.  Change that expectation.

Approved by:    jkoshy@
Obtained from:  Juniper Networks, Inc.
00:23:43 - r273441
(3 days 15 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c
filedesc: cleanup setugidsafety a little

Rename it to fdsetugidsafety for consistency with other functions.

There is no need to take filedesc lock if not closing any files.

The loop has to verify each file and we are guaranteed fdtable has space
for at least 20 fds. As such there is no need to check fd_lastfile.

While here tidy up is_unsafe.
2014 - 10 - 21   (4 days ago)
23:57:31 - r273440
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by delphij
(6 files)
Patch batch for 2014-10-22.
23:52:25 - r273439
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by delphij
(73 files)
Time zone data file update. [EN-14:10]

Approved by:    so
23:50:46 - r273438
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by delphij
(19 files)
Time zone data file update. [EN-14:10]

Change crypt(3) default hashing algorithm back to DES. [EN-14:11]

Approved by:    so
23:09:09 - r273437
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /releng/10.1/sys/conf/
Update releng/10.1 to -RC3 as part of the 10.1-RELEASE cycle.

Approved by:    re (implicit)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
23:08:46 - r273436
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/i386/ibcs2/ibcs2_misc.c
Eliminate unnecessary memory allocation in sys_getgroups and its ibcs2
23:07:30 - r273435
(3 days 16 hours ago)
by gjb
(2 files)
MFstable10 r273429:
  MFC r273402:
  Fix an issue where a FreeBSD virtual machine provisioned in
  the Microsoft Azure service does not recognize the second
  attached disk on the system.

PR:             194376
Approved by:    re (delphij)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
21:49:06 - r273434
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/contrib/libc++/src/new.cpp
Do not define bad_array_new_length::bad_array_new_length in libc++ anymore
when used in combinaison with libcxxrt since it is now defined there already.
This fixes building world
21:44:24 - r273433
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /releng/10.1/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.xml
Document the following security advisories:

Approved by:    re (implicit)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
21:37:53 - r273432
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by gjb
(4 files)
Bump __FreeBSD_version to track SA-14:20, SA-14:21, SA-14:22,

Approved by:    re (implicit)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
21:29:20 - r273431
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_linker.c
Take the lock shared in linker_search_symbol_name.

This helps sysctl kern.proc.stack.
21:27:13 - r273430
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/tmpfs/tmpfs_vfsops.c
tmpfs: allow shared file lookups

Tested by: pho
21:27:13 - r273429
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by gjb
(2 files)
MFC r273402:
  Fix an issue where a FreeBSD virtual machine provisioned in
  the Microsoft Azure service does not recognize the second
  attached disk on the system.

PR:             194376
Insta-MFC OK:   re (rodrigc)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
21:17:44 - r273428
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
Revert r273426 r273409

A solution that work with both new and old binutils should be investigated
21:11:25 - r273427
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272833 (des):

Two more places where login_setcryptfmt() defaults to MD5 were missed
in r252688.
21:09:54 - r273426
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
older binutils does not know about --no-fatal-warnings
21:09:54 - r273425
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272830 (des):

Change the hardcoded default back from SHA512 to DES.

This will become EN-14:11.crypt.

PR:             192277
21:08:45 - r273424
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
Mark some more sysctl stuff shared-locked and MPSAFE.
21:04:44 - r273423
(3 days 18 hours ago)
by hselasky
Affects:  /head/sys/powerpc/powerpc/busdma_machdep.c
Use the UAUTO SYSCTL type for exporting the bounce zone alignment,
because the variable size depends on the build type.

Reported by:    kib @
MFC after:      3 days
20:51:22 - r273422
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
(18 files)
Commit 1/2: add patches for security advisory.
20:44:33 - r273421
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by emaste
Affects:  /head/tools/build/options/WITHOUT_GNU_GREP_COMPAT
Fix typo in src option description
20:41:19 - r273420
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by emaste
Affects:  /head/share/man/man5/src.conf.5
Regenerate after r273418
20:29:53 - r273419
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by imp
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
For the kernel, we have USB_GADGET_EXAMPLES as defaults to yes. For
userland defaults to no. This caused issues for the automated option
documenation script. Turns out, this isn't used in userland at all, so
just remove it from here.
20:29:51 - r273418
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by imp
Affects:  /head/Makefile.inc1
Generate both userland and kernel option settings for showconfig.

PR: 191920
20:29:42 - r273417
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by imp
Affects:  /head/Makefile.inc1
You aren't allowed to test WITH_xxx or WITHOUT_xxx here, so remove it.
Even if you were allowed to test for it, the test makes no sense as it
always results in adding -DWITH_ATF unless WITH_ATF was already
defined. But if MK_ATF != no, then we know it was defined. This, in
turn, caused tools/build/options/makemake always think WITH_ATF is the
default, which removed control of that from

To get the intent of the deleted comment, another mechanism is
required, assuming that the intent of that comment is desirable.
20:21:27 - r273416
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
(23 files)
Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]

Fix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities. [SA-14:23]

Approved by:    so
20:21:10 - r273415
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
(94 files)
Fix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability. [SA-14:20]

Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]

Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. [SA-14:22]

Fix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities. [SA-14:23]

Approved by:    so
20:20:36 - r273414
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /releng/10.1/sbin/routed/input.c
Fix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability. [SA-14:20]

Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]

Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. [SA-14:22]

Approved by:    re (so@ blanket)
20:20:26 - r273413
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /stable/8/sbin/routed/input.c
Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]
20:20:17 - r273412
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /stable/9/sbin/routed/input.c
Fix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability. [SA-14:20]

Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]

Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. [SA-14:22]
20:20:07 - r273411
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by delphij
Affects:  /stable/10/sys/kern/vfs_lookup.c
Fix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability. [SA-14:20]

Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. [SA-14:22]
20:17:05 - r273410
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_connect.c
Add sys/socket.h #include for bind(2), et al

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
20:11:05 - r273409
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
Do not make ld(1) warnings fatal anymore, binutils behaviour has changed over
time and gnu.warnings.symbol are now being fatal preventing building world.

in the futur we want to investigate only making the gnu.warning.symbol non fatal

Reviewed by:    imp
20:07:15 - r273408
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/Makefile.inc1
Make the external toolchain support grows to the knowleged of XXFLAGS for C++
dedicated flags
and DEPFLAGS for mkdep flags
Pass the path to the libc++ headers in both, enforce the gnu++11 standard in
to satisfy libc++ requirements pass the libc++ objectdir as a location where to
libraries so it can find and libstdc++.A

Reviewed by:    imp
20:04:05 - r273407
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/lib/libc++/Makefile
When using an external gcc 4.8+ and not building libstdc++ then create in the
objectdir a
fake and libstdc++.a which is a symlink on libc++ that allow g++
to satisfy
its links dependencies in the least hackish way.
Please note that this hacky libstds++ never get installed on the final system

Reviewed by:    imp
20:00:49 - r273406
(3 days 19 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
Always use libc++ as the default c++ stack when building with an external gcc
While here disable building gcc from base when using gcc 4.8+

Reviewed by:    imp
19:58:23 - r273405
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
When using an external toolchain note that gcc 4.8+ supports C++11

Submitted by:   imp
19:56:45 - r273404
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
The dependencies are computed with CC even if sources are C++, when building
when building with an external gcc, we want to be able to pass the path to
the libc++ headers so dependencies are correctly computed for C++ source files.
Add a DEPFLAGS for that purpose

Reviewed by:    imp
19:45:08 - r273403
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
Make sysctl name2oid shared-locked as well.

This is a follow-up to r273401.
19:36:20 - r273402
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/hyperv/storvsc/hv_storvsc_drv_freebsd.c
Fix an issue where a FreeBSD virtual machine provisioned in
the Microsoft Azure service does not recognize the second
attached disk on the system.

Submitted by:   kyliel@Microsoft
Patched by:     weh@Microsoft
PR:             194376
MFC after:      3 days
X-MFC-10.1:     yes, ASAP
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
19:05:44 - r273401
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
Implement shared locking for sysctl.
19:02:26 - r273400
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by mjg
(4 files)
Rename sysctl_lock and _unlock to sysctl_xlock and _xunlock.
19:00:32 - r273399
(3 days 20 hours ago)
by delphij
(420 files)
MFS r273149 (jkim): MFC: r273144, r273146

Merge OpenSSL 1.0.1j.

This is part of an upcoming FreeBSD security advisory.

Approved by:    re (so@ blanket)
18:31:08 - r273398
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by dteske
(19 files)
MFC revisions 253175, 268999, 269027, 269351-269352, 269354, 269460,
270283, 270505, 270954, 270989, 273067, and 273068:
r253175: Introduce f_which() to common.subr
r268999: Add new bsdconfig example scripts; remove obsolete ones
r269027: Update bsdconfig dot module; fixes and enhancements
r269351: Add setvar() for non-FreeBSD platforms using bash as /bin/sh
r269352: Fix syntax error when run under bash
r269354: Update setvar() function introduced in r269351
r269460: Update f_xdialog_info() in bsdconfig's dialog.subr include
r270283: Add `-A' flag to pkg-install(8) when installing dependencies
r270505: Optimize f_which() to be slightly faster still (common.subr)
r270954: Update f_dialog_init() for safer getopts usage (dialog.subr)
r270989: Fix for previously mentioned r270954
r273067: Fix awk(1) asorti() implementation to work when called in a loop
r273068: Rename awk(1) asorti() to prevent conflict with GNU awk(1)
18:10:05 - r273397
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_chroot.c
Port t_chroot to FreeBSD

- Add missing #include sys/stat.h for mkdir(2)
- Omit the fchroot(2) tests because the support is not present on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
18:06:04 - r273396
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_unlink.c
unlink("/") fails with EISDIR instead of EBUSY on FreeBSD; test for that

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
18:01:37 - r273395
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_timer_create.c
Mark osi __unused so this compiles cleanly on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
18:00:56 - r273394
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by jimharris
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/ixl/i40e_register_x710_int.h
ixl: remove i40e_register_x710_int.h

This file is not used by the FreeBSD ixl driver.

Submitted by:   Eric Joyner <>
MFC after:      3 days
18:00:55 - r273393
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_write.c
Port t_write to FreeBSD

- Mark the signo variable for the signal handle __unused
- Use limits.h instead of sys/syslimits.h (the latter does not
exist on FreeBSD)

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
17:59:27 - r273392
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by jmg
Affects:  /head/share/man/man9/mbuf.9
it is not cast to a pointer of the specified type, it is cast to the
specified type...

mtod(m, uint8_t) does not work, mtod(m, uint8_t *) does work..
17:58:53 - r273391
(3 days 21 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_access.c
Add missing #include for sys/stat.h for fchmod

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
17:57:12 - r273390
(3 days 22 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/stdlib/h_getopt.c
libutil.h is required for fparseln on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
17:56:06 - r273389
(3 days 22 hours ago)
by ngie
Affects:  /head/contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/gen/t_siginfo.c
Port lib/libc/gen/t_siginfo to FreeBSD

- mcontext_t on FreeBSD doesn't have a __gregs field (it's split out on FreeBSD
into separate fields). In order to avoid muddying the test code with MD code,
the debugging trace info has not been implemented
- FreeBSD does not implement the si_stime and si_utime fields in siginfo_t, so
omit the debugging code that dumps the values
- sys/inttypes.h doesn't exist on FreeBSD

Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
17:17:40 - r273388
(3 days 22 hours ago)
by jmg
Affects:  /head/share/man/man9/mbuf.9
spell out the arguments..

the + *offsetp does not belong w/ the type, move it outside the .Fn
16:44:03 - r273387
(3 days 23 hours ago)
by brooks
(2 files)
MFC r271287:

Merge from NetBSD:

PR/49185: Conrad Meyer: strvisx: Handle zero-length input strings
gracefully.  (don't abuse 0 to mean compute string length internally)

PR:             193447
Submitted by:   Conrad Meyer <>
16:20:23 - r273386
(3 days 23 hours ago)
by emaste
(3 files)
Add basic UEFI boot procedure manpage

MFS10 of r273385 (r273218,r273235 in HEAD)

Approved by:    re (gjb)
14:47:26 - r273385
(4 days 1 hour ago)
by emaste
(3 files)
Add basic UEFI boot procedure manpage

MFC of r273218 and r273235.
13:09:52 - r273384
(4 days 2 hours ago)
by brueffer
(3 files)
MFC: r273034

Add one more AMD Kaveri APU device ID.

Submitted by:   Remy Nonnenmacher <>
13:07:36 - r273383
(4 days 2 hours ago)
by brueffer
(2 files)
MFC: r273034

Add one more AMD Kaveri APU device ID.

Submitted by:   Remy Nonnenmacher <>
12:52:01 - r273382
(4 days 3 hours ago)
by bapt
Affects:  /head/contrib/libcxxrt/
Fix build by marking the new functions as weak
This is a temporary fix
10:19:45 - r273381
(4 days 5 hours ago)
by bapt
(4 files)
Add support for __cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length in libcxxrt

It is required for use with newer g++49

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:    theraven
Approved by:    theraven
MFC after:      3 weeks
09:14:16 - r273380
(4 days 6 hours ago)
by br
(7 files)
Add driver for Micrel KSZ9021 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver (PHY).

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
08:24:12 - r273379
(4 days 7 hours ago)
by hselasky
(4 files)
MFC r272683:
- Fix compile warning when compiling with GCC.
- Add missed chunk in previous driver code MFC.

Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies
07:49:34 - r273378
(4 days 8 hours ago)
by hselasky
Affects:  /head/sys/sys/sysctl.h
Fix minor typo in currently unused macro.

MFC after:      3 days
07:31:21 - r273377
(4 days 8 hours ago)
by hselasky
(69 files)
Fix multiple incorrect SYSCTL arguments in the kernel:

- Wrong integer type was specified.

- Wrong or missing "access" specifier. The "access" specifier
sometimes included the SYSCTL type, which it should not, except for
procedural SYSCTL nodes.

- Logical OR where binary OR was expected.

- Properly assert the "access" argument passed to all SYSCTL macros,
using the CTASSERT macro. This applies to both static- and dynamically
created SYSCTLs.

- Properly assert the the data type for both static and dynamic
SYSCTLs. In the case of static SYSCTLs we only assert that the data
pointed to by the SYSCTL data pointer has the correct size, hence
there is no easy way to assert types in the C language outside a

- Rewrote some code which doesn't pass a constant "access" specifier
when creating dynamic SYSCTL nodes, which is now a requirement.

- Updated "EXAMPLES" section in SYSCTL manual page.

MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies
07:24:58 - r273376
(4 days 8 hours ago)
by kevlo
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/usb/controller/ehci_pci.c
Add the Intel BayTrail USB device which needs port routing for USB 3.0.

Tested on the BayTrail E3845 platform.
Reviewed by:    hselasky
07:10:43 - r273375
(4 days 8 hours ago)
by neel
(23 files)
Merge projects/bhyve_svm into HEAD.

After this change bhyve supports AMD processors with the SVM/AMD-V hardware

More details available here:

Submitted by:   Anish Gupta (
Tested by:      Benjamin Perrault (
Tested by:      Willem Jan Withagen (
06:25:41 - r273374
(4 days 9 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r271926:  Mention read_ahead tunables/sysctls.
06:24:15 - r273373
(4 days 9 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r262332 (by ivoras): Grammar fix
06:23:14 - r273372
(4 days 9 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r262294 (by ivoras):
Explain how and where can be set in practical
05:45:57 - r273371
(4 days 10 hours ago)
by bryanv
Affects:  /head/sys/net/if_vxlan.c
Use the size of the Ethernet address, not the entire header, when
copying into forwarding entry.

Reported by:    Coverity
CID:            1248849
05:19:08 - r273370
(4 days 10 hours ago)
by markj
Affects:  /head/cddl/lib/libdtrace/tcp.d
Correct the calculation of tcps_rto in the struct tcpcb -> tcpsinfo_t

Submitted by:   Grenville Armitage <>
MFC after:      1 week
04:55:55 - r273369
(4 days 11 hours ago)
by yongari
(2 files)
MFC r272731:
  Document newly added controller AR816x/AR817x.
04:54:37 - r273368
(4 days 11 hours ago)
by yongari
(2 files)
MFC r272731:
  Document newly added controller AR816x/AR817x.
04:50:07 - r273367
(4 days 11 hours ago)
by yongari
(5 files)
MFC r272730,273018:
  Add support for QAC AR816x/AR817x Gigabit/Fast Ethernet controllers.
  These controllers seem to have the same feature of AR813x/AR815x and
  improved RSS support(4 TX queues and 8 RX queues).  alc(4) supports
  all hardware features except RSS.  I didn't implement RX checksum
  offloading for AR816x/AR817x just because I couldn't get
  confirmation from the Vendor whether AR816x/AR817x corrected its
  predecessor's RX checksum offloading bug on fragmented packets.
  This change adds supports for the following controllers.
   o AR8161 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller
   o AR8162 PCIe Fast Ethernet controller
   o AR8171 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller
   o AR8172 PCIe Fast Ethernet controller
   o Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller
04:48:49 - r273366
(4 days 11 hours ago)
by yongari
(4 files)
MFC r272730,273018:
  Add support for QAC AR816x/AR817x Gigabit/Fast Ethernet controllers.
  These controllers seem to have the same feature of AR813x/AR815x and
  improved RSS support(4 TX queues and 8 RX queues).  alc(4) supports
  all hardware features except RSS.  I didn't implement RX checksum
  offloading for AR816x/AR817x just because I couldn't get
  confirmation from the Vendor whether AR816x/AR817x corrected its
  predecessor's RX checksum offloading bug on fragmented packets.
  This change adds supports for the following controllers.
   o AR8161 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller
   o AR8162 PCIe Fast Ethernet controller
   o AR8171 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller
   o AR8172 PCIe Fast Ethernet controller
   o Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller

  Relnotes:     yes
04:30:00 - r273365
(4 days 11 hours ago)
by markj
Affects:  /head/share/mk/
Fix a few small bugs in the DTrace USDT rules:
* anchor search strings appropriately,
* use .ALLSRC to pass the full path to the D script to dtrace(1),
* don't insert the auto-generated header into SRCS - it doesn't
  accomplish anything, and we end up having to remove it from OBJS anyway.

Reviewed by:            rpaulo
Differential Revision:
MFC after:              3 weeks
Sponsored by:           EMC / Isilon Storage Division
02:41:40 - r273364
(4 days 13 hours ago)
by gjb
(2 files)
MFstable10 r273354:
  MFC r273204:
  Add more descriptive metadata to the ISO images.

MFstable10 r273355:
  Fix label for the UEFI bootonly cd.

PR:             165876
Approved by:    re (hrs)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
01:57:36 - r273363
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by neel
(138 files)
IFC @r273338
01:49:07 - r273362
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by yongari
(3 files)
MFC r272729,272732:
  Add new quirk PCI_QUIRK_MSI_INTX_BUG to pci(4).
  QAC AR816x/E2200 controller has a silicon bug that MSI interrupt
  does not assert if PCIM_CMD_INTxDIS bit of command register is set.
01:48:19 - r273361
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by yongari
(2 files)
MFC r272729,272732:
  Add new quirk PCI_QUIRK_MSI_INTX_BUG to pci(4).
  QAC AR816x/E2200 controller has a silicon bug that MSI interrupt
  does not assert if PCIM_CMD_INTxDIS bit of command register is set.
01:34:18 - r273360
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by np
Affects:  /head/tools/tools/cxgbetool/cxgbetool.c
cxgbetool: Catch up with r185979.  One of MAP_ANON, MAP_PRIVATE,
MAP_SHARED, or MAP_STACK must be specified.

This fixes the "loadfw" subcommand.

MFC after:      1 week
01:31:24 - r273359
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by yongari
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/re/if_re.c
It seems multicast filtering of RTL8168F does not work.  Workaround
the silicon bug by accepting any multicast packets.

PR:     193488
MFC After:      1 week
01:15:43 - r273358
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by yongari
(6 files)
MFC r272721:
  Fix a long standing bug in MAC statistics register access.  One
  additional register was erroneously added in the MAC register set
  such that 7 TX statistics counters were wrong.
01:14:56 - r273357
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by yongari
(5 files)
MFC r272721:
  Fix a long standing bug in MAC statistics register access.  One
  additional register was erroneously added in the MAC register set
  such that 7 TX statistics counters were wrong.
01:06:58 - r273356
(4 days 14 hours ago)
by neel
Affects:  /head/sys/amd64/amd64/pmap.c
Fix a race in pmap_emulate_accessed_dirty() that could trigger a EPT
misconfiguration VM-exit.

An EPT misconfiguration is triggered when the processor encounters a PTE
that is writable but not readable (WR=10). On processors that require A/D
bit emulation PG_M and PG_A map to EPT_PG_WRITE and EPT_PG_READ respectively.

If the PTE is updated as in the following code snippet:
        *pte |= PG_M;
        *pte |= PG_A;
then it is possible for another processor to observe the PTE after the PG_M
(aka EPT_PG_WRITE) bit is set but before PG_A (aka EPT_PG_READ) bit is set.

This will trigger an EPT misconfiguration VM-exit on the other processor.

Reported by:    rodrigc
Reviewed by:    grehan
MFC after:      3 days
00:07:37 - r273355
(4 days 15 hours ago)
by gjb
Affects:  /stable/10/release/Makefile
Fix label for the UEFI bootonly cd.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
00:06:03 - r273354
(4 days 15 hours ago)
by gjb
(2 files)
MFC r273204:
  Add more descriptive metadata to the ISO images.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
2014 - 10 - 20   (5 days ago)
23:34:47 - r273353
(4 days 16 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_ccm.c
Attach the imx6 CCM driver during BUS_PASS_CPU.  It controls the clocks
for most on-chip devices and needs to be available before other drivers
start attaching and asking to have their clocks enabled.
23:32:34 - r273352
(4 days 16 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx_gpt.c
The imx6 hardware is fast enough to make good use of however much
timecounter resolution is available, so ask for a 1 GHz frequency.  It
won't actually get one that fast, but that'll get the fastest available
clock and use a divisor of 1 (probably 132 or 66mhz on current hardware).
22:52:15 - r273351
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_exec.c
Plug unnecessary binvp NULL initialization and test.

Reported by: Coverity
CID: 1018889
22:22:39 - r273350
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(3 files)
MFC r272601: MFV r272591:

Use loaned ARC buffer for zfs receive to avoid copy.

Illumos issue:
    5162 zfs recv should use loaned arc buffer to avoid copy
22:18:21 - r273349
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272599: MFV r272588:

Handle old format deadlist.

Illumos issue:
    5178 zdb -vvvvv on old-format pool fails in dump_deadlist()
22:13:50 - r273348
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(5 files)
MFC r272598: MFV r272585:

Split the godfather zio into CPU number's to reduce lock

Illumos issue:
    5176 lock contention on godfather zio
22:09:30 - r273347
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272584: MFV r272501:

Illumos issue:
    5177 remove dead code from dsl_scan.c
22:04:49 - r273346
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272511: MFV r272499:

Illumos issue:
    5174 add sdt probe for blocked read in dbuf_read()
21:59:11 - r273345
(4 days 17 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272510: MFV r272498:

Add a new sysctl, vfs.zfs.vol.unmap_enabled, which allows the system
administrator to toggle whether ZFS should ignore UNMAP requests.

Illumos issue:
    5149 zvols need a way to ignore DKIOCFREE
21:57:24 - r273344
(4 days 18 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c
filedesc: plug 2 write-only variables

Reported by: Coverity
CID: 1245745, 1245746
21:53:51 - r273343
(4 days 18 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272507: MFV r272496:

Add tunable for number of metaslabs per vdev
(vfs.zfs.vdev.metaslabs_per_vdev).  The default remains
at 200.

Illumos issue:
    5161 add tunable for number of metaslabs per vdev
20:21:40 - r273342
(4 days 19 hours ago)
by markj
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/subr_witness.c
Fix a typo from r189544, which replaced unp_global_rwlock with unp_list_lock
and unp_link_rwlock.

MFC after:      3 days
18:58:45 - r273341
(4 days 20 hours ago)
by delphij
(4 files)
MFC r272504: MFV r272494:

Make space_map_truncate() always do space_map_reallocate().  Without
this, setting space_map_max_blksz would cause panic for existing pool,
as dmu_objset_set_blocksize would fail if the object have multiple blocks.

Illumos issues:
   5164 space_map_max_blksz causes panic, does not work
   5165 zdb fails assertion when run on pool with recently-enabled
        spacemap_histogram feature
18:53:54 - r273340
(4 days 21 hours ago)
by delphij
(2 files)
MFC r272884:

accept(2) may and can return EAGAIN, document it.
18:33:34 - r273339
(4 days 21 hours ago)
by rrs
(3404 files)
Down sync from head.

> Description of fields to fill in above:                     76 columns --|
> PR:            If a GNATS PR is affected by the change.
> Submitted by:  If someone else sent in the change.
> Reviewed by:   If someone else reviewed your modification.
> Approved by:   If you needed approval for this commit.
> Obtained from: If the change is from a third party.
> MFC after:     N [day[s]|week[s]|month[s]].  Request a reminder email.
> MFH:           Ports tree branch name.  Request approval for merge.
> Relnotes:      Set to 'yes' for mention in release notes.
> Security:      Vulnerability reference (one per line) or description.
> Sponsored by:  If the change was sponsored by an organization.
> Empty fields above will be automatically removed.

_M   .
M    Makefile.inc1
M    bin/csh/Makefile
M    bin/dd/dd.1
M    bin/ed/cbc.c
M    bin/pkill/tests/
M    bin/pkill/tests/
M    bin/ps/keyword.c
M    bin/ps/ps.1
M    bin/sh/arith_yacc.c
M    bin/sh/eval.c
M    bin/sh/expand.c
M    bin/sh/input.c
M    bin/sh/input.h
M    bin/sh/jobs.c
M    bin/sh/parser.c
M    bin/sh/redir.c
M    bin/sh/sh.1
M    bin/sh/tests/builtins/Makefile
A  + bin/sh/tests/builtins/eval7.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/builtins/eval8.7
A  + bin/sh/tests/builtins/lineno3.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/builtins/lineno3.0.stdout
M    bin/sh/tests/parser/Makefile
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/heredoc12.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont1.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont10.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont11.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont2.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont3.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont4.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont5.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont6.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont7.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont8.0
A  + bin/sh/tests/parser/line-cont9.0
M    bin/sh/trap.c
M    bin/sleep/Makefile
A  + bin/sleep/tests
_M   cddl
M    cddl/
_M   cddl/contrib/opensolaris
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/dtrace.1
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/dtrace.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/pid/tst.weak2.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/uctf/err.user64mode.ksh
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/uctf/tst.aouttype.ksh
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/uctf/tst.libtype.ksh
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/uctf/tst.pidprint.ksh
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/uctf/tst.printtype.ksh
D    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/dtrace/test/tst/common/usdt/main.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/lockstat/lockstat.1
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/lockstat/sym.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zdb/zdb.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zpool/zpool-features.7
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zpool/zpool_main.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zpool/zpool_vdev.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/head/libintl.h
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/head/nlist.h
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/head/synch.h
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/head/thread.h
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libctf/common/ctf_lib.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/drti.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_grammar.y
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_impl.h
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_link.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_open.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_pid.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_pragma.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libdtrace/common/dt_print.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libgen/common/gmatch.c
_M   cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs/common/libzfs_dataset.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs/common/libzfs_import.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs/common/libzfs_pool.c
M    cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzpool/common/kernel.c
M    cddl/lib/libdtrace/libproc_compat.h
M    cddl/lib/libdtrace/tcp.d
M    cddl/lib/libzfs/Makefile
M    cddl/lib/libzpool/Makefile
M    cddl/usr.sbin/Makefile
_M   contrib/apr-util
M    contrib/apr-util/CHANGES
M    contrib/apr-util/NOTICE
M    contrib/apr-util/apr-util.spec
M    contrib/apr-util/configure
M    contrib/apr-util/crypto/apr_crypto.c
M    contrib/apr-util/crypto/apr_passwd.c
M    contrib/apr-util/dbd/apr_dbd_mysql.c
M    contrib/apr-util/dbd/apr_dbd_odbc.c
M    contrib/apr-util/dbm/NWGNUmakefile
M    contrib/apr-util/include/apu_version.h
M    contrib/apr-util/test/
_M   contrib/atf
M    contrib/atf/FREEBSD-upgrade
M    contrib/atf/NEWS
M    contrib/atf/atf-c/atf-c-api.3
M    contrib/atf/atf-c/macros_h_test.c
M    contrib/atf/atf-c++/atf-c++-api.3
M    contrib/atf/atf-sh/atf-check.1
M    contrib/atf/atf-sh/atf-sh-api.3
M    contrib/atf/atf-sh/atf-sh.1
M    contrib/atf/doc/atf-test-case.4
M    contrib/atf/doc/atf-test-program.1
_M   contrib/binutils
M    contrib/binutils/bfd/config.bfd
M    contrib/binutils/bfd/elf32-arm.c
M    contrib/binutils/bfd/elf32-ppc.c
M    contrib/binutils/bfd/elf64-ppc.c
M    contrib/binutils/gas/config/tc-arm.c
M    contrib/binutils/gas/config/tc-ppc.c
M    contrib/binutils/include/elf/arm.h
M    contrib/binutils/ld/emulparams/
M    contrib/binutils/ld/emulparams/
M    contrib/binutils/ld/emultempl/elf32.em
M    contrib/bsnmp/snmp_target/target_snmp.c
_M   contrib/byacc
M    contrib/byacc/CHANGES
M    contrib/byacc/MANIFEST
M    contrib/byacc/VERSION
M    contrib/byacc/aclocal.m4
M    contrib/byacc/btyaccpar.c
M    contrib/byacc/closure.c
M    contrib/byacc/config.sub
M    contrib/byacc/configure
M    contrib/byacc/
M    contrib/byacc/defs.h
M    contrib/byacc/lalr.c
M    contrib/byacc/main.c
M    contrib/byacc/output.c
M    contrib/byacc/package/byacc.spec
M    contrib/byacc/package/debian/changelog
M    contrib/byacc/package/debian/source/format
M    contrib/byacc/package/mingw-byacc.spec
M    contrib/byacc/package/pkgsrc/Makefile
M    contrib/byacc/reader.c
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_demo2.error
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_demo2.output
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy1.error
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy1.output
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy2.error
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy2.output
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy3.error
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/btyacc_destroy3.output
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/code_calc.code.c
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/code_error.code.c
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/rename_debug.c
M    contrib/byacc/test/btyacc/
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc_destroy1.y
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc_destroy2.y
A  + contrib/byacc/test/btyacc_destroy3.y
M    contrib/byacc/test/yacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/yacc/
M    contrib/byacc/test/yacc/
M    contrib/byacc/yacc.1
A  + contrib/hyperv
_M   contrib/ipfilter
M    contrib/ipfilter/lib/gethost.c
M    contrib/ipfilter/lib/printnat.c
M    contrib/ipfilter/tools/ipf_y.y
M    contrib/ipfilter/tools/ipnat_y.y
_M   contrib/libarchive
_M   contrib/libarchive/tar
M    contrib/libarchive/tar/util.c
_M   contrib/libc++
M    contrib/libc++/include/__config
M    contrib/libc++/include/type_traits
_M   contrib/libc-vis
M    contrib/libc-vis/vis.c
_M   contrib/libpcap
M    contrib/libpcap/inet.c
M    contrib/libpcap/pcap.c
_M   contrib/llvm
M    contrib/llvm/lib/Target/ARM/
M    contrib/llvm/lib/Target/X86/X86ISelLowering.cpp
A  + contrib/llvm/patches/patch-r269387-clang-arm-target-cpu.diff
M    contrib/llvm/patches/patch-r270147-llvm-r197824-r213427-r213960.diff
A  + contrib/llvm/patches/patch-r271024-llvm-r216989-r216990-fix-movw-armv6.diff
A  +
A  + contrib/llvm/patches/patch-r271432-clang-r205331-debug-info-crash.diff
A  + contrib/llvm/patches/patch-r271597-clang-r217410-i386-garbage-float.diff
_M   contrib/llvm/tools/clang
M    contrib/llvm/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGDebugInfo.cpp
A  + contrib/netbsd-tests
M    contrib/ofed/libibverbs/examples/asyncwatch.c
M    contrib/ofed/libibverbs/examples/device_list.c
M    contrib/ofed/libibverbs/examples/devinfo.c
M    contrib/ofed/libmlx4/src/mlx4-abi.h
_M   contrib/one-true-awk
M    contrib/one-true-awk/awk.1
M    contrib/one-true-awk/main.c
M    contrib/one-true-awk/run.c
_M   contrib/openbsm
M    contrib/openbsm/bin/auditdistd/sender.c
M    contrib/openbsm/bin/auditdistd/subr.c
_M   contrib/openpam
MM   contrib/openpam/CREDITS
MM   contrib/openpam/HISTORY
MM   contrib/openpam/INSTALL
MM   contrib/openpam/LICENSE
MM   contrib/openpam/
MM   contrib/openpam/
MM   contrib/openpam/README
MM   contrib/openpam/RELNOTES
M    contrib/openpam/TODO
MM   contrib/openpam/aclocal.m4
MM   contrib/openpam/
_M   contrib/openpam/bin/
MM   contrib/openpam/bin/
M    contrib/openpam/bin/openpam_dump_policy/
M    contrib/openpam/bin/openpam_dump_policy/openpam_dump_policy.c
M    contrib/openpam/bin/pamtest/
M    contrib/openpam/bin/pamtest/pamtest.1
_M   contrib/openpam/bin/su/
MM   contrib/openpam/bin/su/
M    contrib/openpam/bin/su/su.1
_M   contrib/openpam/bin/su/su.c
_M   contrib/openpam/compile
_M   contrib/openpam/config.guess
MM   contrib/openpam/
_M   contrib/openpam/config.sub
MM   contrib/openpam/configure
MM   contrib/openpam/
_M   contrib/openpam/depcomp
_M   contrib/openpam/doc/
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/
_M   contrib/openpam/doc/man/
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam.3
_M   contrib/openpam/doc/man/
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_borrow_cred.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_free_data.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_free_envlist.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_get_feature.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_get_option.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_log.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_nullconv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_readline.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_readlinev.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_readword.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_restore_cred.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_set_feature.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_set_option.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_straddch.3
M    contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_subst.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/openpam_ttyconv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam.conf.5
_M   contrib/openpam/doc/man/
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_acct_mgmt.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_authenticate.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_chauthtok.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_close_session.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_conv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_end.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_error.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_get_authtok.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_get_data.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_get_item.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_get_user.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_getenv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_getenvlist.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_info.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_open_session.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_prompt.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_putenv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_set_data.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_set_item.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_setcred.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_setenv.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_acct_mgmt.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_authenticate.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_chauthtok.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_close_session.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_open_session.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_sm_setcred.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_start.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_strerror.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_verror.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_vinfo.3
MM   contrib/openpam/doc/man/pam_vprompt.3
_M   contrib/openpam/include/
MM   contrib/openpam/include/
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/
MM   contrib/openpam/include/security/
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/openpam.h
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/openpam_attr.h
MM   contrib/openpam/include/security/openpam_version.h
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/pam_appl.h
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/pam_constants.h
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/pam_modules.h
_M   contrib/openpam/include/security/pam_types.h
_M   contrib/openpam/install-sh
M    contrib/openpam/lib/
M    contrib/openpam/lib/
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_configure.c
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_ctype.h
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_dispatch.c
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_readword.c
A  + contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_strlset.c
A  + contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_strlset.h
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/openpam_ttyconv.c
M    contrib/openpam/lib/libpam/pam_get_authtok.c
MM   contrib/openpam/
D    contrib/openpam/m4
_M   contrib/openpam/misc/
_M   contrib/openpam/missing
M    contrib/openpam/
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/
MM   contrib/openpam/modules/
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_deny/
MM   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_deny/
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_deny/pam_deny.c
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_permit/
MM   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_permit/
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_permit/pam_permit.c
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_unix/
MM   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_unix/
_M   contrib/openpam/modules/pam_unix/pam_unix.c
M    contrib/openpam/
M    contrib/openpam/t/
M    contrib/openpam/t/
A  + contrib/pjdfstest
M    contrib/smbfs/lib/smb/ctx.c
M    contrib/smbfs/mount_smbfs/mount_smbfs.c
M    contrib/tcp_wrappers/inetcf.h
M    contrib/tcp_wrappers/mystdarg.h
M    contrib/tcp_wrappers/tcpd.h
M    contrib/tcp_wrappers/tli-sequent.h
_M   contrib/tcpdump
M    contrib/tcpdump/tcpdump.c
_M   contrib/tzdata
M    contrib/tzdata/africa
M    contrib/tzdata/antarctica
M    contrib/tzdata/asia
M    contrib/tzdata/australasia
M    contrib/tzdata/backward
M    contrib/tzdata/etcetera
M    contrib/tzdata/europe
M    contrib/tzdata/factory
M    contrib/tzdata/leap-seconds.list
M    contrib/tzdata/northamerica
M    contrib/tzdata/pacificnew
M    contrib/tzdata/southamerica
M    contrib/tzdata/systemv
M    contrib/tzdata/
M    contrib/tzdata/
A  + contrib/tzdata/
_M   crypto/heimdal
M    crypto/heimdal/tools/
_M   crypto/openssl
M    crypto/openssl/CHANGES
M    crypto/openssl/Configure
M    crypto/openssl/Makefile
M    crypto/openssl/NEWS
M    crypto/openssl/README
M    crypto/openssl/apps/s_client.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/Makefile
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/aes/asm/
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/asn1/a_strex.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/bn/asm/x86_64-gcc.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/bn/bn_exp.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/bn/bn_nist.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/bn/exptest.c
A  + crypto/openssl/crypto/constant_time_locl.h
A  + crypto/openssl/crypto/constant_time_test.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/dsa/dsa_ameth.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ebcdic.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ec.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ec2_smpl.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ec_ameth.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ec_asn1.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ecp_mont.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ecp_nist.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ecp_smpl.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ec/ectest.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/evp/Makefile
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/evp/e_aes.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/evp/evp_enc.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/md5/asm/
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/modes/modes.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ocsp/ocsp_vfy.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/opensslconf.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/opensslv.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/ossl_typ.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/pkcs7/pkcs7.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/pqueue/pqueue.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/Makefile
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/rsa.h
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/rsa_err.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/rsa_oaep.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/rsa_pk1.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/rsa/rsa_sign.c
M    crypto/openssl/crypto/stack/safestack.h
A  + crypto/openssl/doc/apps/c_rehash.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/apps/dgst.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/BIO_s_accept.pod
A  + crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/CMS_add1_signer.pod
D    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/CMS_sign_add1_signer.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/EVP_DigestInit.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/EVP_DigestVerifyInit.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/EVP_EncryptInit.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/EVP_PKEY_set1_RSA.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/crypto/EVP_PKEY_sign.pod
M    crypto/openssl/doc/ssl/SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback.pod
M    crypto/openssl/e_os.h
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/Makefile
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/d1_both.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/d1_lib.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/d1_srtp.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/dtls1.h
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s23_srvr.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s2_lib.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_cbc.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_clnt.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_enc.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_lib.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_pkt.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_srvr.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/srtp.h
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/ssl.h
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/ssl3.h
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/ssl_err.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/ssl_lib.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/t1_enc.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/t1_lib.c
M    crypto/openssl/ssl/tls1.h
M    crypto/openssl/util/
M    crypto/openssl/util/
M    crypto/openssl/util/ssleay.num
_M   etc
M    etc/auto_master
M    etc/defaults/periodic.conf
M    etc/defaults/rc.conf
M    etc/devd/Makefile
M    etc/devd/apple.conf
A  + etc/devd/hyperv.conf
A  + etc/devd/ulpt.conf
M    etc/devd/usb.conf
M    etc/mail/Makefile
M    etc/motd
M    etc/mtree/BSD.root.dist
M    etc/mtree/BSD.tests.dist
M    etc/mtree/BSD.usr.dist
M    etc/mtree/BSD.var.dist
M    etc/network.subr
M    etc/pam.d/README
M    etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps
M    etc/rc.d/Makefile
M    etc/rc.d/SERVERS
M    etc/rc.d/bgfsck
M    etc/rc.d/gssd
M    etc/rc.d/ip6addrctl
A  + etc/rc.d/ipropd_master
A  + etc/rc.d/ipropd_slave
M    etc/rc.d/jail
M    etc/rc.d/kadmind
A  + etc/rc.d/kdc
D    etc/rc.d/kerberos
M    etc/rc.d/kfd
M    etc/rc.d/kpasswdd
M    etc/rc.d/netif
M    etc/rc.d/routing
M    etc/rc.d/syscons
M    etc/rc.firewall
M    etc/rc.subr
M    games/factor/factor.6
M    games/factor/factor.c
M    games/primes/Makefile
M    games/primes/primes.c
M    games/primes/primes.h
A  + games/primes/spsp.c
_M   gnu/lib
M    gnu/lib/csu/Makefile
M    gnu/lib/libgcc/Makefile
M    gnu/lib/libgcov/Makefile
M    gnu/lib/libstdc++/Makefile
M    gnu/lib/libsupc++/Makefile
M    gnu/usr.bin/Makefile
M    gnu/usr.bin/cc/
_M   gnu/usr.bin/cc/cc_tools
M    gnu/usr.bin/cc/cc_tools/Makefile
M    gnu/usr.bin/diff/Makefile
A  + gnu/usr.bin/diff/tests
M    gnu/usr.bin/grep/Makefile
_M   include
M    include/pthread.h
M    include/rpcsvc/nis.x
M    include/stddef.h
M    include/stdlib.h
M    include/strings.h
M    include/unistd.h
M    kerberos5/lib/libasn1/Makefile
M    lib/Makefile
M    lib/clang/
_M   lib/libc
M    lib/libc/Makefile
M    lib/libc/arm/
D    lib/libc/arm/
A  + lib/libc/arm/
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/
A  + lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_asm_double.S
A  + lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_asm_float.S
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_double.c
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_float.c
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_vfp_double.S
M    lib/libc/arm/aeabi/aeabi_vfp_float.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/__aeabi_read_tp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/_ctx_start.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/_setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/alloca.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/divsi3.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/gen/sigsetjmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/ffs.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/memcmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/memcpy_arm.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/memcpy_xscale.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/memmove.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/memset.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/strcmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/strlen.S
M    lib/libc/arm/string/strncmp.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/Ovfork.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/brk.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/cerror.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/pipe.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/ptrace.S
M    lib/libc/arm/sys/sbrk.S
M    lib/libc/gen/dl_iterate_phdr.3
M    lib/libc/gen/nlist.c
M    lib/libc/gen/rewinddir.c
M    lib/libc/locale/lmonetary.c
M    lib/libc/nameser/ns_print.c
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/_ctx_start.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/_setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/eabi.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/fabs.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/gen/sigsetjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/sys/brk.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/sys/exect.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/sys/pipe.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/sys/ptrace.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc/sys/sbrk.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/gen/_ctx_start.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/gen/_setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/gen/fabs.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/gen/setjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/gen/sigsetjmp.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/sys/brk.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/sys/exect.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/sys/pipe.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/sys/ptrace.S
M    lib/libc/powerpc64/sys/sbrk.S
M    lib/libc/quad/
M    lib/libc/stdlib/
_M   lib/libc/stdtime
M    lib/libc/stdtime/strptime.3
M    lib/libc/stdtime/strptime.c
M    lib/libc/string/
M    lib/libc/string/
M    lib/libc/string/bzero.3
M    lib/libc/sys/accept.2
M    lib/libc/sys/access.2
M    lib/libc/sys/connect.2
M    lib/libc/sys/kqueue.2
M    lib/libc/sys/mmap.2
M    lib/libc/sys/mq_open.2
M    lib/libc/sys/recv.2
M    lib/libc++/Makefile
M    lib/libcompiler_rt/Makefile
M    lib/libcrypt/crypt.c
M    lib/libcuse/cuse_lib.c
A  + lib/libevent
M    lib/libfetch/common.c
M    lib/libfetch/fetch.3
M    lib/libgeom/geom_getxml.c
M    lib/libgeom/geom_stats.c
M    lib/libkvm/kvm_arm.c
M    lib/libkvm/kvm_proc.c
M    lib/libnv/Makefile
M    lib/libnv/msgio.c
M    lib/libnv/nv.3
M    lib/libnv/nv.h
M    lib/libnv/nv_impl.h
M    lib/libnv/nvlist.c
M    lib/libnv/nvlist_impl.h
M    lib/libnv/nvpair.c
M    lib/libnv/nvpair_impl.h
M    lib/libpam/libpam/Makefile
M    lib/libpam/modules/pam_login_access/pam_login_access.c
M    lib/libpcap/Makefile
M    lib/libpcap/config.h
A  + lib/libpcap/pcap-netmap.c
M    lib/libproc/Makefile
M    lib/libproc/libproc.h
M    lib/libproc/proc_sym.c
D    lib/libproc/test
A  + lib/libproc/tests
M    lib/librtld_db/rtld_db.c
M    lib/libstand/Makefile
M    lib/libstdthreads/threads.h
M    lib/libthr/libthr.3
M    lib/libthr/thread/thr_cond.c
M    lib/libthr/thread/thr_init.c
M    lib/libunbound/Makefile
M    lib/msun/Makefile
M    lib/msun/
A  + lib/msun/ld128/e_lgammal_r.c
A  + lib/msun/ld80/e_lgammal_r.c
M    lib/msun/man/lgamma.3
M    lib/msun/src/e_lgamma.c
M    lib/msun/src/e_lgamma_r.c
M    lib/msun/src/e_lgammaf_r.c
A  + lib/msun/src/e_lgammal.c
M    lib/msun/src/imprecise.c
M    lib/msun/src/math.h
M    lib/msun/src/s_tanh.c
M    lib/msun/src/s_tanhf.c
M    libexec/Makefile
A  + libexec/Makefile.amd64
A  + libexec/Makefile.i386
A  + libexec/Makefile.pc98
A  + libexec/hyperv
M    libexec/rtld-elf/Makefile
M    libexec/rtld-elf/amd64/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/arm/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/i386/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/libmap.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/mips/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/powerpc/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/powerpc64/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.h
M    libexec/rtld-elf/sparc64/reloc.c
M    libexec/rtld-elf/tests/target/Makefile
M    release/Makefile
A  + release/amd64/
A  + release/amd64/
M    release/arm/BEAGLEBONE.conf
M    release/arm/PANDABOARD.conf
M    release/arm/RPI-B.conf
M    release/arm/WANDBOARD-QUAD.conf
M    release/arm/ZEDBOARD.conf
M    release/arm/
M    release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/article.xml
M    release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/share/xml/release.xsl
M    release/doc/share/mk/
M    release/doc/share/xml/release.ent
M    release/doc/share/xml/release.xsl
A  + release/i386/
A  + release/i386/
M    release/picobsd/tinyware/simple_httpd/simple_httpd.c
M    release/rc.local
M    release/release.conf.sample
M    release/
M    release/scripts/
A  + release/tools/azure.conf
M    rescue/rescue/Makefile
_M   sbin
M    sbin/camcontrol/camcontrol.8
M    sbin/camcontrol/camcontrol.c
M    sbin/conscontrol/conscontrol.8
M    sbin/devd/tests/client_test.c
M    sbin/dhclient/packet.c
M    sbin/dump/traverse.c
_M   sbin/dumpon
M    sbin/dumpon/dumpon.8
M    sbin/fdisk_pc98/Makefile
M    sbin/gbde/gbde.8
M    sbin/hastd/Makefile
M    sbin/hastd/primary.c
M    sbin/hastd/synch.h
M    sbin/ifconfig/Makefile
M    sbin/ifconfig/af_inet6.c
M    sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8
M    sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.h
M    sbin/ifconfig/iflagg.c
A  + sbin/ifconfig/ifvxlan.c
M    sbin/ifconfig/sfp.c
_M   sbin/ipfw
M    sbin/ipfw/Makefile
M    sbin/ipfw/altq.c
M    sbin/ipfw/dummynet.c
M    sbin/ipfw/ipfw.8
M    sbin/ipfw/ipfw2.c
M    sbin/ipfw/ipfw2.h
M    sbin/ipfw/ipv6.c
M    sbin/ipfw/main.c
M    sbin/ipfw/nat.c
A  + sbin/ipfw/tables.c
M    sbin/iscontrol/iscontrol.8
M    sbin/mksnap_ffs/Makefile
M    sbin/mount/mount.8
M    sbin/ping/Makefile
M    sbin/ping/ping.c
M    sbin/ping6/Makefile
M    sbin/ping6/ping6.8
M    sbin/ping6/ping6.c
M    sbin/routed/defs.h
M    sbin/routed/input.c
M    sbin/routed/main.c
M    sbin/routed/output.c
M    sbin/routed/routed.8
M    sbin/savecore/savecore.c
M    sbin/shutdown/Makefile
M    sbin/swapon/swapon.c
M    sbin/sysctl/sysctl.c
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ASN1_OBJECT_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ASN1_STRING_length.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ASN1_STRING_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ASN1_STRING_print_ex.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ASN1_generate_nconf.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_ctrl.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_base64.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_buffer.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_cipher.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_md.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_null.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_f_ssl.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_find_type.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_new_CMS.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_push.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_read.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_accept.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_bio.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_connect.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_fd.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_file.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_mem.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_null.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_s_socket.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_set_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BIO_should_retry.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_BLINDING_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_CTX_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_CTX_start.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_add.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_add_word.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_bn2bin.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_cmp.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_copy.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_generate_prime.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_mod_inverse.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_mod_mul_montgomery.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_mod_mul_reciprocal.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_num_bytes.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_rand.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_set_bit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_swap.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/BN_zero.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_add0_cert.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_add1_recipient_cert.3
A  + secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_add1_signer.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_compress.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_decrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_encrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_final.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_get0_RecipientInfos.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_get0_SignerInfos.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_get0_type.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_sign.3
D    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_sign_add1_signer.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_sign_receipt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_uncompress.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_verify.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CMS_verify_receipt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CONF_modules_free.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CONF_modules_load_file.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/CRYPTO_set_ex_data.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_generate_key.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_generate_parameters.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_set_method.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DH_size.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_SIG_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_do_sign.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_dup_DH.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_generate_key.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_generate_parameters.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_set_method.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_sign.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/DSA_size.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_GET_LIB.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_clear_error.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_error_string.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_get_error.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_load_crypto_strings.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_load_strings.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_print_errors.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_put_error.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_remove_state.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ERR_set_mark.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_BytesToKey.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_DigestInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_DigestSignInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_DigestVerifyInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_EncryptInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_OpenInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_CTX_ctrl.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_CTX_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_cmp.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_decrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_derive.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_encrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_keygen.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_print_private.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_set1_RSA.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_sign.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_verify.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_PKEY_verify_recover.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_SealInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_SignInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/EVP_VerifyInit.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OBJ_nid2obj.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OPENSSL_Applink.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OPENSSL_config.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OPENSSL_ia32cap.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PEM_write_bio_CMS_stream.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PEM_write_bio_PKCS7_stream.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS12_create.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS12_parse.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS7_decrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS7_encrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS7_sign.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS7_sign_add_signer.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/PKCS7_verify.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_add.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_bytes.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_cleanup.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_egd.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_load_file.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RAND_set_rand_method.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_blinding_on.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_check_key.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_generate_key.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_print.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_private_encrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_public_encrypt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_set_method.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_sign.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_sign_ASN1_OCTET_STRING.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/RSA_size.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/SMIME_read_CMS.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/SMIME_read_PKCS7.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/SMIME_write_CMS.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/SMIME_write_PKCS7.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_NAME_ENTRY_get_object.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_NAME_add_entry_by_txt.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_NAME_get_index_by_NID.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_NAME_print_ex.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_STORE_CTX_get_error.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_STORE_CTX_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_STORE_CTX_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_STORE_CTX_set_verify_cb.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_STORE_set_verify_cb_func.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set_flags.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_new.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/X509_verify_cert.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/bio.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/blowfish.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/bn.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/bn_internal.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/buffer.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/crypto.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_ASN1_OBJECT.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_DHparams.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_DSAPublicKey.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_RSAPublicKey.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509_ALGOR.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509_CRL.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509_NAME.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509_REQ.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/d2i_X509_SIG.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/des.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/dh.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/dsa.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ecdsa.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/engine.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/err.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/evp.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/hmac.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/i2d_CMS_bio_stream.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/i2d_PKCS7_bio_stream.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/lh_stats.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/lhash.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/md5.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/mdc2.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/pem.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/rand.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/rc4.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ripemd.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/rsa.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/sha.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/threads.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ui.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/ui_compat.3
M    secure/lib/libcrypto/man/x509.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CIPHER_get_name.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_COMP_add_compression_method.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_add_extra_chain_cert.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_add_session.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_ctrl.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_flush_sessions.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_free.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_new.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_sess_number.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_sessions.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_cert_store.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_cert_verify_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_default_passwd_cb.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_id.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_info_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_max_cert_list.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_mode.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_options.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_psk_client_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_session_id_context.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_timeout.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_ticket_key_cb.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_set_verify.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_use_certificate.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_CTX_use_psk_identity_hint.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_SESSION_free.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_SESSION_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_SESSION_get_time.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_accept.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_alert_type_string.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_clear.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_connect.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_do_handshake.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_free.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_SSL_CTX.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_ciphers.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_client_CA_list.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_current_cipher.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_default_timeout.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_error.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_ex_new_index.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_fd.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_peer_cert_chain.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_peer_certificate.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_psk_identity.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_rbio.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_session.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_verify_result.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_get_version.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_library_init.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_load_client_CA_file.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_new.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_pending.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_read.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_rstate_string.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_session_reused.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_bio.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_connect_state.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_fd.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_session.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_shutdown.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_set_verify_result.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_shutdown.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_state_string.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_want.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/SSL_write.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/d2i_SSL_SESSION.3
M    secure/lib/libssl/man/ssl.3
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/asn1parse.1
A  + secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/c_rehash.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ca.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ciphers.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/cms.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/crl.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/crl2pkcs7.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/dgst.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/dhparam.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/dsa.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/dsaparam.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ec.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ecparam.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/enc.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/errstr.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/gendsa.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/genpkey.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/genrsa.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/nseq.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ocsp.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/openssl.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/passwd.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkcs12.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkcs7.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkcs8.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkey.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkeyparam.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/pkeyutl.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/rand.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/req.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/rsa.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/rsautl.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/s_client.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/s_server.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/s_time.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/sess_id.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/smime.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/speed.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/spkac.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/ts.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/tsget.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/verify.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/version.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/x509.1
M    secure/usr.bin/openssl/man/x509v3_config.1
_M   share
M    share/examples/bhyve/
_M   share/man/man4
M    share/man/man4/Makefile
M    share/man/man4/ada.4
M    share/man/man4/alc.4
M    share/man/man4/altera_atse.4
M    share/man/man4/atkbd.4
M    share/man/man4/cdce.4
M    share/man/man4/cxgbe.4
M    share/man/man4/filemon.4
M    share/man/man4/gif.4
M    share/man/man4/icmp.4
M    share/man/man4/igb.4
M    share/man/man4/ip.4
A  + share/man/man4/ipheth.4
A  + share/man/man4/iscsi.4
M    share/man/man4/iscsi_initiator.4
M    share/man/man4/iwn.4
M    share/man/man4/iwnfw.4
M    share/man/man4/kbdmux.4
M    share/man/man4/lagg.4
M    share/man/man4/malo.4
M    share/man/man4/man4.arm/Makefile
A  + share/man/man4/man4.arm/cgem.4
M    share/man/man4/miibus.4
M    share/man/man4/sfxge.4
A  + share/man/man4/smsc.4
M    share/man/man4/tcp.4
M    share/man/man4/ucom.4
M    share/man/man4/udplite.4
M    share/man/man4/ukbd.4
A  + share/man/man4/uled.4
M    share/man/man4/urndis.4
M    share/man/man4/urtwn.4
M    share/man/man4/vkbd.4
M    share/man/man4/vt.4
A  + share/man/man4/vxlan.4
M    share/man/man5/autofs.5
M    share/man/man5/rc.conf.5
M    share/man/man5/src.conf.5
M    share/man/man7/hier.7
M    share/man/man7/release.7
M    share/man/man8/Makefile
M    share/man/man8/nanobsd.8
M    share/man/man8/rc.subr.8
A  + share/man/man8/uefi.8
M    share/man/man9/Makefile
M    share/man/man9/SDT.9
M    share/man/man9/VOP_GETPAGES.9
M    share/man/man9/altq.9
M    share/man/man9/hash.9
M    share/man/man9/ifnet.9
M    share/man/man9/sleepqueue.9
M    share/man/man9/sysctl.9
M    share/man/man9/sysctl_add_oid.9
M    share/man/man9/timeout.9
M    share/misc/bsd-family-tree
M    share/misc/
M    share/misc/
M    share/misc/scsi_modes
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/mk/
M    share/vt/keymaps/INDEX.keymaps
M    share/vt/keymaps/Makefile
M    share/vt/keymaps/am.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/be.acc.kbd
D    share/vt/keymaps/bg.bds.ctrlcaps.kbd
A  + share/vt/keymaps/bg.phonetic.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/ca-fr.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/ca.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/centraleuropean.kbd
A  + share/vt/keymaps/centraleuropean.qwerty.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/ch-fr.acc.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/ch-fr.kbd
A  + share/vt/keymaps/colemak.acc.kbd
D    share/vt/keymaps/colemak.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/de.acc.kbd
R  + share/vt/keymaps/de.kbd
A  + share/vt/keymaps/de.noacc.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/dk.acc.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/dk.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/dk.macbook.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/es.dvorak.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/fi.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/fr.acc.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/fr.dvorak.acc.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/fr.dvorak.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/fr.macbook.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/is.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/it.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/jp.pc98.iso.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/jp.pc98.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/no.dvorak.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/no.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/nordic.asus-eee.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/se.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/uk.capsctrl.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/uk.kbd
M    share/vt/keymaps/us.acc.kbd
_M   share/zoneinfo
M    share/zoneinfo/Makefile
_M   sys
M    sys/Makefile
M    sys/amd64/amd64/cpu_switch.S
M    sys/amd64/amd64/fpu.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/genassym.c
D    sys/amd64/amd64/identcpu.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/machdep.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/minidump_machdep.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/mp_machdep.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/pmap.c
M    sys/amd64/amd64/support.S
M    sys/amd64/amd64/trap.c
M    sys/amd64/conf/GENERIC
M    sys/amd64/conf/NOTES
M    sys/amd64/include/fpu.h
M    sys/amd64/include/md_var.h
M    sys/amd64/include/param.h
M    sys/amd64/include/pc/bios.h
M    sys/amd64/include/pcb.h
M    sys/amd64/include/pmap.h
MM   sys/amd64/include/vmm.h
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux.h
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_dummy.c
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_proto.h
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_syscall.h
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_syscalls.c
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_sysent.c
M    sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_systrace_args.c
M    sys/amd64/linux32/syscalls.master
_M   sys/amd64/vmm
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/ept.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmcs.h
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmx.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmx.h
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmx_msr.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmx_msr.h
M    sys/amd64/vmm/intel/vmx_support.S
M    sys/amd64/vmm/io/vatpic.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/io/vlapic.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/vmm.c
M    sys/amd64/vmm/vmm_instruction_emul.c
D    sys/amd64/vmm/vmm_msr.c
D    sys/amd64/vmm/vmm_msr.h
M    sys/amd64/vmm/x86.c
M    sys/arm/allwinner/a10_clk.c
M    sys/arm/allwinner/if_emac.c
M    sys/arm/allwinner/timer.c
A  + sys/arm/altera
M    sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_armv7.S
M    sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_sheeva.S
M    sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_xscale.S
M    sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_xscale_c3.S
M    sys/arm/arm/db_trace.c
M    sys/arm/arm/dump_machdep.c
A  + sys/arm/arm/elf_note.S
M    sys/arm/arm/exception.S
M    sys/arm/arm/fiq.c
M    sys/arm/arm/generic_timer.c
M    sys/arm/arm/gic.c
M    sys/arm/arm/locore.S
M    sys/arm/arm/machdep.c
M    sys/arm/arm/minidump_machdep.c
M    sys/arm/arm/mp_machdep.c
M    sys/arm/arm/mpcore_timer.c
M    sys/arm/arm/nexus.c
M    sys/arm/arm/physmem.c
M    sys/arm/arm/pmap-v6.c
M    sys/arm/arm/pmap.c
A  + sys/arm/arm/syscall.c
M    sys/arm/arm/trap.c
M    sys/arm/arm/undefined.c
M    sys/arm/arm/vm_machdep.c
M    sys/arm/at91/at91.c
M    sys/arm/at91/at91_aic.c
M    sys/arm/at91/at91_pinctrl.c
M    sys/arm/at91/at91rm9200.c
M    sys/arm/at91/at91rm92reg.h
M    sys/arm/at91/at91sam9260reg.h
M    sys/arm/at91/at91sam9g20reg.h
M    sys/arm/at91/at91sam9g45reg.h
M    sys/arm/at91/at91sam9x5reg.h
M    sys/arm/at91/files.at91
M    sys/arm/at91/if_ate.c
M    sys/arm/at91/if_macb.c
M    sys/arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_bsc.c
M    sys/arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_sdhci.c
M    sys/arm/cavium/cns11xx/econa.c
M    sys/arm/cavium/cns11xx/if_ece.c
M    sys/arm/conf/BEAGLEBONE
M    sys/arm/conf/CNS11XXNAS
M    sys/arm/conf/CUBIEBOARD
M    sys/arm/conf/CUBIEBOARD2
M    sys/arm/conf/DB-78XXX
M    sys/arm/conf/DB-88F5XXX
M    sys/arm/conf/DB-88F6XXX
M    sys/arm/conf/DIGI-CCWMX53
M    sys/arm/conf/DOCKSTAR
M    sys/arm/conf/DREAMPLUG-1001
M    sys/arm/conf/EA3250
M    sys/arm/conf/EB9200
M    sys/arm/conf/EFIKA_MX
M    sys/arm/conf/EXYNOS5.common
M    sys/arm/conf/HL200
M    sys/arm/conf/HL201
A  + sys/arm/conf/IMX53
M    sys/arm/conf/IMX53-QSB
M    sys/arm/conf/IMX6
M    sys/arm/conf/KB920X
M    sys/arm/conf/LN2410SBC
M    sys/arm/conf/NOTES
M    sys/arm/conf/NSLU
M    sys/arm/conf/PANDABOARD
M    sys/arm/conf/QILA9G20
M    sys/arm/conf/RK3188
M    sys/arm/conf/SAM9G20EK
M    sys/arm/conf/SAM9X25EK
M    sys/arm/conf/SN9G45
A  + sys/arm/conf/SOCKIT
A  + sys/arm/conf/SOCKIT-BERI
M    sys/arm/conf/VYBRID
M    sys/arm/conf/WANDBOARD-DUAL
M    sys/arm/conf/WANDBOARD-QUAD
M    sys/arm/conf/WANDBOARD-SOLO
M    sys/arm/conf/ZEDBOARD
M    sys/arm/freescale/fsl_ocotp.c
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/files.imx51
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/files.imx53
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/files.imx6
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx51_ccm.c
D    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx51_iomux.c
D    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx51_iomuxreg.h
D    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx51_iomuxvar.h
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_anatop.c
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_ccm.c
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_machdep.c
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx_ccmvar.h
A  + sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx_iomux.c
A  + sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx_iomuxvar.h
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx_sdhci.c
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/std.imx51
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/std.imx53
M    sys/arm/freescale/imx/std.imx6
M    sys/arm/freescale/vybrid/vf_sai.c
M    sys/arm/include/armreg.h
M    sys/arm/include/asm.h
M    sys/arm/include/asmacros.h
M    sys/arm/include/atomic.h
M    sys/arm/include/cpuconf.h
M    sys/arm/include/intr.h
M    sys/arm/include/md_var.h
M    sys/arm/include/pmap.h
A  + sys/arm/include/sysreg.h
M    sys/arm/lpc/if_lpe.c
M    sys/arm/mv/gpio.c
M    sys/arm/rockchip/rk30xx_gpio.c
D    sys/arm/s3c2xx0
M    sys/arm/samsung/exynos/exynos5_machdep.c
M    sys/arm/samsung/exynos/files.exynos5
A  + sys/arm/samsung/s3c2xx0
A  + sys/arm/ti/am335x/am335x_gpio.c
M    sys/arm/ti/am335x/am335x_scm_padconf.c
A  + sys/arm/ti/am335x/am335x_scm_padconf.h
M    sys/arm/ti/am335x/files.am335x
D    sys/arm/ti/am335x/files.beaglebone
D    sys/arm/ti/am335x/std.beaglebone
M    sys/arm/ti/cpsw/if_cpsw.c
M    sys/arm/ti/files.ti
D    sys/arm/ti/omap3
M    sys/arm/ti/omap4/files.omap4
A  + sys/arm/ti/omap4/omap4_gpio.c
M    sys/arm/ti/omap4/omap4_scm_padconf.c
A  + sys/arm/ti/omap4/omap4_scm_padconf.h
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_cpuid.c
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_cpuid.h
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_gpio.c
A  + sys/arm/ti/ti_gpio.h
A  + sys/arm/ti/ti_gpio_if.m
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_i2c.c
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_i2c.h
D    sys/arm/ti/ti_mmchs.c
D    sys/arm/ti/ti_mmchs.h
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_scm.h
M    sys/arm/ti/ti_sdhci.c
A  + sys/arm/ti/ti_wdt.c
A  + sys/arm/ti/ti_wdt.h
M    sys/arm/versatile/files.versatile
D    sys/arm/versatile/if_smc_fdt.c
M    sys/arm/xilinx/files.zynq7
M    sys/arm/xscale/i80321/i80321_intr.h
M    sys/arm/xscale/i80321/i80321_timer.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/i80321/iq80321.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/i8134x/i81342.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/ixp425/if_npe.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/ixp425/ixp425.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/ixp425/ixp425_pci.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/ixp425/ixp425_timer.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/pxa/pxa_icu.c
M    sys/arm/xscale/pxa/pxa_timer.c
_M   sys/boot
M    sys/boot/Makefile.pc98
M    sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi/boot1.c
M    sys/boot/amd64/efi/bootinfo.c
M    sys/boot/amd64/efi/conf.c
M    sys/boot/arm/ixp425/boot2/Makefile
M    sys/boot/arm/uboot/help.uboot
M    sys/boot/common/
M    sys/boot/common/disk.c
M    sys/boot/common/disk.h
M    sys/boot/common/load_elf.c
M    sys/boot/common/module.c
M    sys/boot/common/part.c
A  + sys/boot/common/zfsloader.8
A  + sys/boot/efi/include/eficonsctl.h
M    sys/boot/efi/libefi/Makefile
M    sys/boot/efi/libefi/libefi.c
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/am335x.dtsi
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/cubieboard2.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/exynos5420-arndale-octa.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/exynos5420-peach-pit.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/exynos5420.dtsi
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/imx6.dtsi
A  + sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/socfpga-sockit-beri.dts
A  + sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/socfpga-sockit.dts
A  + sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/socfpga.dtsi
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/sun4i-a10.dtsi
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/sun7i-a20.dtsi
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/wandboard-dual.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/wandboard-quad.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/dts/arm/wandboard-solo.dts
M    sys/boot/fdt/fdt_loader_cmd.c
M    sys/boot/ficl/loader.c
A  + sys/boot/forth/pcibios.4th
M    sys/boot/i386/boot2/Makefile
M    sys/boot/i386/gptboot/gptboot.c
M    sys/boot/i386/gptzfsboot/Makefile
A  + sys/boot/i386/gptzfsboot/gptzfsboot.8
M    sys/boot/i386/libfirewire/fwohcireg.h
M    sys/boot/i386/libi386/biospci.c
M    sys/boot/i386/libi386/comconsole.c
M    sys/boot/i386/libi386/libi386.h
M    sys/boot/i386/loader/Makefile
M    sys/boot/i386/loader/main.c
M    sys/boot/i386/zfsboot/Makefile
A  + sys/boot/i386/zfsboot/zfsboot.8
M    sys/boot/libstand32/Makefile
M    sys/boot/pc98/boot2/Makefile
M    sys/boot/pc98/cdboot/cdboot.S
M    sys/boot/pc98/libpc98/Makefile
M    sys/boot/pc98/loader/Makefile
_M   sys/boot/powerpc/ofw
M    sys/boot/powerpc/ofw/ldscript.powerpc
M    sys/boot/powerpc/ps3/ldscript.powerpc
M    sys/boot/powerpc/uboot/ldscript.powerpc
M    sys/boot/uboot/common/main.c
M    sys/cam/ata/ata_all.c
M    sys/cam/ata/ata_da.c
M    sys/cam/ata/ata_xpt.c
M    sys/cam/cam_ccb.h
M    sys/cam/cam_queue.c
M    sys/cam/cam_queue.h
M    sys/cam/cam_xpt.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_backend.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_backend_block.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_backend_ramdisk.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_cmd_table.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_debug.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_error.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_error.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_frontend.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_frontend_cam_sim.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_frontend_iscsi.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_frontend_iscsi.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_io.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_ioctl.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_private.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_scsi_all.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_ser_table.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_tpc.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_util.c
M    sys/cam/ctl/ctl_util.h
M    sys/cam/ctl/scsi_ctl.c
M    sys/cam/scsi/scsi_all.h
M    sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c
M    sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.h
M    sys/cam/scsi/scsi_low.c
M    sys/cam/scsi/scsi_xpt.c
M    sys/cddl/boot/zfs/lz4.c
M    sys/cddl/boot/zfs/zfsimpl.h
A  + sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/kern/opensolaris_dtrace.c
M    sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/kern/opensolaris_kmem.c
M    sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/sys/assfail.h
M    sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/sys/atomic.h
M    sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/sys/kmem.h
M    sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/sys/sdt.h
_M   sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/dtrace/dtrace.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/dtrace/fasttrap.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/dtrace/profile.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/dtrace/systrace.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/arc.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/bpobj.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dbuf.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dmu.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dmu_object.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dmu_send.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dnode.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dnode_sync.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dsl_dataset.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dsl_pool.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dsl_scan.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/metaslab.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/range_tree.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/spa.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/spa_misc.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/space_map.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/arc.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/dbuf.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/dmu.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/dnode.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/refcount.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/spa_impl.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys/space_map.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/vdev.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/vdev_cache.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/vdev_label.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/vdev_queue.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zfs_ioctl.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zfs_vfsops.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zfs_vnops.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zil.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zio.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zio_inject.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zvol.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/os/fm.c
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/acl.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/bitmap.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/cpuvar.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/debug.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/feature_tests.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/sys/processor.h
M    sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/sparc/dtrace/fasttrap_isa.c
M    sys/cddl/dev/dtrace/powerpc/dtrace_isa.c
M    sys/cddl/dev/fbt/fbt.c
M    sys/cddl/dev/fbt/powerpc/fbt_isa.c
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32.h
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_misc.c
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_proto.h
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_syscall.h
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_syscalls.c
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_sysent.c
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/freebsd32_systrace_args.c
M    sys/compat/freebsd32/syscalls.master
M    sys/compat/linprocfs/linprocfs.c
M    sys/compat/linux/linux_ioctl.c
M    sys/compat/linux/linux_mib.c
A  + sys/compat/linux/linux_timer.c
A  + sys/compat/linux/linux_timer.h
_M   sys/conf
M    sys/conf/Makefile.arm
M    sys/conf/NOTES
M    sys/conf/files
M    sys/conf/files.amd64
M    sys/conf/files.arm
M    sys/conf/files.i386
M    sys/conf/files.pc98
M    sys/conf/files.powerpc
M    sys/conf/
M    sys/conf/
M    sys/conf/
M    sys/conf/ldscript.powerpc
M    sys/conf/ldscript.powerpc64
M    sys/conf/
M    sys/conf/options
M    sys/conf/options.pc98
M    sys/contrib/altq/altq/if_altq.h
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/
MM   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/changes.txt
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/acgetline.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/adfile.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/adisasm.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/adwalk.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/ahids.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/ahpredef.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/ahuuids.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/cmfsize.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/dmextern.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/dmrestag.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/dmtable.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/dmtbdump.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/dmtbinfo.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/common/getopt.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslanalyze.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslascii.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslbtypes.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslcodegen.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslcompile.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslcompiler.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslcompiler.l
D    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslcompiler.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asldefine.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslerror.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslfileio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslfiles.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslfold.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslglobal.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslhex.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asllength.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asllisting.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asllistsup.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslload.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asllookup.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmain.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmap.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmapenter.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmapoutput.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmaputils.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmessages.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmessages.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslmethod.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslnamesp.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asloffset.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslopcodes.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asloperands.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslopt.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asloptions.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslparser.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslpredef.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslprepkg.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslresource.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype1.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype1i.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2d.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2e.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2q.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2s.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrestype2w.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslrules.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslstartup.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslstubs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslsupport.l
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslsupport.y
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asltokens.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asltransform.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asltree.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asltypes.h
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asltypes.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/asluuid.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslwalks.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/aslxref.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtcompile.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtcompiler.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtexpress.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtfield.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtparser.l
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtparser.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtsubtable.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dttable.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dttemplate.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dttemplate.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/dtutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/preprocess.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prexpress.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prmacros.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prparser.l
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prparser.y
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prscan.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/compiler/prutils.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbcmds.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbconvert.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbdisply.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbexec.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbfileio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbhistry.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbinput.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbmethod.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbnames.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbstats.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbtest.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/debugger/dbxface.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmbuffer.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmdeferred.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmnames.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmobject.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmopcode.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmresrc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmresrcl.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmresrcl2.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmresrcs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/disassembler/dmwalk.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsargs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dscontrol.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsfield.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsinit.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsmethod.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsmthdat.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsobject.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsopcode.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dsutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dswexec.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dswload.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dswload2.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dswscope.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/dispatcher/dswstate.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evevent.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evglock.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evgpe.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evgpeblk.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evgpeinit.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evgpeutil.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evhandler.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evmisc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evregion.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evrgnini.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evsci.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evxface.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evxfevnt.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evxfgpe.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/events/evxfregn.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exconfig.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exconvrt.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/excreate.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exdebug.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exdump.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exfield.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exfldio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exmisc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exmutex.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exnames.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exoparg1.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exoparg2.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exoparg3.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exoparg6.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exprep.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exregion.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exresnte.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exresolv.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exresop.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exstore.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exstoren.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exstorob.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exsystem.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/executer/exutils.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwacpi.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwesleep.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwgpe.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwpci.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwregs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwsleep.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwtimer.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwvalid.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwxface.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/hardware/hwxfsleep.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsaccess.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsalloc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsarguments.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsconvert.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsdump.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsdumpdv.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nseval.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsinit.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsload.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsnames.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsobject.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsparse.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nspredef.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsprepkg.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsrepair.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsrepair2.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nssearch.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nswalk.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsxfeval.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsxfname.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/namespace/nsxfobj.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psargs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psloop.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psobject.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psopcode.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psopinfo.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psparse.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psscope.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/pstree.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/pswalk.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/parser/psxface.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsaddr.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rscalc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rscreate.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsdump.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsdumpinfo.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsinfo.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsirq.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rslist.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsmemory.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsmisc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsserial.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/resources/rsxface.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbdata.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbfadt.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbfind.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbinstal.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbprint.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbutils.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbxface.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbxfload.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/tables/tbxfroot.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utaddress.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utalloc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utbuffer.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utcache.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utcopy.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utdebug.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utdecode.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utdelete.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/uterror.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/uteval.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utexcep.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utfileio.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utglobal.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/uthex.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utids.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utinit.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utlock.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utmath.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utmisc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utmutex.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utobject.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utosi.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utownerid.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utpredef.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utprint.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utresrc.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utstate.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utstring.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/uttrack.c
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utuuid.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utxface.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utxferror.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utxfinit.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/components/utilities/utxfmutex.c
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acapps.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acbuffer.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/accommon.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acconfig.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acdebug.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acdisasm.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acdispat.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acevents.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acexcep.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acglobal.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/achware.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acinterp.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/aclocal.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acmacros.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acnames.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acnamesp.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acobject.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acopcode.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acoutput.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acparser.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acpi.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acpiosxf.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acpixf.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acpredef.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acresrc.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acrestyp.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acstruct.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actables.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actbl.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actbl1.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actbl2.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actbl3.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/actypes.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/acutils.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/amlcode.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/amlresrc.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/platform/acenv.h
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/platform/acenvex.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/platform/acfreebsd.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/include/platform/acgcc.h
_M   sys/contrib/dev/acpica/os_specific
A  + sys/contrib/dev/acpica/os_specific/service_layers/oslibcfs.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/acpica/os_specific/service_layers/osunixxf.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_attach.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_eeprom.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_freebsd.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_freebsd.h
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_reset.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300_stub.c
M    sys/contrib/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9300/ar9300desc.h
A  + sys/contrib/dev/iwn/iwlwifi-100-
_M   sys/contrib/ipfilter
M    sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/fil.c
M    sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/ip_dns_pxy.c
M    sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/ip_dstlist.c
M    sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/ip_frag.c
M    sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/ip_nat.c
M    sys/contrib/rdma/krping/krping.c
M    sys/ddb/db_access.c
M    sys/ddb/db_break.c
M    sys/ddb/db_command.c
M    sys/ddb/db_examine.c
M    sys/ddb/db_input.c
M    sys/ddb/db_lex.c
M    sys/ddb/db_main.c
M    sys/ddb/db_output.c
M    sys/ddb/db_output.h
M    sys/ddb/db_print.c
M    sys/ddb/db_ps.c
M    sys/ddb/db_run.c
M    sys/ddb/db_sym.c
M    sys/ddb/db_sym.h
M    sys/ddb/db_textdump.c
M    sys/ddb/db_variables.h
M    sys/ddb/db_watch.c
M    sys/ddb/db_watch.h
M    sys/ddb/db_write_cmd.c
M    sys/ddb/ddb.h
M    sys/dev/acpica/Osd/OsdSchedule.c
M    sys/dev/acpica/Osd/OsdTable.c
M    sys/dev/acpica/acpi.c
M    sys/dev/acpica/acpi_pci.c
M    sys/dev/acpica/acpivar.h
M    sys/dev/ae/if_ae.c
M    sys/dev/age/if_age.c
M    sys/dev/ahci/ahci.c
M    sys/dev/ahci/ahci.h
A  + sys/dev/ahci/ahci_pci.c
M    sys/dev/ahci/ahciem.c
M    sys/dev/alc/if_alc.c
M    sys/dev/alc/if_alcreg.h
M    sys/dev/alc/if_alcvar.h
M    sys/dev/ale/if_ale.c
M    sys/dev/ale/if_alereg.h
A  + sys/dev/alpm
M    sys/dev/altera/atse/a_api.h
M    sys/dev/altera/atse/if_atse.c
A  + sys/dev/amdpm
A  + sys/dev/amdsmb
M    sys/dev/amdtemp/amdtemp.c
M    sys/dev/an/if_an.c
M    sys/dev/asmc/asmc.c
M    sys/dev/asmc/asmcvar.h
M    sys/dev/ata/ata-pci.h
M    sys/dev/ata/chipsets/ata-jmicron.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ah.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ah.h
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ah_internal.h
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5210/ar5210_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5211/ar5211_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5212/ar5212_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5312/ar5312_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5416/ar5416_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9001/ar9130_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9001/ar9160_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9002/ar9280_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9002/ar9285_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9002/ar9287_attach.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_beacon.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_lna_div.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_pci.c
A  + sys/dev/ath/if_ath_pci_devlist.h
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_rx.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_rx_edma.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_ath_tx.c
M    sys/dev/ath/if_athvar.h
M    sys/dev/atkbdc/atkbd.c
M    sys/dev/bce/if_bce.c
M    sys/dev/bce/if_bcereg.h
A  + sys/dev/beri
M    sys/dev/bfe/if_bfe.c
M    sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c
M    sys/dev/bktr/CHANGELOG.TXT
M    sys/dev/bm/if_bm.c
M    sys/dev/bwi/if_bwi.c
M    sys/dev/bwn/if_bwn.c
M    sys/dev/bxe/bxe.c
M    sys/dev/bxe/bxe_stats.c
M    sys/dev/bxe/bxe_stats.h
M    sys/dev/bxe/ecore_sp.h
M    sys/dev/cadence/if_cgem.c
M    sys/dev/cadence/if_cgem_hw.h
M    sys/dev/cas/if_cas.c
M    sys/dev/ce/if_ce.c
M    sys/dev/cfe/cfe_env.c
M    sys/dev/cfi/cfi_core.c
M    sys/dev/cm/smc90cx6.c
M    sys/dev/cp/if_cp.c
M    sys/dev/cs/if_cs.c
M    sys/dev/ctau/if_ct.c
M    sys/dev/cx/if_cx.c
M    sys/dev/cxgb/common/cxgb_ael1002.c
M    sys/dev/cxgb/cxgb_adapter.h
M    sys/dev/cxgb/cxgb_main.c
M    sys/dev/cxgb/cxgb_osdep.h
M    sys/dev/cxgb/cxgb_sge.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/adapter.h
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/common/t4_msg.h
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/common/t4_regs.h
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/iw_cxgbe/cm.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/iw_cxgbe/iw_cxgbe.h
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/iw_cxgbe/qp.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/t4_main.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/t4_netmap.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/tom/t4_connect.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/tom/t4_listen.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/tom/t4_tom.c
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/tom/t4_tom.h
M    sys/dev/cxgbe/tom/t4_tom_l2t.c
M    sys/dev/dc/if_dc.c
M    sys/dev/de/if_de.c
M    sys/dev/digi/digi_isa.c
M    sys/dev/drm/drm_sysctl.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/drm_crtc_helper.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/drm_fb_helper.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/drm_gem_names.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/drm_gem_names.h
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_dma.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_drm.h
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_drv.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_drv.h
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_gem.c
A  + sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_gem_context.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_gem_execbuffer.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_irq.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/i915_reg.h
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/intel_opregion.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/intel_ringbuffer.c
M    sys/dev/drm2/i915/intel_ringbuffer.h
M    sys/dev/drm2/radeon/radeon_fb.c
A  + sys/dev/dwc
M    sys/dev/e1000/if_em.c
M    sys/dev/e1000/if_igb.c
M    sys/dev/e1000/if_igb.h
M    sys/dev/e1000/if_lem.c
M    sys/dev/ed/if_ed.c
M    sys/dev/en/midway.c
M    sys/dev/ep/if_ep.c
M    sys/dev/et/if_et.c
M    sys/dev/ex/if_ex.c
M    sys/dev/fatm/if_fatm.c
M    sys/dev/fb/creator_vt.c
M    sys/dev/fdc/fdc.c
A  + sys/dev/fdc/fdc_cbus.c
M    sys/dev/fdc/fdcvar.h
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_clock.c
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_clock.h
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_clock_if.m
M    sys/dev/fdt/fdt_common.c
M    sys/dev/fdt/fdt_common.h
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_pinctrl.c
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_pinctrl.h
A  + sys/dev/fdt/fdt_pinctrl_if.m
M    sys/dev/fdt/simplebus.c
M    sys/dev/fe/if_fe.c
M    sys/dev/ffec/if_ffec.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/firewire.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/firewire.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/firewire_phy.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/firewirereg.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwcrom.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwdev.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwdma.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwdma.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwmem.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwohci.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwohci_pci.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwohcireg.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/fwohcivar.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/iec68113.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/if_fwe.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/if_fwip.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/sbp.c
M    sys/dev/firewire/sbp.h
M    sys/dev/firewire/sbp_targ.c
M    sys/dev/fxp/if_fxp.c
M    sys/dev/gem/if_gem.c
M    sys/dev/gpio/ofw_gpiobus.c
M    sys/dev/gxemul/ether/if_gx.c
M    sys/dev/hatm/if_hatm.c
M    sys/dev/hatm/if_hatm_rx.c
M    sys/dev/hatm/if_hatm_tx.c
M    sys/dev/hme/if_hme.c
M    sys/dev/hptnr/README
M    sys/dev/hptnr/amd64-elf.hptnr_lib.o.uu
M    sys/dev/hptnr/hptnr_config.c
M    sys/dev/hptnr/hptnr_os_bsd.c
M    sys/dev/hptnr/hptnr_osm_bsd.c
M    sys/dev/hptnr/i386-elf.hptnr_lib.o.uu
M    sys/dev/hwpmc/hwpmc_core.c
M    sys/dev/hwpmc/hwpmc_mod.c
M    sys/dev/hwpmc/hwpmc_powerpc.c
_M   sys/dev/hyperv
M    sys/dev/hyperv/include/hyperv.h
M    sys/dev/hyperv/netvsc/hv_netvsc_drv_freebsd.c
A  + sys/dev/hyperv/utilities/hv_kvp.c
M    sys/dev/hyperv/utilities/hv_kvp.h
M    sys/dev/hyperv/utilities/hv_util.c
A  + sys/dev/hyperv/utilities/unicode.h
D    sys/dev/i40e
M    sys/dev/ie/if_ie.c
M    sys/dev/if_ndis/if_ndis.c
A  + sys/dev/iicbus/adm1030.c
M    sys/dev/iicbus/if_ic.c
M    sys/dev/iicbus/max6690.c
A  + sys/dev/intpm
M    sys/dev/ipw/if_ipw.c
M    sys/dev/iscsi/icl.c
M    sys/dev/iscsi/icl.h
M    sys/dev/iscsi/icl_proxy.c
M    sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi.c
M    sys/dev/iscsi_initiator/isc_cam.c
M    sys/dev/isp/isp_freebsd.c
M    sys/dev/isp/isp_freebsd.h
M    sys/dev/isp/isp_library.c
M    sys/dev/isp/ispmbox.h
M    sys/dev/iwi/if_iwi.c
M    sys/dev/iwn/if_iwn.c
M    sys/dev/iwn/if_iwnreg.h
M    sys/dev/iwn/if_iwnvar.h
M    sys/dev/ixgb/if_ixgb.c
M    sys/dev/ixgbe/ixgbe.c
M    sys/dev/ixgbe/ixgbe.h
M    sys/dev/ixgbe/ixv.c
A  + sys/dev/ixl
M    sys/dev/jme/if_jme.c
M    sys/dev/le/am7990.c
M    sys/dev/le/am79900.c
M    sys/dev/le/lance.c
M    sys/dev/lge/if_lge.c
M    sys/dev/lmc/if_lmc.c
M    sys/dev/lmc/if_lmc.h
M    sys/dev/malo/if_malo.c
M    sys/dev/mc146818/mc146818.c
M    sys/dev/mge/if_mge.c
M    sys/dev/mii/brgphy.c
M    sys/dev/mii/e1000phy.c
M    sys/dev/mii/mii.c
M    sys/dev/mii/rgephy.c
M    sys/dev/mii/rlphy.c
M    sys/dev/mii/rlswitch.c
A  + sys/dev/mmc/host
M    sys/dev/mmc/mmc.c
M    sys/dev/mmc/mmcsd.c
M    sys/dev/mpr/mpr_sas.c
M    sys/dev/mpr/mpr_table.c
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas.c
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas.h
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas_cam.c
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas_fp.c
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas_ioctl.c
M    sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas_ioctl.h
A  + sys/dev/mrsas/mrsas_linux.c
M    sys/dev/mse/mse.c
M    sys/dev/mse/mse_cbus.c
M    sys/dev/mse/mse_isa.c
M    sys/dev/mse/msevar.h
M    sys/dev/msk/if_msk.c
M    sys/dev/mvs/mvs.c
M    sys/dev/mvs/mvs_pci.c
M    sys/dev/mvs/mvs_soc.c
M    sys/dev/mwl/if_mwl.c
M    sys/dev/mxge/if_mxge.c
M    sys/dev/my/if_my.c
A  + sys/dev/ncr
M    sys/dev/netfpga10g/nf10bmac/if_nf10bmac.c
M    sys/dev/netmap/if_lem_netmap.h
M    sys/dev/netmap/if_re_netmap.h
M    sys/dev/netmap/netmap.c
M    sys/dev/netmap/netmap_kern.h
M    sys/dev/nfe/if_nfe.c
A  + sys/dev/nfsmb
M    sys/dev/nge/if_nge.c
M    sys/dev/nmdm/nmdm.c
M    sys/dev/nvram2env/nvram2env.c
M    sys/dev/oce/oce_if.c
M    sys/dev/oce/oce_if.h
M    sys/dev/ofw/ofw_bus_subr.c
M    sys/dev/ofw/ofw_bus_subr.h
M    sys/dev/ofw/ofw_console.c
M    sys/dev/ofw/ofw_fdt.c
M    sys/dev/ofw/ofwbus.c
M    sys/dev/ofw/openfirm.c
M    sys/dev/ofw/openfirm.h
M    sys/dev/patm/if_patm_attach.c
M    sys/dev/patm/if_patm_rx.c
M    sys/dev/patm/if_patm_tx.c
M    sys/dev/pci/pci.c
M    sys/dev/pci/pci_if.m
M    sys/dev/pci/pci_pci.c
M    sys/dev/pci/pci_private.h
M    sys/dev/pci/pcivar.h
M    sys/dev/pcn/if_pcn.c
M    sys/dev/pdq/pdq_ifsubr.c
M    sys/dev/ppbus/if_plip.c
M    sys/dev/qlxgb/qla_os.c
M    sys/dev/qlxgbe/ql_hw.c
M    sys/dev/qlxgbe/ql_isr.c
M    sys/dev/qlxgbe/ql_os.c
M    sys/dev/qlxge/qls_isr.c
M    sys/dev/qlxge/qls_os.c
M    sys/dev/ral/rt2560.c
M    sys/dev/ral/rt2661.c
M    sys/dev/ral/rt2860.c
M    sys/dev/random/ivy.c
M    sys/dev/re/if_re.c
A  + sys/dev/rl
M    sys/dev/rt/if_rt.c
M    sys/dev/sbni/if_sbni.c
M    sys/dev/sdhci/sdhci.c
M    sys/dev/sdhci/sdhci.h
M    sys/dev/sdhci/sdhci_fdt.c
M    sys/dev/sdhci/sdhci_if.m
M    sys/dev/sdhci/sdhci_pci.c
M    sys/dev/sf/if_sf.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/common/efsys.h
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge.h
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_dma.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_ev.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_intr.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_port.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_rx.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_rx.h
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_tx.c
M    sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_tx.h
M    sys/dev/sge/if_sge.c
M    sys/dev/si/si.c
M    sys/dev/siis/siis.c
M    sys/dev/sis/if_sis.c
M    sys/dev/sk/if_sk.c
M    sys/dev/smc/if_smc.c
A  + sys/dev/smc/if_smc_fdt.c
M    sys/dev/sn/if_sn.c
M    sys/dev/snc/dp83932.c
M    sys/dev/sound/usb/uaudio.c
M    sys/dev/sound/usb/uaudioreg.h
M    sys/dev/ste/if_ste.c
M    sys/dev/stge/if_stge.c
M    sys/dev/streams/streams.c
M    sys/dev/ti/if_ti.c
M    sys/dev/tl/if_tl.c
M    sys/dev/tsec/if_tsec.c
M    sys/dev/tsec/if_tsec_fdt.c
M    sys/dev/tws/tws.c
M    sys/dev/tws/tws.h
M    sys/dev/tws/tws_cam.c
M    sys/dev/tws/tws_hdm.c
M    sys/dev/tws/tws_hdm.h
M    sys/dev/tws/tws_services.c
M    sys/dev/tx/if_tx.c
M    sys/dev/txp/if_txp.c
M    sys/dev/uart/uart.h
M    sys/dev/uart/uart_bus_fdt.c
M    sys/dev/uart/uart_dev_imx.c
A  + sys/dev/uart/uart_dev_msm.c
A  + sys/dev/uart/uart_dev_msm.h
M    sys/dev/uart/uart_subr.c
M    sys/dev/usb/controller/ehci_pci.c
M    sys/dev/usb/controller/ohci_s3c24x0.c
M    sys/dev/usb/controller/xhci.c
M    sys/dev/usb/controller/xhci.h
A  + sys/dev/usb/misc/uled.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_aue.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_axe.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_axge.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_cdce.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_cue.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_ipheth.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_kue.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_mos.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_rue.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_smsc.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_udav.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_urndis.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/if_usie.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/uhso.c
M    sys/dev/usb/net/usb_ethernet.c
M    sys/dev/usb/quirk/usb_quirk.c
M    sys/dev/usb/serial/u3g.c
M    sys/dev/usb/serial/uftdi.c
A  + sys/dev/usb/uled_ioctl.h
M    sys/dev/usb/usb_dev.c
M    sys/dev/usb/usb_freebsd.h
M    sys/dev/usb/usb_freebsd_loader.h
M    sys/dev/usb/usb_hub.c
M    sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_rsu.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_rum.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_uath.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_upgt.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_ural.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_urtw.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_urtwn.c
M    sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_zyd.c
M    sys/dev/vge/if_vge.c
A  + sys/dev/viapm
M    sys/dev/virtio/network/if_vtnet.c
M    sys/dev/vmware/vmxnet3/if_vmx.c
M    sys/dev/vmware/vmxnet3/if_vmxvar.h
M    sys/dev/vr/if_vr.c
M    sys/dev/vt/font/vt_mouse_cursor.c
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/efifb/efifb.c
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/fb/vt_early_fb.c
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/fb/vt_fb.c
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/fb/vt_fb.h
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/ofwfb/ofwfb.c
M    sys/dev/vt/hw/vga/vt_vga.c
M    sys/dev/vt/logo/logo_freebsd.c
M    sys/dev/vt/vt.h
M    sys/dev/vt/vt_buf.c
M    sys/dev/vt/vt_consolectl.c
M    sys/dev/vt/vt_core.c
M    sys/dev/vt/vt_sysmouse.c
M    sys/dev/vte/if_vte.c
M    sys/dev/vx/if_vx.c
M    sys/dev/vxge/vxge.c
M    sys/dev/wb/if_wb.c
M    sys/dev/wi/if_wi.c
M    sys/dev/wl/if_wl.c
M    sys/dev/wpi/if_wpi.c
M    sys/dev/wtap/if_wtap.c
M    sys/dev/xe/if_xe.c
M    sys/dev/xen/balloon/balloon.c
M    sys/dev/xen/blkback/blkback.c
M    sys/dev/xen/blkfront/blkfront.c
M    sys/dev/xen/netback/netback.c
M    sys/dev/xen/netfront/netfront.c
A  + sys/dev/xen/xenstore
M    sys/dev/xl/if_xl.c
M    sys/fs/autofs/autofs.c
M    sys/fs/autofs/autofs.h
M    sys/fs/autofs/autofs_ioctl.h
M    sys/fs/autofs/autofs_vfsops.c
M    sys/fs/autofs/autofs_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/deadfs/dead_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/devfs/devfs_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/ext2fs/ext2_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/fuse/fuse_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/msdosfs/msdosfs_vnops.c
M    sys/fs/nfs/nfs_commonsubs.c
M    sys/fs/nfs/nfs_var.h
M    sys/fs/nfs/nfsm_subs.h
M    sys/fs/nfs/nfsproto.h
M    sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clbio.c
M    sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clvfsops.c
M    sys/fs/nfsserver/nfs_nfsdport.c
M    sys/fs/nfsserver/nfs_nfsdserv.c
M    sys/fs/nfsserver/nfs_nfsdstate.c
M    sys/fs/nfsserver/nfs_nfsdsubs.c
M    sys/fs/nullfs/null_vfsops.c
M    sys/fs/smbfs/smbfs_io.c
M    sys/fs/tmpfs/tmpfs_vfsops.c
M    sys/fs/unionfs/union_vfsops.c
M    sys/gdb/gdb_int.h
M    sys/gdb/gdb_main.c
M    sys/gdb/gdb_packet.c
M    sys/geom/eli/g_eli.c
M    sys/geom/eli/g_eli_crypto.c
M    sys/geom/eli/g_eli_integrity.c
M    sys/geom/eli/g_eli_privacy.c
M    sys/geom/geom_dev.c
M    sys/geom/geom_dump.c
M    sys/geom/geom_map.c
M    sys/geom/raid/g_raid.c
M    sys/geom/sched/g_sched.c
_M   sys/gnu/dts
RM + sys/gnu/dts/arm
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clk
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clk/at91.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clk/exynos-audss-clk.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clk/ti-dra7-atl.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/at91.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/bcm21664.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/bcm281xx.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/berlin2.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/berlin2q.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/clps711x-clock.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/efm32-cmu.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos-audss-clk.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos3250.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos4.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos5250.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos5260-clk.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos5410.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos5420.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/exynos5440.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/hi3620-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/hip04-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/hix5hd2-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx1-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx21-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx27-clock.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx5-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx6qdl-clock.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx6sl-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx6sx-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/lsi,axm5516-clks.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/mpc512x-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,gcc-apq8084.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,gcc-ipq806x.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,gcc-msm8660.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,gcc-msm8960.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,gcc-msm8974.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,mmcc-apq8084.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,mmcc-msm8960.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/qcom,mmcc-msm8974.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/r7s72100-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/r8a7779-clock.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/r8a7790-clock.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/r8a7791-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/rk3066a-cru.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/rk3188-cru-common.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/rk3188-cru.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/rk3288-cru.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/s3c2410.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/s3c2412.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/s3c2443.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/s5pv210-audss.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/s5pv210.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/samsung,s3c64xx-clock.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/stih415-clks.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/stih416-clks.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/tegra114-car.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/tegra124-car.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/tegra20-car.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/tegra30-car.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/clock/vf610-clock.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/dma
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/dma/at91.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/dma/nbpfaxi.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/gpio
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/gpio/tegra-gpio.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/input
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/input/input.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/interrupt-controller
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/interrupt-controller/arm-gic.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/interrupt-controller/irq.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/mfd
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/mfd/as3722.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/mfd/dbx500-prcmu.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/mfd/palmas.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/phy
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/am33xx.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/am43xx.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/at91.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/dra.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/nomadik.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/omap.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/pinctrl-tegra-xusb.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/pinctrl-tegra.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/rockchip.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pwm
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/pwm/pwm.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/altr,rst-mgr.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,gcc-apq8084.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,gcc-ipq806x.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,gcc-msm8660.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,gcc-msm8960.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,gcc-msm8974.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,mmcc-apq8084.h
MM   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,mmcc-msm8960.h
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset/qcom,mmcc-msm8974.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/reset-controller
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/soc
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/sound
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/sound/fsl-imx-audmux.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/sound/tlv320aic31xx-micbias.h
A  + sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/spmi
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/thermal
_M   sys/gnu/dts/include/dt-bindings/thermal/thermal.h
M    sys/gnu/fs/reiserfs/reiserfs_fs_i.h
M    sys/i386/conf/GENERIC
M    sys/i386/conf/NOTES
M    sys/i386/i386/bios.c
M    sys/i386/i386/db_disasm.c
D    sys/i386/i386/identcpu.c
M    sys/i386/i386/initcpu.c
M    sys/i386/i386/machdep.c
M    sys/i386/i386/minidump_machdep.c
M    sys/i386/i386/mp_machdep.c
M    sys/i386/i386/pmap.c
M    sys/i386/i386/support.s
M    sys/i386/i386/swtch.s
M    sys/i386/i386/trap.c
M    sys/i386/i386/vm_machdep.c
M    sys/i386/include/md_var.h
M    sys/i386/include/npx.h
M    sys/i386/include/pc/bios.h
M    sys/i386/include/pcb.h
M    sys/i386/include/pmap.h
M    sys/i386/isa/npx.c
M    sys/i386/linux/linux.h
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_machdep.c
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_proto.h
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_syscall.h
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_syscalls.c
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_sysent.c
M    sys/i386/linux/linux_systrace_args.c
M    sys/i386/linux/syscalls.master
M    sys/i386/xen/mp_machdep.c
M    sys/i386/xen/pmap.c
M    sys/i386/xen/xen_machdep.c
M    sys/kern/bus_if.m
M    sys/kern/imgact_binmisc.c
M    sys/kern/imgact_elf.c
M    sys/kern/imgact_shell.c
M    sys/kern/init_main.c
M    sys/kern/init_sysent.c
M    sys/kern/kern_cons.c
M    sys/kern/kern_cpuset.c
M    sys/kern/kern_descrip.c
M    sys/kern/kern_environment.c
M    sys/kern/kern_event.c
M    sys/kern/kern_exec.c
M    sys/kern/kern_exit.c
M    sys/kern/kern_intr.c
M    sys/kern/kern_jail.c
M    sys/kern/kern_linker.c
M    sys/kern/kern_lock.c
M    sys/kern/kern_malloc.c
M    sys/kern/kern_mbuf.c
M    sys/kern/kern_poll.c
M    sys/kern/kern_proc.c
M    sys/kern/kern_prot.c
M    sys/kern/kern_racct.c
M    sys/kern/kern_sig.c
M    sys/kern/kern_synch.c
M    sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
M    sys/kern/kern_thread.c
M    sys/kern/kern_timeout.c
M    sys/kern/kern_umtx.c
M    sys/kern/link_elf.c
M    sys/kern/link_elf_obj.c
M    sys/kern/sched_4bsd.c
M    sys/kern/sched_ule.c
M    sys/kern/subr_bus.c
M    sys/kern/subr_hints.c
M    sys/kern/subr_param.c
M    sys/kern/subr_prof.c
M    sys/kern/subr_terminal.c
M    sys/kern/subr_witness.c
M    sys/kern/sys_pipe.c
M    sys/kern/sys_procdesc.c
M    sys/kern/sys_process.c
M    sys/kern/sys_socket.c
M    sys/kern/syscalls.c
M    sys/kern/syscalls.master
M    sys/kern/sysv_shm.c
M    sys/kern/tty.c
M    sys/kern/tty_pts.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_mbuf.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_mqueue.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_sem.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_shm.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_sockbuf.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_socket.c
M    sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_bio.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_default.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_lookup.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_mountroot.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_subr.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c
M    sys/kern/vfs_vnops.c
M    sys/kern/vnode_if.src
A  + sys/libkern/memmem.c
A  + sys/libkern/murmur3_32.c
M    sys/mips/adm5120/if_admsw.c
M    sys/mips/atheros/ar71xx_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/atheros/ar724x_pci.c
M    sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c
M    sys/mips/beri/beri_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/beri/beri_simplebus.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/ciu.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/if_octm.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/octe/ethernet-mdio.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/octe/ethernet-rx.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/octe/ethernet-tx.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/octe/octe.c
M    sys/mips/cavium/octeon_ds1337.c
A  + sys/mips/conf/TP-MR3020
A  + sys/mips/conf/TP-MR3020.hints
M    sys/mips/conf/WZR-300HP
M    sys/mips/conf/WZR-300HP.hints
M    sys/mips/idt/if_kr.c
M    sys/mips/include/md_var.h
M    sys/mips/include/sf_buf.h
M    sys/mips/include/vmparam.h
M    sys/mips/mips/dump_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/mips/machdep.c
M    sys/mips/mips/minidump_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/nlm/dev/net/xlpge.c
M    sys/mips/nlm/xlp_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/rmi/dev/nlge/if_nlge.c
M    sys/mips/rmi/dev/xlr/rge.c
M    sys/mips/rmi/xlr_machdep.c
M    sys/mips/rt305x/rt305x_machdep.c
M    sys/modules/Makefile
D    sys/modules/acpi/acpi
M    sys/modules/ahci/Makefile
M    sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahc/ahc_eisa/Makefile
M    sys/modules/bce/Makefile
M    sys/modules/bxe/Makefile
M    sys/modules/drm2/Makefile
M    sys/modules/drm2/i915kms/Makefile
M    sys/modules/fdc/Makefile
_M   sys/modules/hyperv
M    sys/modules/hyperv/utilities/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/alpm/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/amdpm/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/amdsmb/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/intpm/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/nfsmb/Makefile
M    sys/modules/i2c/controllers/viapm/Makefile
D    sys/modules/i40e
M    sys/modules/if_gif/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/if_vxlan
M    sys/modules/ipfw/Makefile
M    sys/modules/iwnfw/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/iwnfw/iwn100
M    sys/modules/ixgbe/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/ixl
A  + sys/modules/ixlv
M    sys/modules/linux/Makefile
M    sys/modules/mlx4/Makefile
M    sys/modules/mlx4ib/Makefile
M    sys/modules/mlxen/Makefile
M    sys/modules/mrsas/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/mrsas/mrsas_linux
A  + sys/modules/ncr
M    sys/modules/netmap/Makefile
M    sys/modules/qlxgb/Makefile
M    sys/modules/qlxgbe/Makefile
M    sys/modules/qlxge/Makefile
M    sys/modules/rl/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/si
M    sys/modules/usb/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/usb/uled
_M   sys/modules/vmm
M    sys/modules/vmm/Makefile
A  + sys/modules/wds
A  + sys/modules/wl
M    sys/modules/zfs/Makefile
M    sys/net/ieee8023ad_lacp.c
M    sys/net/ieee8023ad_lacp.h
M    sys/net/if.c
M    sys/net/if.h
M    sys/net/if_arcsubr.c
M    sys/net/if_atmsubr.c
M    sys/net/if_bridge.c
M    sys/net/if_debug.c
M    sys/net/if_disc.c
M    sys/net/if_edsc.c
M    sys/net/if_enc.c
M    sys/net/if_epair.c
M    sys/net/if_ethersubr.c
M    sys/net/if_faith.c
M    sys/net/if_fddisubr.c
M    sys/net/if_fwsubr.c
M    sys/net/if_gif.c
M    sys/net/if_gif.h
M    sys/net/if_gre.c
M    sys/net/if_gre.h
M    sys/net/if_iso88025subr.c
M    sys/net/if_lagg.c
M    sys/net/if_lagg.h
M    sys/net/if_loop.c
M    sys/net/if_mib.c
M    sys/net/if_spppfr.c
M    sys/net/if_spppsubr.c
M    sys/net/if_stf.c
M    sys/net/if_tap.c
M    sys/net/if_tun.c
M    sys/net/if_var.h
M    sys/net/if_vlan.c
A  + sys/net/if_vxlan.c
A  + sys/net/if_vxlan.h
M    sys/net/ifq.h
M    sys/net/netisr.h
M    sys/net/radix.c
M    sys/net/route.c
M    sys/net/route.h
M    sys/net/rtsock.c
A  + sys/net/sff8436.h
M    sys/net/sff8472.h
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_adhoc.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_hostap.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_input.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_mesh.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_monitor.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_output.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_sta.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_superg.c
M    sys/net80211/ieee80211_wds.c
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/drivers/bt3c/ng_bt3c_pccard.c
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/drivers/h4/ng_h4.c
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/include/ng_btsocket_l2cap.h
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/include/ng_btsocket_rfcomm.h
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/socket/ng_btsocket_l2cap.c
M    sys/netgraph/bluetooth/socket/ng_btsocket_rfcomm.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_device.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_eiface.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_iface.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_ipfw.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_ppp.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_sppp.c
M    sys/netgraph/ng_tty.c
M    sys/netinet/if_ether.c
M    sys/netinet/igmp.c
M    sys/netinet/in.c
M    sys/netinet/in.h
M    sys/netinet/in_gif.c
M    sys/netinet/in_gif.h
M    sys/netinet/in_mcast.c
M    sys/netinet/in_pcb.c
M    sys/netinet/in_pcb.h
M    sys/netinet/in_pcbgroup.c
M    sys/netinet/in_rmx.c
M    sys/netinet/in_rss.c
M    sys/netinet/in_rss.h
M    sys/netinet/in_var.h
M    sys/netinet/ip6.h
M    sys/netinet/ip_divert.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_fastfwd.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_fw.h
M    sys/netinet/ip_gre.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_icmp.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_input.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_ipsec.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_mroute.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_options.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_options.h
M    sys/netinet/ip_output.c
M    sys/netinet/ip_var.h
M    sys/netinet/raw_ip.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_asconf.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_auth.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_auth.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_cc_functions.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_constants.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_header.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_input.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_input.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_os_bsd.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_output.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_output.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_pcb.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_structs.h
A  + sys/netinet/sctp_syscalls.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_sysctl.c
M    sys/netinet/sctp_sysctl.h
M    sys/netinet/sctp_usrreq.c
M    sys/netinet/sctputil.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_hostcache.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_hostcache.h
M    sys/netinet/tcp_input.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_output.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_reass.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_subr.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_syncache.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_timer.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_usrreq.c
M    sys/netinet/tcp_var.h
M    sys/netinet/toecore.c
M    sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c
M    sys/netinet/udp_var.h
M    sys/netinet6/icmp6.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6.h
M    sys/netinet6/in6_cksum.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6_gif.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6_gif.h
M    sys/netinet6/in6_pcb.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6_pcb.h
M    sys/netinet6/in6_rmx.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6_src.c
M    sys/netinet6/in6_var.h
M    sys/netinet6/ip6_forward.c
M    sys/netinet6/ip6_mroute.c
M    sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c
M    sys/netinet6/nd6.c
M    sys/netinet6/scope6.c
M    sys/netinet6/scope6_var.h
M    sys/netinet6/sctp6_usrreq.c
M    sys/netinet6/udp6_usrreq.c
M    sys/netipsec/ipsec_input.c
M    sys/netipsec/ipsec_output.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_dn_io.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_dummynet.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw2.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_dynamic.c
A  + sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_iface.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_log.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_nat.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_private.h
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_sockopt.c
M    sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table.c
A  + sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table.h
A  + sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table_algo.c
A  + sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table_value.c
M    sys/netpfil/pf/if_pflog.c
M    sys/netpfil/pf/if_pfsync.c
M    sys/netpfil/pf/pf.c
M    sys/netpfil/pf/pf_ioctl.c
M    sys/netpfil/pf/pf_table.c
M    sys/nfs/bootp_subr.c
M    sys/nfs/nfs_diskless.c
M    sys/nfsclient/nfs_bio.c
M    sys/nfsclient/nfs_vfsops.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/addr.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/agent.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/cm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/device.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/iwcm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/sa_query.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/sysfs.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/ucm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/user_mad.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/uverbs_cmd.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core/uverbs_main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/ah.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/alias_GUID.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/cm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/mad.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/mlx4_ib.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/mr.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/qp.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx4/sysfs.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_allocator.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_config_reg.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_memfree.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_provider.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_reset.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_uar.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_cm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_ethtool.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_ib.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_multicast.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/ipoib/ipoib_verbs.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/ulp/sdp/sdp.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/Makefile
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/alloc.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/catas.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/cmd.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/cq.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_cq.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_ethtool.c
D    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_frag.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_netdev.c
D    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_params.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_port.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_port.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_resources.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_rx.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_selftest.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/en_tx.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/eq.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/fw.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/fw.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/icm.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/icm.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/intf.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/main.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/mcg.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4_en.h
A  + sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4_stats.h
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/mr.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/pd.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/port.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/profile.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/qp.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/reset.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/resource_tracker.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/sense.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/srq.c
M    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/sys_tune.c
A  + sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/utils.c
A  + sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/utils.h
D    sys/ofed/drivers/net/mlx4/xrcd.c
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/atomic-long.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/atomic.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/byteorder.h
D    sys/ofed/include/asm/current.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/fcntl.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/io.h
D    sys/ofed/include/asm/page.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/pgtable.h
D    sys/ofed/include/asm/semaphore.h
D    sys/ofed/include/asm/system.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/types.h
M    sys/ofed/include/asm/uaccess.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/atomic.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/bitmap.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/bitops.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/linux/cache.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/cdev.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/clocksource.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/compat.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/compiler.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/completion.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/ctype.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/delay.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/device.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/dma-attrs.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/dma-mapping.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/dmapool.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/err.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/errno.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/linux/etherdevice.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/ethtool.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/file.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/fs.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/gfp.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/hardirq.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/idr.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/if_arp.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/if_ether.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/if_vlan.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/in.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/in6.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/inet.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/inetdevice.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/init.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/interrupt.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/io-mapping.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/io.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/ioctl.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/jiffies.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/kdev_t.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/kernel.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/linux/kmod.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/kobject.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/kref.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/kthread.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/linux/ktime.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/linux_compat.c
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/linux_idr.c
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/linux_radix.c
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/list.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/lockdep.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/log2.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/linux/math64.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/miscdevice.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/cmd.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/cq.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/device.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/driver.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/qp.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mlx4/srq.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mm.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/module.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/moduleparam.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/mount.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/mutex.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/net.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/netdevice.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/notifier.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/page.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/pci.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/poll.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/radix-tree.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/random.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/rbtree.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/rtnetlink.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/rwlock.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/rwsem.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/scatterlist.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/sched.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/semaphore.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/slab.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/socket.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/spinlock.h
D    sys/ofed/include/linux/stddef.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/string.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/sysfs.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/timer.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/types.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/uaccess.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/vmalloc.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/wait.h
M    sys/ofed/include/linux/workqueue.h
D    sys/ofed/include/net/addrconf.h
D    sys/ofed/include/net/arp.h
A  + sys/ofed/include/net/if_inet6.h
M    sys/ofed/include/net/ip.h
D    sys/ofed/include/net/ip6_route.h
M    sys/ofed/include/net/ipv6.h
D    sys/ofed/include/net/neighbour.h
M    sys/ofed/include/net/netevent.h
M    sys/ofed/include/net/tcp.h
M    sys/ofed/include/rdma/ib_addr.h
M    sys/ofed/include/rdma/ib_smi.h
M    sys/ofed/include/rdma/ib_umem.h
M    sys/ofed/include/rdma/ib_user_cm.h
M    sys/ofed/include/rdma/ib_verbs.h
M    sys/opencrypto/cryptodev.c
D    sys/pc98/cbus/fdc.c
D    sys/pc98/cbus/fdc_cbus.c
D    sys/pc98/cbus/fdcreg.h
D    sys/pc98/cbus/fdcvar.h
M    sys/pc98/cbus/olpt.c
M    sys/pc98/cbus/pckbd.c
M    sys/pc98/conf/GENERIC
D    sys/pc98/pc98/machdep.c
D    sys/pci
M    sys/powerpc/aim/locore64.S
M    sys/powerpc/aim/machdep.c
M    sys/powerpc/booke/machdep.c
M    sys/powerpc/conf/GENERIC
M    sys/powerpc/conf/NOTES
M    sys/powerpc/ofw/ofw_pcibus.c
M    sys/powerpc/powermac/macio.c
M    sys/powerpc/powermac/pmu.c
D    sys/powerpc/powermac/windtunnel.c
M    sys/powerpc/powerpc/intr_machdep.c
M    sys/powerpc/ps3/if_glc.c
M    sys/powerpc/ps3/ps3_syscons.c
M    sys/powerpc/pseries/phyp_llan.c
M    sys/powerpc/pseries/vdevice.c
M    sys/security/audit/audit_pipe.c
M    sys/sparc64/include/vmparam.h
M    sys/sparc64/sparc64/intr_machdep.c
M    sys/sparc64/sparc64/machdep.c
M    sys/sparc64/sparc64/support.S
M    sys/sys/_cpuset.h
M    sys/sys/ata.h
M    sys/sys/bitset.h
M    sys/sys/bus.h
M    sys/sys/callout.h
M    sys/sys/cdefs.h
M    sys/sys/cpuset.h
M    sys/sys/elf_common.h
M    sys/sys/event.h
M    sys/sys/fdcio.h
M    sys/sys/file.h
M    sys/sys/filedesc.h
M    sys/sys/hash.h
M    sys/sys/imgact.h
M    sys/sys/interrupt.h
M    sys/sys/ksem.h
M    sys/sys/libkern.h
M    sys/sys/linker.h
M    sys/sys/lockmgr.h
M    sys/sys/mbuf.h
M    sys/sys/mman.h
M    sys/sys/mount.h
M    sys/sys/param.h
M    sys/sys/priv.h
M    sys/sys/proc.h
M    sys/sys/racct.h
M    sys/sys/sdt.h
A  + sys/sys/seq.h
M    sys/sys/sleepqueue.h
M    sys/sys/sockbuf.h
M    sys/sys/socketvar.h
M    sys/sys/sockio.h
M    sys/sys/syscall.h
M    sys/sys/
M    sys/sys/syscallsubr.h
M    sys/sys/sysproto.h
M    sys/sys/systm.h
M    sys/sys/terminal.h
M    sys/sys/timex.h
M    sys/sys/ucred.h
M    sys/sys/user.h
M    sys/sys/vnode.h
M    sys/tools/fdt/
M    sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vfsops.c
M    sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c
M    sys/ufs/ufs/dir.h
M    sys/ufs/ufs/ufs_dirhash.c
M    sys/ufs/ufs/ufs_quota.c
M    sys/vm/uma_core.c
M    sys/vm/vm_fault.c
M    sys/vm/vm_glue.c
M    sys/vm/vm_map.c
M    sys/vm/vm_map.h
M    sys/vm/vm_mmap.c
M    sys/vm/vm_object.h
M    sys/vm/vm_page.c
M    sys/vm/vm_pageout.c
M    sys/vm/vm_pager.c
M    sys/vm/vm_pager.h
M    sys/vm/vm_reserv.c
M    sys/vm/vnode_pager.c
M    sys/vm/vnode_pager.h
M    sys/x86/acpica/acpi_wakeup.c
M    sys/x86/acpica/srat.c
M    sys/x86/include/fpu.h
M    sys/x86/include/init.h
M    sys/x86/include/specialreg.h
M    sys/x86/iommu/busdma_dmar.c
M    sys/x86/x86/dump_machdep.c
A  + sys/x86/x86/identcpu.c
M    sys/x86/x86/intr_machdep.c
M    sys/x86/x86/local_apic.c
M    sys/x86/x86/tsc.c
M    sys/x86/xen/pv.c
M    sys/x86/xen/xen_intr.c
A  + sys/x86/xen/xen_msi.c
M    sys/x86/xen/xen_nexus.c
A  + sys/x86/xen/xen_pci.c
M    sys/xen/interface/physdev.h
M    sys/xen/xen_intr.h
A  + sys/xen/xen_msi.h
D    sys/xen/xenstore/xenstore.c
D    sys/xen/xenstore/xenstore_dev.c
M    sys/xen/xenstore/xenstore_internal.h
M    tests/sys/kern/unix_seqpacket_test.c
M    tests/sys/netinet/
M    tools/build/mk/
D    tools/build/options/WITHOUT_ARM_EABI
M    tools/build/options/WITHOUT_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP
M    tools/build/options/WITHOUT_GCC_BOOTSTRAP
A  + tools/build/options/WITHOUT_HYPERV
M    tools/build/options/WITHOUT_RCS
M    tools/build/options/WITHOUT_TOOLCHAIN
M    tools/
M    tools/regression/acltools/01.t
M    tools/regression/acltools/03.t
M    tools/regression/acltools/04.t
M    tools/regression/lib/msun/test-cexp.c
M    tools/regression/lib/msun/test-conj.c
M    tools/regression/lib/msun/test-csqrt.c
M    tools/regression/lib/msun/test-invctrig.c
D    tools/regression/pjdfstest
M    tools/sched/
M    tools/test/dtrace/Makefile
M    tools/tools/ath/athaggrstats/Makefile
M    tools/tools/ath/athalq/ar9300_ds.c
M    tools/tools/bootparttest/Makefile
M    tools/tools/bootparttest/bootparttest.c
D    tools/tools/bootparttest/malloc.c
A  + tools/tools/bootparttest/stub.c
M    tools/tools/net80211/wlanstats/Makefile
M    tools/tools/netmap/pkt-gen.c
A  + tools/tools/perforce
A  + tools/tools/tscdrift
M    tools/tools/vt/keymaps/
M    tools/tools/vt/keymaps/
M    tools/tools/vt/keymaps/
M    usr.bin/at/at.c
M    usr.bin/basename/Makefile
A  + usr.bin/basename/tests
M    usr.bin/bc/Makefile
_M   usr.bin/calendar
M    usr.bin/calendar/calendars/calendar.freebsd
M    usr.bin/clang/lldb/Makefile
M    usr.bin/cmp/Makefile
A  + usr.bin/cmp/tests
M    usr.bin/col/col.c
M    usr.bin/cut/Makefile
A  + usr.bin/cut/tests
M    usr.bin/dirname/Makefile
A  + usr.bin/dirname/tests
M    usr.bin/elfdump/elfdump.1
M    usr.bin/elfdump/elfdump.c
M    usr.bin/find/function.c
M    usr.bin/grep/Makefile
M    usr.bin/grep/regex/tre-fastmatch.c
A  + usr.bin/grep/tests
M    usr.bin/gzip/Makefile
A  + usr.bin/gzip/tests
M    usr.bin/host/Makefile
M    usr.bin/iscsictl/Makefile
M    usr.bin/iscsictl/iscsictl.8
M    usr.bin/iscsictl/iscsictl.c
M    usr.bin/iscsictl/token.l
M    usr.bin/kdump/kdump.c
M    usr.bin/kdump/mksubr
M    usr.bin/ktrace/ktrace.1
M    usr.bin/lock/lock.1
M    usr.bin/mail/edit.c
M    usr.bin/man/man.1
_M   usr.bin/mkimg
M    usr.bin/mkimg/Makefile
M    usr.bin/mkimg/apm.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/bsd.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/ebr.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/gpt.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/image.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/mbr.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/mkimg.1
M    usr.bin/mkimg/mkimg.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/mkimg.h
M    usr.bin/mkimg/pc98.c
A  + usr.bin/mkimg/qcow.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/scheme.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/scheme.h
A  + usr.bin/mkimg/tests
M    usr.bin/mkimg/vhd.c
M    usr.bin/mkimg/vtoc8.c
M    usr.bin/netstat/inet6.c
M    usr.bin/rctl/rctl.8
M    usr.bin/sort/sort.c
M    usr.bin/svn/svn/Makefile
M    usr.bin/systat/ifstat.c
M    usr.bin/talk/Makefile
M    usr.bin/truss/arm-fbsd.c
M    usr.bin/truss/syscall.h
M    usr.bin/truss/syscalls.c
M    usr.bin/vmstat/vmstat.c
M    usr.bin/w/w.c
M    usr.bin/xinstall/xinstall.c
M    usr.sbin/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/Makefile.amd64
M    usr.sbin/Makefile.i386
M    usr.sbin/acpi/acpiconf/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/acpi/acpidb/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/acpi/acpidb/acpidb.c
M    usr.sbin/acpi/acpidump/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/acpi/acpidump/acpi.c
M    usr.sbin/acpi/iasl/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/auditdistd/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/autofs/auto_master.5
M    usr.sbin/autofs/automount.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/automountd.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/autounmountd.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/common.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/common.h
M    usr.sbin/autofs/defined.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/log.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/popen.c
M    usr.sbin/autofs/token.l
_M   usr.sbin/bhyve
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/acpi.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/bhyve.8
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/bhyverun.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/block_if.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_ahci.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_virtio_block.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_virtio_net.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_virtio_rnd.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/smbiostbl.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/task_switch.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/virtio.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/virtio.h
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/xmsr.c
M    usr.sbin/bhyve/xmsr.h
_M   usr.sbin/bhyvectl
M    usr.sbin/bhyvectl/bhyvectl.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/bsdconfig.8
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/includes/includes
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/common.subr
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/device.subr
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/dialog.subr
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/packages/index.subr
M    usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/packages/packages.subr
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/bsdinstall.8
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/distextract/distextract.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/distfetch/distfetch.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/gpart_ops.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/part_wizard.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit.h
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit_generic.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit_pc98.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit_powerpc.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit_sparc64.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/partedit_x86.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/sade.8
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/partedit/scripted.c
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts/auto
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts/config
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts/services
M    usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts/zfsboot
M    usr.sbin/ctladm/ctladm.8
M    usr.sbin/ctladm/ctladm.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/ctl.conf.5
M    usr.sbin/ctld/ctld.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/discovery.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/kernel.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/keys.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/log.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/login.c
M    usr.sbin/ctld/pdu.c
M    usr.sbin/fdread/fdutil.c
M    usr.sbin/ftp-proxy/Makefile
D    usr.sbin/ftp-proxy/
D    usr.sbin/ftp-proxy/ftp-proxy
D    usr.sbin/ftp-proxy/libevent
M    usr.sbin/gstat/Makefile
A  + usr.sbin/hyperv
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/discovery.c
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/iscsid.8
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/iscsid.c
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/keys.c
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/log.c
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/login.c
M    usr.sbin/iscsid/pdu.c
M    usr.sbin/kbdcontrol/kbdcontrol.1
M    usr.sbin/kbdcontrol/kbdcontrol.c
M    usr.sbin/kbdcontrol/kbdmap.5
M    usr.sbin/kbdmap/kbdmap.1
M    usr.sbin/lpr/lpd/printjob.c
M    usr.sbin/mailwrapper/mailwrapper.8
M    usr.sbin/mailwrapper/mailwrapper.c
M    usr.sbin/makefs/ffs.c
M    usr.sbin/mfiutil/mfi_properties.c
M    usr.sbin/mtree/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/newsyslog/newsyslog.8
M    usr.sbin/newsyslog/newsyslog.c
M    usr.sbin/nmtree/Makefile
A  + usr.sbin/nmtree/tests
M    usr.sbin/nscd/query.c
M    usr.sbin/ppp/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/pstat/pstat.8
M    usr.sbin/pw/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/pw/pw_user.c
A  + usr.sbin/pw/tests
M    usr.sbin/route6d/route6d.c
_M   usr.sbin/rtadvd
M    usr.sbin/rtadvd/advcap.c
M    usr.sbin/rtadvd/config.c
_M   usr.sbin/rtsold
M    usr.sbin/rtsold/rtsol.c
M    usr.sbin/smbmsg/smbmsg.8
M    usr.sbin/traceroute/Makefile
M    usr.sbin/unbound/local-setup/
M    usr.sbin/vidcontrol/vidcontrol.1
M    usr.sbin/watchdogd/watchdog.8
M    usr.sbin/watchdogd/watchdogd.8
M    usr.sbin/wlandebug/wlandebug.c
18:09:33 - r273338
(4 days 21 hours ago)
by neel
(4 files)
Merge from projects/bhyve_svm all the changes outside vmm.ko or bhyve utilities:

Add support for AMD's nested page tables in pmap.c:
- Provide the correct bit mask for various bit fields in a PTE (e.g. valid bit)
  for a pmap of type PT_RVI.
- Add a function 'pmap_type_guest(pmap)' that returns TRUE if the pmap is of
  type PT_EPT or PT_RVI.

Add CPU_SET_ATOMIC_ACQ(num, cpuset):
This is used when activating a vcpu in the nested pmap. Using the 'acquire'
variant guarantees that the load of the 'pm_eptgen' will happen only after
the vcpu is activated in 'pm_active'.

Add defines for various AMD-specific MSRs.

Submitted by:   Anish Gupta (
18:04:20 - r273337
(4 days 21 hours ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_bsc.c
Fix the mtx_sleep() error checking, catch all errors and not only

Do not print any message at errors.  The errors are properly sent to upper
layers which should be able to deal with it, including printing the errors
when they need to.

The error message was quite annoying while scanning the i2c bus.

MFC after:      1 week
18:00:50 - r273336
(4 days 21 hours ago)
by mjg
(6 files)
Provide vfs suspension support only for filesystems which need it, take

nullfs and unionfs need to request suspension if underlying filesystem(s)
use it. Utilize mnt_kern_flag for this purpose.

This is a fixup for 273271.

No strong objections from: kib
Pointy hat to: mjg
MFC after:      2 weeks
17:53:49 - r273335
(4 days 22 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/unionfs/union_vfsops.c
unionfs: hold mount interlock while manipulating mnt_flag

This is for consistency with other filesystems.
17:04:03 - r273334
(4 days 22 hours ago)
by marcel
(6 files)
Fully support constructors for the purpose of code coverage analysis.
This involves:
1.  Have the loader pass the start and size of the .ctors section to the
    kernel in 2 new metadata elements.
2.  Have the linker backends look for and record the start and size of
    the .ctors section in dynamically loaded modules.
3.  Have the linker backends call the constructors as part of the final
    work of initializing preloaded or dynamically loaded modules.

Note that LLVM appends the priority of the constructors to the name of
the .ctors section. Not so when compiling with GCC. The code currently
works for GCC and not for LLVM.

Submitted by:   Dmitry Mikulin <>
Obtained from:  Juniper Networks, Inc.
15:41:11 - r273333
(5 days ago)
by pluknet
Affects:  /head/share/misc/bsd-family-tree
Mac OS X 10.10 added.
14:48:20 - r273332
(5 days 1 hour ago)
by emaste
Affects:  /head/share/man/man4/vt.4
Add vtfontcvt(8) cross-reference to vt(4) man page

Reported by:
MFC after:      3 days
14:42:42 - r273331
(5 days 1 hour ago)
by bryanv
(13 files)
Add vxlan interface

vxlan creates a virtual LAN by encapsulating the inner Ethernet frame in
a UDP packet. This implementation is based on RFC7348.

Currently, the IPv6 support is not fully compliant with the specification:
we should be able to receive UPDv6 packets with a zero checksum, but we
need to support RFC6935 first. Patches for this should come soon.

Encapsulation protocols such as vxlan emphasize the need for the FreeBSD
network stack to support batching, GRO, and GSO. Each frame has to make
two trips through the network stack, and each frame will be at most MTU
sized. Performance suffers accordingly.

Some latest generation NICs have begun to support vxlan HW offloads that
we should also take advantage of. VIMAGE support should also be added soon.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:    gnn
Relnotes:       yes
14:25:23 - r273330
(5 days 1 hour ago)
by dumbbell
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/vt/vt_core.c
vt(4): Refuse to load a font if hw.vga.textmode is selected

Before, the font was loaded and the window size recalculated, giving an
unusable terminal, even if the actual font didn't change.

Reported by:
MFC after:      3 days
13:36:52 - r273329
(5 days 2 hours ago)
by loos
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_bsc.c
Add another wakeup() after actually set the bus as free.

This fix a race where the threads waiting for the bus would wake up early
and still see bus as busy.

While here, give a better description to wmesg for the two use cases we
have (bus and io waiting).

MFC after:      1 week
13:18:52 - r273328
(5 days 2 hours ago)
by mav
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/ata/ata-pci.h
Add another PCI ID for JMB368 PATA controller.

MFC after:      1 week
11:21:07 - r273327
(5 days 4 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_sockopt.c
Use copyout() directly instead of updating various fields
before/after each sooptcopyout() call.

Found by:       luigi
Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC
08:59:30 - r273326
(5 days 6 hours ago)
by des
(2 files)
MFH (r273273): Merge upstream r825: fix line continuation in whitespace
08:09:36 - r273325
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(3 files)
MFC r273072:  Add LBPERE mode bit definition.
08:08:43 - r273324
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r273046:
Don't confuse frontend with zero length data moves, just return immediately.
08:07:29 - r273323
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(5 files)
MFC r273038:  Add support for READ DEFECT DATA (10/12) commands.

SPC-4 r2 allows to return empty defect list if the list is not supported.
We don't reallu support defect data lists, but this suppresses some errors.
08:06:17 - r273322
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r273029:
Report physical block size for file-backed LUNs, using vattr.va_blocksize.
08:04:46 - r273321
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r273008: Remove stale comments.
08:03:23 - r273320
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(4 files)
MFC r272978: Improve and document `ctladm portlist` subcommand.

Make this subcommand less FC-specific, reporting target and port addresses
in more generic way.  Also make it report list of connected initiators in
unified way, working for both FC and iSCSI, and potentially others.
07:59:29 - r273319
(5 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(4 files)
MFC r272947: Give physical and virtual ports numbers some more meaning.
07:58:01 - r273318
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r272939:  Shorten frontend name.
07:57:07 - r273317
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r272938:  Filter out duplicate AC_PATH_REGISTERED async events.

Queued async events handling in CAM opened race, that may lead to duplicate
AC_PATH_REGISTERED events delivery during boot.  That was not happening
before r272935 because the driver was initialized later.  After that change
it started create duplicate ports in CTL.
07:52:48 - r273316
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r272935:  Mark CTL frontend's CAM driver as CAM_PERIPH_DRV_EARLY.

Target mode operation does not depend on the initiator mode scan process.
This change allows the target driver to attach earlier and receive some
async events (like AC_CONTRACT) that could be lost otherwise.
07:41:37 - r273315
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(8 files)
MFC r272911:
Make ctld start even if some LUNs are unable to open backing storage.

Such LUNs will be visible to initiators, but return "not ready" status
on media access commands.  If backing storage become available later,
`ctladm modify ...` or `service ctld reload` can trigger its reopen.
07:38:36 - r273314
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(3 files)
MFC r272893:
Store persistent reservation keys as uint64_t instead of uint8_t[8].

This allows to simplify the code and save 512KB of RAM per LUN (8%)
by removing no longer needed "registered" keys flags.
07:35:46 - r273313
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(5 files)
MFC r272812: Make iSCSI connection close somewhat less aggressive.

It allows to push out some final data from the send queue to the socket
before its close.  In particular, it increases chances for logout response
to be delivered to the initiator.
07:34:37 - r273312
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(4 files)
MFC r272748:
Implement software (mode page) and hardware (config) write protection.
07:33:41 - r273311
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(8 files)
MFC r272734:
Add support for WRITE ATOMIC (16) command and report SBC-4 compliance.

Atomic writes are only supported for ZVOLs in "dev" mode.  In other cases
atomicity can not be guarantied and so the command is blocked.
07:32:33 - r273310
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(3 files)
MFC r272613:
Add support for MaxBurstLength and Expected Data transfer Length parameters.

Before this change target could send R2T request for write transfer of any
size, that could violate iSCSI RFC, which allows initiator to limit maximum
R2T size by negotiating MaxBurstLength connection parameter.

Also report an error in case of write underflow, when initiator provides
less data than initiator expects.  Previously in such case our target
sent R2T request for non-existing data, violating the RFC, and confusing
some initiators.  SCSI specs don't explicitly define how write underflows
should be handled and there are different oppinions, but reporting error
is hopefully better then violating iSCSI RFC with unpredictable results.
07:31:23 - r273309
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r272597: Fix length of Extended INQUIRY Data VPD page.
07:29:43 - r273308
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r271718 (by bdrewery): Correct a comment
07:28:18 - r273307
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(3 files)
MFC r271395 (by trasz):
Make sure we handle less than zero timeouts in iSCSI initiator and target
in a reasonable way.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
07:27:34 - r273306
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by yongari
(3 files)
MFC r271073:
  Do not blindly announce 1000baseT half-duplex capability in
  autonegotiation.  Some controllers like cgem(4) do not support
  half-duplex at gigabit speeds.
07:25:57 - r273305
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by yongari
(2 files)
MFC r271073:
  Do not blindly announce 1000baseT half-duplex capability in
  autonegotiation.  Some controllers like cgem(4) do not support
  half-duplex at gigabit speeds.
07:15:04 - r273304
(5 days 8 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFS10 r273272 (r273143 in head):
Remove setting BIO_DONE flag for BIOs that have done() method.

This fixes use-after-free, caused by geom_disk, completing same BIO twice
to save extra allocation, and getting BIO_DONE set after the first.

Approved by:    re (hrs)
05:17:16 - r273303
(5 days 10 hours ago)
by tuexen
(4 files)
MFC10 r273275 (r273168 in head):
Fix the reported streams in a SCTP_STREAM_RESET_EVENT, if a
sent incoming stream reset request was responded with failed
or denied.
Thanks to Peter Bostroem from Google for reporting the issue.

Approved by: re (hrs)
Sponsored 2y:
04:42:28 - r273302
(5 days 11 hours ago)
by rpaulo
(3 files)
MFC r271975:
 Improvements to asmc(4):

 1. changed the code so that 2**16 keys are supported
 2. changed the number of possible fans in a system from 2 to 6
 3. added write support for some fan sysctls
 4. added a new sysctl which shows the ID of the fan
 5. added four more apple models with their temperature keys
 6. changed the maxnumber of temperature keys from 36 to 80
 7. replaced several fixed buf sizes to sizeof buf

 Obtained from:      Denis Ahrens denis at
04:14:35 - r273301
(5 days 11 hours ago)
by hrs
Affects:  /head/etc/rc.firewall
Fix a typo.

Spotted by:     O. Hartmann
03:17:48 - r273300
(5 days 12 hours ago)
by emaste
(2 files)
MFS10 r273296 (r273219 in HEAD):

  Do nothing in vt_upgrade if there is no vt driver

  Previously, if no drivers attached at boot we would panic with
  "vtbuf_fill_locked begin.tp_row 0 must be < screen height 0".

PR:             192248
Approved by:    re
02:57:30 - r273299
(5 days 13 hours ago)
by neel
(18 files)
IFC @r273214
01:52:17 - r273298
(5 days 14 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/boot/fdt/fdt_loader_cmd.c
The U-Boot README says fdt_addr_r is the right env var for fdt data
loaded into ram, but vendors also use fdtaddr and fdt_addr.  Check the
recommended variable first and fall back to the others.
01:45:40 - r273297
(5 days 14 hours ago)
by emaste
(2 files)
MFS10 r273294 (r273178 in HEAD):

  Update vt(4) for UEFI defaults and special keys

  vt(4) is the default console for UEFI boot [1], and the bitmapped
  kern.vt.spclkeys sysctl has been replaced with individual kern.vt.kbd_*
  enable sysctls.

PR:             193710
Approved by:    re
01:01:55 - r273296
(5 days 14 hours ago)
by emaste
(2 files)
MFC r273219: Do nothing in vt_upgrade if there is no vt driver

  Previously, if no drivers attached at boot we would panic with
  "vtbuf_fill_locked begin.tp_row 0 must be < screen height 0".

PR:             192248
00:27:40 - r273295
(5 days 15 hours ago)
by hrs
(4 files)
WARNS=3 and style fixes.  No functionality change.
00:22:08 - r273294
(5 days 15 hours ago)
by emaste
(2 files)
MFC r273178: Update vt(4) for UEFI defaults and special keys

  vt(4) is the default console for UEFI boot [1], and the bitmapped
  kern.vt.spclkeys sysctl has been replaced with individual kern.vt.kbd_*
  enable sysctls.

PR:             193710
2014 - 10 - 19   (6 days ago)
23:13:16 - r273293
(5 days 16 hours ago)
by gnn
Affects:  /head/cddl/lib/libdtrace/tcp.d
Update the TCP structure used by DTrace to show the smoothed RTT.
This will allow similar functionality to SIFTR to be built with DTrace.

Submitted by:   Grenville Armitage
MFC after:      2 weeks
23:05:18 - r273292
(5 days 16 hours ago)
by neel
(622 files)
IFC @r273206
21:38:58 - r273291
(5 days 18 hours ago)
by neel
Affects:  /projects/bhyve_svm/sys/amd64/vmm/x86.c
Don't advertise the "OS visible workarounds" feature in cpuid.80000001H:ECX.
bhyve doesn't emulate the MSRs needed to support this feature at this time.

Don't expose any model-specific RAS and performance monitoring features in
cpuid leaf 80000007H.

Emulate a few more MSRs for AMD: TSEG base address, TSEG address mask and
BIOS signature and P-state related MSRs.

This eliminates all the unimplemented MSRs accessed by Linux/x86_64 kernels
2.6.32, 3.10.0 and 3.17.0.
21:16:24 - r273290
(5 days 18 hours ago)
by ache
(2 files)
MFC r272562,r272678,r272679

1) Fix the case we have less arguments for format string than we expected.
2) Return error on unsupported format specs.
(both according to POSIX)
3) For %Z format, understand "UTC" name too.

PR:     93197
21:07:35 - r273289
(5 days 18 hours ago)
by melifaro
(14 files)
Switch IPv4 output path to use new routing api.

The goals of the new API is to provide consumers with minimal
  needed information, but as fast as possible. So we provide
  full nexthop info copied into alighed on-cache structure
  instead of rte/ia pointers, their refcounts and locks.
  This does not provide solution for protecting from egress
  ifp destruction, but does not make it any worse.

Current changes:

Add fib4_lookup_prepend() function which stores either full
L2+L3 prepend info (e.g. MAC header in case of plain IPv4) or
L3 info with NH_FLAGS_L2_INCOMPLETE flag indicating that no valid L2
info exists and we have to take "slow" path.

Currently ip[ 46]_output consumers use 'struct route' for
the following purposes:
  1) double lookup avoidance(route caching)
  2) plain route caching
  3) get path MTU to be able to notify source.
The former pattern is mostly used by various tunnels
 (gif, gre, stf). (Actually, gre is the only remaining,
 others were already converted. Their locking model did
 not scale good enogh to benefit from such caching, so
 we have (temporarily) removed it without any performance
Plain route caching used by SCTP is simply wrong and should be removed.
  Temporary break it for now just to be able to compile.
Optimize path mtu reporting by providing it in new 'route_info' stucture.

Minimize games with @ia locking/refcounting for route lookup:
  add special nhop[46]_extended structure to store more route attributes.
  Pointer to given structure can be passed to fib4_lookup_prepend() to indicate
  we want this info (we actually needs it for UDP and raw IP).

Provide light-weight ether_output2() call to deal with
transmitting L2 frame (e.g. properly handle broadcast/simloop/bridge/
  other L2 hooks before actually transmitting frame by if_transmit()).
Add a hack based on new RT_NHOP ro_flag to distinguish which version should
  we call. Better way is probably to add a new "if_output_frame" driver

 Next steps:
* Convert ip_fastfwd part
* Implement auto-growing array for per-radix nexthops
* Implement LLE tracking for nexthop calculations to be able to
  immediately provide all necessary info in single route lookup
  for gateway routes
* Switch radix locking scheme to runtime/cfg lock
* Implement multipath support for rtsock
* Implement "tracked nexthops" for tunnels (e.g. _proper_
  nexthop caching)
* Add IPv6 support for remaining parts (postponed not to
   interfere with user/ae/inet6 branch)
* Consider adding "if_output_frame" driver call to
  ease logical frame pushing.
21:03:42 - r273288
(5 days 18 hours ago)
by andrew
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/arm/locore.S
Allow the armv6 kernel to be build with PHYSADDR undefined. The kernel
will now find the virtual to physical mapping for libkvm to use at
runtime. This makes PHYSADDR redundant, however keep it around to give
everyone a chance to update their libkvm.

MFC after:      1 week
20:56:05 - r273287
(5 days 19 hours ago)
by andrew
Affects:  /head/sys/conf/Makefile.arm
Only build the ARM tranpoline when KERNPHYSADDR is defined as it is
otherwise unneeded in armv6 kernels.

MFC after:      1 week
20:54:04 - r273286
(5 days 19 hours ago)
by hrs
(3 files)
MFC r273285:

- Honer MK_KERBEROS for Heimdal rc.d scripts.
- Add rc.c/kerberos to OLD_FILES.
20:46:59 - r273285
(5 days 19 hours ago)
by hrs
Affects:  /head/
- Honer MK_KERBEROS for Heimdal rc.d scripts.
- Add rc.c/kerberos to OLD_FILES.
20:23:31 - r273284
(5 days 19 hours ago)
by andrew
Affects:  /head/lib/libkvm/kvm_arm.c
Allow libkvm to get the kernel va to pa delta without the need for
physaddr. This should allow for a kernel where PHYSADDR and KERNPHYSADDR
are both undefined.

For now libkvm will use the old method of reading physaddr and kernaddr
to allow it to work with old kernels. This could be removed in the future
when enough time has passed.

Differential Revision:
MFC after:      1 week
18:41:22 - r273283
(5 days 21 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/freescale/imx/imx6_anatop.c
Attach this driver during BUS_PASS_BUS and move the cpu init code to a
bus_new_pass() handler so it doesn't happen until BUS_PASS_CPU.  This allows
the anatop driver to outbid the generic simplebus driver (which the FDT
data describes as compatible).

Some day when we handle power regulators, this driver may actually
become a functional simplebus and attach the regulators as children, as
described in the FDT data.
18:31:11 - r273282
(5 days 21 hours ago)
by ian
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/fdt/simplebus.c
Fail to probe on simplebus nodes that lack a "ranges" property.

Increasingly, FDT data has the "simple-bus" compatible string on nodes
that have children, but we wouldn't consider them to be busses.  If the
node lacks a ranges property then we will fail to attach successfully,
so fail to probe as well.
17:55:04 - r273281
(5 days 22 hours ago)
by rpaulo
Affects:  /head/sys/arm/ti/ti_wdt.c
Style changes as pointed out by stas@.

MFC after:      1 week
17:29:44 - r273280
(5 days 22 hours ago)
by np
Affects:  /head/sys/dev/cxgb/common/cxgb_ael1002.c
cxgb(4): reset the PHY if it generates an interrupt for no apparent reason.

MFC after:      1 week
16:46:36 - r273279
(5 days 23 hours ago)
by gnn
Affects:  /head/sys/cam/ata/ata_da.c
Add new quirks for the latest Samsung SSD, model 850.

Submitted by:   sbruno
MFC after:      2 weeks
16:26:49 - r273278
(5 days 23 hours ago)
by br
(5 files)
Add driver for BERI soft processor 'ring buffer' device.
Ring device provides a way for communicate to BERI
peripherals such as BERI debug unit and console.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
12:11:25 - r273277
(6 days 3 hours ago)
by antoine
Affects:  /stable/10/
Restore ABI compatibility with 10.0-RELEASE, so that stable/10 users can use
official freebsd packages
11:59:15 - r273276
(6 days 3 hours ago)
by jilles
(10 files)
sh: Allow backslash-newline continuation in more places:

 * directly after a $
 * directly after ${
 * between the characters of a multi-character operator token
 * within a parameter name
11:31:23 - r273275
(6 days 4 hours ago)
by tuexen
(4 files)
MFC 273168:

Fix the reported streams in a SCTP_STREAM_RESET_EVENT, if a
sent incoming stream reset request was responded with failed
or denied.
Thanks to Peter Bostroem from Google for reporting the issue.
11:15:19 - r273274
(6 days 4 hours ago)
by melifaro
Affects:  /head/sys/netpfil/ipfw/ip_fw_table.c
Perform more checks on the number of tables supplied by user.
11:06:54 - r273273
(6 days 4 hours ago)
by des
(2 files)
Merge upstream r825: fix line continuation in whitespace
08:47:27 - r273272
(6 days 7 hours ago)
by mav
(2 files)
MFC r273143: Remove setting BIO_DONE flag for BIOs that have done() method.

This fixes use-after-free, caused by geom_disk, completing same BIO twice
to save extra allocation, and getting BIO_DONE set after the first.
06:59:33 - r273271
(6 days 8 hours ago)
by mjg
Affects:  /head/sys/fs/tmpfs/tmpfs_vfsops.c
Provide vfs suspension support only for filesystems which need it.

Need is expressed by providing vfs_susp_clean function in vfsops.

Differential Revision:  D952
Reviewed by:    kib (previous version)
MFC after:      2 weeks
04:38:03 - r273270
(6 days 11 hours ago)
by adrian
Affects:  /head/sys/kern/kern_intr.c
Convert a missed u_char cpu -> int cpu.

This was caught by a gcc build.

Reported by:    luigi
Sponsored by:   Norse Corp, Inc.


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